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Why Millennials Are Most Likely to Travel by Bus & LOVE It

Imagine you are sitting down in a reclinable seat, $0.99 iced latte in hand, Spotify-jamming, occasionally snapping pics of the majestic view of the Smoky Mountains to your right – absolutely no filter needed. That’s right – you are on a bus, headed to an exciting journey and ready to take the world by a storm!

Blink! Now, you are standing in line, waiting behind 30 or so people just to have your OJ taken away from your backpack and then enter a parallel zone of triple-prices and prepaid-wifi… oh, and you even have to take your shoes off! You guessed it – you are going through travel hell, a.k.a. you are on your way to board an airplane.

If you prefer the first scenario, you might just be one of us. A wandering millennial at heart.

Whether we want to admit or not, for most millennials, it’s all about comfort (and saving $$!) and when it comes to traveling, some special needs come into play.

For a long time, young explorers have been on the lookout for a journey that brings the perfect symbiosis between cheap and fun. With Wanderu, that combo exists: bus wandering!

As frequent victims of Wanderlust, we know very well why Millennials are always ready to hop on a new adventure by bus:

1. Budget-friendly

Let’s be honest, some millennials are flagged for their “broke college student” mentality even after the college days are long gone. The thing is, for many of us, managing a budget doesn’t always imply penny pinching and maximizing savings. It comes down to prioritizing and spending our $$ wisely. When embarking on a new adventure, saving on transportation (a.k.a finding the bestest of all bus deals!) could mean more cash for live shows, or that hip Thai restaurant the internet is crazy about, or more 2-for-1 mimosas at brunch,  or sweet extra gear, and many other shiny things, once we reach our destination.

So yeah, traveling by bus gets you more bang for your buck!

2. Connectivity. At all times.

Not few millennials have done a little victory dance after spotting an empty seat NEAR A POWER OUTLET in the waiting room at the dentist or by the table during that never-ending dinner gathering: “Oh my holy outlet, I entrust you the battery of my sweet iPhone, please brighten our day with your endless charging power.”

Well, that’s awesome, but when traveling by bus, every single seat is the lucky seat. Power. Outlets. Everywhere! The simplest luxury that makes all the difference in the world. Also, did I mention that buses offer free WiFi? (Sorry, Delta, but nobody really wants to pay $16 for an internet pass.)

When traveling by bus, stay connected to the holy internet from your preferred gadget (or all of them!) and look up all the wonderful spots to be discovered on your journey.

Yes, there’s a reason our generation is both discriminated and admired for our love of technology…

3. Snack on snacks on snacks

Two words: Need. Food. There is no worst way to ruin an adventure than a cramming belly, specially if you have been looking up all those creamy, cheesy, chocolaty foodie posts on social.
But no need to worry, bus drivers get hungry too! They are fully aware that, for a highly-effective and fulfilling wandering experience, snack stops are simply a must. In most routes longer than four hours, the bus will stop for passengers to stock up on goodies and stretch. Plus, as regulars to the area, the drivers are most likely to pick the right spot to satisfy all our guilty pleasures.

4. Scenic views for Insta aficionados

Every drive is unique in a certain way and some of the most picturesque views in the U.S. can be appreciated right from the road. When sitting through a long trip, one of the most relaxing things travelers can do is lean back, play some suitable tunes and appreciate the scenic view to your side. Not only will you be able to take some magnificent shots for social media bragging (or even better – for scrapbooking!), but you will also create memorable pictures in your mind of some of the most stunning areas in the country.

5. Wanderu!

Whether you use the app or the website, you can book and pay for your bus tickets in minutes. You no longer have to search many sites to find the best deals because Wanderu instantly aggregates hundreds of schedules, routes and operators to get you exactly where you need to go. Plus, the photo in the background is pretty damn fly!

So, in the end, while many travelers choose buses to show their bank account some love, the truth is real millennial wanderers have many other reasons to fall for bus traveling.

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Karina Barriga Albring

Karina Barriga Albring

I'm a writer, journalist, soccer lover and hot sauce enthusiast born and bred in the mighty Andes. Wanderlust hit me hard at a young age and since then, it keeps me up at night. NYC and Modena, Italy changed my life, but my favorite destination is still Rio de Janeiro – and not only for the 'futebol'!

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