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The Best Cities in the U.S. to Visit with Your Dog

A traveler with their dog soak in the sunshine at a dog-friendly beach park

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Tell Noodle to make it a bones day, because you and your dog are going on vacay!

Real pupper parents know that the best vacations are the ones where you can bring your dog along. And outdoorsy destinations like national parks or camping trips are obvious options for your little hound to embrace their wild side.

But what about more urban destinations? Maybe you want to explore a new city along with your good boy or good girl, while also avoiding any of those party pooper no-dogs-allowed establishments.

We at Wanderu love our furry family members (shout-out to Wanderu pups Denali, Ellie, Helen, Ruby, and more!), so we set out to find which U.S. cities are the best destinations for traveling with pets.

Wanderu is your source for cheap bus and train travel across the U.S. (and Europe!), where you can compare and book cheap tickets for your next getaway. The good news? You don’t need your own car to set out on an urban adventure with your dog.

Using a specific methodology, we ranked each of the 45 most populous cities in the U.S. in an assortment of categories and averaged all the data to come up with the winners. The cumulative data we fetched for the cities includes:

Cuddle up with your pup and prepare for some dog-friendly destination inspo. Here are the best cities to visit with your dog in the U.S.:

Ranking the Most Dog-Friendly Cities to Visit in the U.S.

1. Oakland, CA 75.3 13.6% 923 364 367 322 128 34,600 Yes
2. Sacramento, CA 49.0 22.0% 413 284 279 163 108 84,200 Yes
3. Seattle, WA 74.4 20.5% 553 384 370 320 123 44,200 Yes
4. Portland, OR 67.3 20.7% 643 311 293 215 91 149,000 Yes
5. Washington, DC 76.7 22.4% 421 190 241 134 85 340,400 Yes
6. Denver, CO 61.2 19.3% 443 329 436 188 79 232,000 Yes
7. Atlanta, GA 47.7 10.3% 436 327 400 208 81 173,000 Yes
8. Miami, FL 76.6 10.8% 972 298 364 123 74 12,700 Yes
9. San Francisco, CA 88.7 15.0% 933 343 348 370 153 246,600 No
10. New York, NY 88.0 14.8% 4,415 3,308 3,545 913 943 1,745,700 Yes
Walkability score, out of 100
Percentage of hotels that allow dogs
Total number of restaurants that allow dogs
Total number of pet stores
Total number of pet hospitals
Total number of dog trails
Total number of dog parks
Total number of local dog hashtag uses on Instagram
If at least 1 Amtrak train route serves the city
11. San Jose, CA 50.5 20.0% 753 392 394 352 153 18,945 Yes
12. Austin, TX 41.7 19.2% 773 253 279 198 69 328,000 Yes
13. Long Beach, CA 73.3 8.2% 135 169 193 99 55 364,000 No
14. Boston, MA 82.8 18.7% 637 620 529 164 102 24,258 Yes
15. San Diego, CA 53.3 20.0% 998 510 513 310 153 244,037 No
16. Las Vegas, NV 42.0 18.8% 310 276 256 237 84 135,251 No
17. Raleigh, NC 31.3 14.2% 221 146 243 100 37 59,800 Yes
18. Mesa, AZ 37.9 20.4 688 354 395 123 60 697 No
19. Los Angeles, CA 68.6 19.8% 1,000 934 1,000 636 308 331,400 Yes
20. Dallas, TX 46.0 12.5% 577 363 458 177 71 180,000 Yes
21. Philadelphia, PA 74.8 13.2% 300 254 410 147 82 209,600 Yes
22. Kansas City, MO 35.3 9.7% 122 113 175 85 28 44,209 Yes
23. Phoenix, AZ 41.4 19.0% 828 441 512 166 86 34,600 No
24. Chicago, IL 77.2 13.7% 235 140 201 92 41 233,000 Yes
25. Charlotte, NC 26.4 10.8% 469 498 541 158 83 519,000 Yes
26. Detroit, MI 51.1 7.0% 124 199 247 58 42 35,200 Yes
27. Fort Worth, TX 34.9 9.8% 240 197 223 81 44 21,667 Yes
28. Tucson, AZ 43.2 16.7% 126 87 93 52 29 13,700 Yes
29. Baltimore, MD 64.3 12.3% 109 87 123 32 17 65,200 Yes
30. Houston, TX 47.5 7.5% 114 54 64 41 31 6,327 Yes
31. Albuquerque, NM 42.6 21.0% 612 366 406 154 85 190,000 Yes
32. Nashville, TN 28.8 14.5% 218 86 136 65 29 175,000 No
33. Milwaukee, WI 61.5 11.4% 89 94 90 74 30 39,300 Yes
34. Virginia Beach, VA 33.1 10.6% 121 89 136 53 26 13,346 No
35. Columbus, OH 41.2 12.3% 123 126 163 91 41 202,000 No
36. Omaha, NE 48.2 14.2% 28 43 63 18 11 25,500 Yes
37. San Antonio, TX 36.9 12.0% 321 161 213 91 45 54,200 Yes
38. Jacksonville, FL 25.6 13.9% 165 95 156 54 33 10,512 Yes
39. Indianapolis, IN 31.0 9.7% 157 112 148 97 34 20,400 Yes
40. Oklahoma City, OK 34.1 12.0% 89 73 114 29 15 26,485 Yes
41. Colorado Springs, CO 36.1 13.9% 71 69 84 52 15 6,813 No
42. El Paso, TX 40.4 14.8% 47 36 28 19 9 12,458 Yes
43. Memphis, TN 35.0 10.5% 71 36 89 16 14 17,200 Yes
44. Fresno, CA 46.6 8.1% 81 68 77 18 13 1,829 No
45. Tulsa, OK 39 9.1% 42 40 78 21 6 12,400 No

It’s very possible that the West Coast is the Best Coast, at least if you’re a dog parent. The top four dog-friendly cities to visit are all West Coast hot spots: Oakland, Sacramento, Seattle, and Portland.

It’s no wonder Oakland nabbed the top spot; we’ve already established that Oakland ranks as the best city for outdoor activities, too. It’s the city’s high walkability score and wide availability of pet services per capita that makes Oakland stand out. For a city of under 400,000 people, Oakland boasts nearly 1,000 restaurants that welcome dogs, including top-rated picks Kitchen Story and The Wolf. 🐺

California’s capital takes runner-up, thanks to trails and parks like the American River Parkway, running from Old Sacramento to the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Plus, with a relatively mild climate most of the year, paved trails won’t get so hot to burn your pet’s sensitive paws. Mild weather also means plenty of outdoor dining opportunities!

San Francisco and NYC barely slide into the top 10, but are outranked by Southern underdogs Miami and Atlanta. Don’t believe it? Just check out #DogsofAtlanta on Instagram to see how much the City in a Forest loves its four-legged friends.

Ranking the Most Dog-Friendly Cities to Visit by Category

The rankings to find the best in show are based on several factors that make a city ideal for dog-friendly travel. These factors include things like access to outdoor activities, pet services, pet-friendly transportation into the city, and how much locals love dogs.

Check out each of the categories below to learn how we calculated rankings for each of these factors, and see which city is the pick of the litter in each category.

Cities with the Highest Walkability Score

1. San Francisco, CA 88.7
2. New York, NY 88.0
3. Boston, MA 82.8
4. Chicago, IL 77.2
5. Washington, DC 76.7
6. Miami, FL 76.6
7. Oakland, CA 75.3
8. Philadelphia, PA 74.8
9. Seattle, WA 74.4
10. Long Beach, CA 73.3

Sure, you and your dog have your at-home walking routes perfected from their favorite fire hydrant to your favorite coffee shop. While you’re on vacation, you want your walks to be just as pleasant. And unless you’re planning to travel with your own car or rent a car, walking might be your primary mode of transportation within a city (most public transit systems only allow service animals) so exploring on foot and paw is key. 🐾

Walk Score developed and published a walkability metric that denotes how walkable a city is. This is a number from 0 to 100, calculated by the distance to walk to nearby amenities, intersection density, population density, and more. A higher walkability score indicates that a city is easy to get around on foot, while a lower score indicates a car-dependent city.

Unsurprisingly, the geographically-small San Francisco tops the list as the most walkable of the 45 cities we researched. Only 7 miles by 7 miles, intrepid explorers can circle the whole city in a day! Besides its accessible size, San Francisco offers well-maintained sidewalks and crosswalks for the safest journey to Golden Gate Park or the Painted Ladies.

Other major cities round out the top 5, but check out Oakland and Long Beach’s walkability scores running with the big dogs. Who says California is all about car culture?

Cities with the Highest Percentage of Dog-Friendly Hotels

1. Washington, DC 22.44%
2. Sacramento, CA 21.98%
3. Albuquerque, NM 20.98%
4. Portland, OR 20.73%
5. Seattle, WA 20.48%
6. Mesa, AZ 20.43%
7. San Diego, CA 20.00%
8. San Jose, CA 20.00%
9. Los Angeles, CA 19.80%
10. Denver, CO 19.32%

We get it: you don’t want to leave your dog in a boarding facility, and a bed is just not comfortable unless there’s a cuddly pup to share it with. Unfortunately, most hotels are not on board. Finding a hotel that treats your dog as the VIP they are can be tricky, but these cities understand your priorities. 🐩

Washington, D.C. offers the highest percentage of dog-friendly hotels, so you and your pooch can sniff out the best sights together. Some of these hotels give the ultimate paw-sh experience; the Capitol Hill Hotel has an on-staff personal canine concierge​​ and offers a Pawlitical Landscape Package, complete with personalized bowls and beds.

NorCal and SoCal represent with high percentages of dog-friendly hotels in Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles all in the top 10.

The dark dog horse is Albuquerque, with nearly 21% of its hotels welcoming pups landing it in the #3 spot. With so many lodging options, you can choose to stay closer to outdoor explorations like hiking at the Petroglyph National Monument, or near Old Town where many stores welcome dogs to shop, too.

Cities with the Most Dog-Friendly Restaurants Per Capita

Per Capita
1. Miami, FL 399,457 972 1 for every 411 people
2. Oakland, CA 390,724 923 1 for every 423 people
3. Mesa, AZ 439,041 688 1 for every 638 people
4. Long Beach, CA 462,257 637 1 for every 726 people
5. San Francisco, CA 803,235 933 1 for every 863 people
6. Portland, OR 583,776 643 1 for every 908 people
7. Atlanta, GA 420,003 443 1 for every 948 people
8. Austin, TX 790,390 773 1 for every 1,022 people
9. Seattle, WA 608,660 553 1 for every 1,101 people
10. Sacramento, CA 466,488 413 1 for every 1,130 people

Dying to recreate that iconic Lady and the Tramp dinner?🍝 Well, most restaurants won’t serve your dog spaghetti, but these cities have the next best thing: plenty of dog-friendly dining.

Smaller cities win big — 7 of the top 10 have fewer than 500,000 residents — when it comes to dog-friendly restaurants per capita.

Miami brings the heat, and several of its dog-friendly restaurants even offer doggy menus! Fluffy can enjoy chicken and rice at KUSH, sweet potato hash at Cracked, or homemade dog treats at ALL DAY.

While we’re seeing a trend with generous California representation, Arizona and Texas also bow-wow diners with their restaurant options in Mesa and Austin.

Cities with the Most Pet Stores Per Capita

Per Capita
1. Long Beach, CA 462,257 620 1 for every 746 people
2. Oakland, CA 390,724 364 1 for every 1,073 people
3. Mesa, AZ 439,041 354 1 for every 1,240 people
4. Atlanta, GA 420,003 329 1 for every 1,277 people
5. Miami, FL 399,457 298 1 for every 1,340 people
6. Seattle, WA 608,660 384 1 for every 1,585 people
7. Sacramento, CA 466,488 284 1 for every 1,643 people
8. Denver, CO 600,158 327 1 for every 1,835 people
9. Portland, OR 583,776 311 1 for every 1,877 people
10. Las Vegas, NV 583,756 276 1 for every 2,115 people

Sure, you could bring several days’ worth of pet food on the train with you, but that kibble might push your bag over the luggage weight restrictions. It’d be much more convenient to swing by a local pet store in your destination to pick up a bag of dog food — and a commemorative dog bowl, and a souvenir dog toy, and a trendy new collar… 🛍️

Whether your shopping intentions are practical or extravagant, the availability of pet stores ensures you can spoil your doggo with only the best. Long Beach is the clear top dog, with the most pet stores per capita. These range from nationwide pet supply chains to local, boutique shops with precious pet accessories.

Though some of the other cities in the top 10 aren’t necessarily known for their fashion culture (sorry, Mesa), don’t bite the hand that feeds your dog!

Cities with the Most Pet Hospitals Per Capita

Per Capita
1. Long Beach, CA 462,257 529 1 for every 874 people
2. Atlanta, GA 420,003 436 1 for every 963 people
3. Oakland, CA 390,724 367 1 for every 1,065 people
4. Miami, FL 399,457 364 1 for every 1,097 people
5. Mesa, AZ 439,041 395 1 for every 1,111 people
6. Denver, CO 600,158 400 1 for every 1,500 people
7. Seattle, WA 608,660 370 1 for every 1,645 people
8. Raleigh, NC 403,892 243 1 for every 1,662 people
9. Sacramento, CA 466,488 279 1 for every 1,672 people
10. Portland, OR 583,776 293 1 for every 1,992 people

In this category, we’re preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. We really hope you don’t need a pet hospital during your vacation, but just in case your poor pup gets sick, don’t rely on the Paw Patrol for emergency services. You’ll feel much more relaxed visiting a city where you’re never far from emergency care for the most important member of your family.

Long Beach again noses out a win, with the most pet hospitals (529) of any city in the top 10. Most of the other cities rank well in other categories, too, with the exception of Raleigh. Though this North Carolina destination only places in the top 10 for most pet hospitals per capita, it’s overall ranking at #17 is nothing to sniff at.

Cities with the Most Dog Trails Per Capita

Per Capita
1. Oakland, CA 390,724 322 1 for every 1,213 people
2. Seattle, WA 608,660 320 1 for every 1,902 people
3. San Francisco, CA 805,235 370 1 for every 2,176 people
4. Atlanta, GA 420,003 188 1 for every 2,234 people
5. Las Vegas, NV 583,756 237 1 for every 2,463 people
6. San Jose, CA 945,942 352 1 for every 2,687 people
7. Portland, OR 583,776 215 1 for every 2,715 people
8. Long Beach, CA 462,257 164 1 for every 2,819 people
9. Sacramento, CA 466,488 163 1 for every 2,862 people
10. Denver, CO 600,158 208 1 for every 2,885 people

Just because you’re in a big city doesn’t mean you can’t escape the urban sprawl a bit! Along with the walkability score, the number of dog trails per capita shows what you can expect on your vacay walks. Think about it: fewer dog trails means crowded dog trails, and then you’re stopping every 30 seconds for Boba Fetch to smell another dog’s butt.

Minimize the butt-sniffing in the cities that offer a wealth of scenic dog trails. And these aren’t just any dog trails. Oakland boasts Redwood Regional Park, more convenient to reach than Redwood National Park but with the same soaring trees. In Seattle, explore Discovery Park along the Puget Sound, nestled between a lighthouse and Mount Rainier. Or high-tail it to San Francisco to walk the Lands End trail with views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

And let’s throw a 🦴 to Atlanta, the only eastern city to place in the top 10. Though outdoor trails might not be top-of-mind when you think of the Peach State, chew on this: Panola Mountain Spur Path Trail, Morningside Nature Trail, and the East Palisades Trail each score over 4 stars according to

Cities with the Most Dog Parks Per Capita

Per Capita
1. Oakland, CA 390,724 128 1 for every 3,053 people
2. Sacramento, CA 466,488 108 1 for every 4,319 people
3. Long Beach, CA 462,257 102 1 for every 4,532 people
4. Seattle, WA 608,660 123 1 for every 4,948 people
5. San Francisco, CA 805,235 153 1 for every 5,263 people
6. Atlanta, GA 420,003 79 1 for every 5,316 people
7. Miami, FL 399,457 74 1 for every 5,398 people
8. San Jose, CA 945,942 153 1 for every 6,183 people
9. Portland, OR 583,776 91 1 for every 6,415 people
10. Las Vegas, NV 583,756 84 1 for every 6,949 people

A vacation for your dog should focus on the most fascinating sights (and smells) in a new city. And what is a better attraction for your dog than a new dog park? They will love meeting new pups in a new environment, and you will enjoy meeting locals who will definitely compliment how cute your dog is. 🐶💕

And apparently, you’ll be doing that in a sunny locale, since California is all about dog parks. Oakland, Sacramento, and Long Beach nab the top 3 spots for most dog parks per capita. With San Francisco and San Jose also in the top 10, the Bay Area is a no-brainer for a social, playful vacation for your furry adventure buddy.

These cities, each with over 100 dog parks, spoil you with options, so you could head to a different park every day of your trip — and maybe fall into a tangled-leash meet-cute with the hottest dog parent you see.

Most Dog-Loving Cities (by Instagram Hashtag Uses Per Capita)

Per Capita
1. Boston, MA 617,594 364,000 0.589 hashtags per person
2. Washington, DC 601,723 340,300 0.566 hashtags per person
3.Atlanta, GA 420,003 232,000 0.552 hashtags per person
4. Austin, TX 790,390 328,000 0.415 hashtags per person
5. Charlotte, NC 731,424 233,000 0.319 hashtags per person
6. San Francisco, CA 805,235 246,600 0.306 hashtags per person
7. Nashville, TN 601,222 175,000 0.291 hashtags per person
8. Denver, CO 600,158 173,000 0.288 hashtags per person
9. Columbus, OH 787,033 202,000 0.257 hashtags per person
10. Portland, OR 583,776 149,000 0.255 hashtags per person
  • Rankings are based on the cumulative number of local dog hashtag uses for each city, with format #DogsofBoston, relative to their population.
  • Hashtag searches for Washington, DC and San Francisco (among others)  adjusted to abbreviations. E.g. #DogsofDC and #DogsofSF

Amenities catering to canine travelers are definitely important, but we also wanted to factor in whether each destination is actually a welcoming place for dogs. To discover which cities have the highest general appreciation for puppers, we turned to Instagram.

We counted the number of posts on Instagram tagged with “#Dogsof” in front of the city name (as in, #DogsofAustin, #DogsofDenver, etc.). These posts express adoration for the city’s four-legged residents, and give us a nice vibe check of each city’s dog culture. And, to make sure that cities with enormous populations did not drown out other contenders, we ranked the cities by their hashtag uses per capita.

Boston terriers and dogs of all kinds feel the love in Boston, where the number of posts tagged #DogsofBoston is more than half the number of Boston residents. Washington, D.C. and Atlanta’s local dogs are the #2 and #3 most-instagrammed.

Charlotte, Nashville, and Columbus also unleash the puppy love, and make their first appearances in the top 10 of any category. Who needs pet stores or dog parks when the good people of Columbus, Ohio will shower your dog with praise?

Cities Accessible via Pet-Friendly Amtrak Routes

Our final category takes into account the transportation options available when traveling with your dog. Wanderu is, after all, a travel booking site for buses and trains!

Sadly, bus carriers do not allow pets to travel on their buses — not even Greyhound. Bus carriers only allow service animals, so the majority of dogs will have to travel another way.

There are pros and cons to driving yourself, or renting a car if you don’t have your own. But for those without access to vehicles, a doggie getaway is still accessible by train.

Amtrak allows dogs to travel on most trains, with some restrictions on the weight and size of your pet carrier and the length of the route. Be sure to read up on the complete Amtrak pet policy before booking your ticket.

There is one other restriction, though: Amtrak only allows dogs to travel on some of their train routes. This makes it much harder to travel to some of the cities we’ve looked at. For example, the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner is the only train that goes to San Diego. And while we love how scenic the route is, this train doesn’t allow dogs. 😢 So San Diego is docked points for being inaccessible by any pet-friendly trains.

Pet-Friendly Route(s) No Pet-Friendly Routes
Albuquerque, NM Colorado Springs, CO
Atlanta, GA Columbus, OH
Austin, TX Fresno, CA
Baltimore, MD Las Vegas, NV
Boston, MA Long Beach, CA
Charlotte, NC Mesa, AZ
Chicago, IL Nashville, TN
Dallas, TX Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO San Diego, CA
Detroit, MI San Francisco, CA
El Paso, TX Tulsa, OK
Fort Worth, TX Virginia Beach, VA
Houston, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Kansas City, MO
Los Angeles, CA
Memphis, TN
Miami, FL
Milwaukee, WI
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
Oklahoma City, OK
Omaha, NE
Philadelphia, PA
Portland, OR
Raleigh, NC
Sacramento, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Jose, CA
Seattle, WA
Tucson, AZ
Washington, DC
  • All Amtrak trains allow pets except: Amtrak Auto Train, Keystone Service, Pennsylvanian, San Joaquins, Capitol Corridor, Pacific Surfliner, Thruway Connecting Services, and Canadian portions of Adirondack, Maple Leaf, and Cascades lines.

You can see above which cities are accessible by at least one Amtrak train route that allows pets, and which are not. We at Wanderu believe that having multiple travel options is crucial, which is why the availability of ground travel contributed to each city’s ranking.

The cities that don’t have any pet-friendly train service each lost an equal number of points in the overall score used to determine the final rankings. This affected only 12 of the 45 cities we considered, so fear not: there are still plenty of incredible destinations just waiting for you and your pup to explore.

City-to-City with Wanderu

Toto is ready to get out of Kansas. So pack up his finest leash and collar, and consult our comprehensive ranking to pick out your dog’s dream destination.

In fact, why limit yourself? Travel to two (or several) of these top cities and let us know how they measure up: with cheap trains from Oakland to Sacramento, Portland to Seattle, or even DC to Atlanta, it’s easy to double up on the dog-friendly travels.

Whether you choose to give dog training a whole new meaning 🚂 , or prefer to drive yourself in a rental car, you can compare prices and schedules on and the Wanderu app to find the best possible deals. And that means more money to spend on a puppy pedicure, right?


We analyzed the following categories to determine the Most Dog-Friendly Cities to Visit in the U.S.:

  • Population
  • Walkability score
  • Percentage of hotels that are dog-friendly
  • Number of dog-friendly restaurants per capita
  • Number of pet stores per capita
  • Number of pet hospitals per capita
  • Number of dog trails per capita
  • Number of dog parks per capita
  • Number of #Dogsof hashtag uses per capita
  • Whether pet-friendly train travel is available

Data Sourcing:

  • For population, we pulled the 45 most populous cities in the U.S. from GeoNames
  • For the Walkability score, we used the metric calculated by Walk Score
  • For the percentage of dog-friendly hotels, we pulled the total number of “Hotels” on Yelp and compared it with the total number of “Hotels” on Yelp with the filter “dog-friendly” to calculate the percentage.
  • For the number of pet stores, we pulled the total number of “Pet Store” locations on Yelp within each city. With that number, we calculated the total per capita to determine which cities had the most pet stores in relation to their total population.
  • For the number of pet hospitals, we pulled the total number of “Pet Hospital” locations on Yelp within each city. With that number, we calculated the total per capita to determine which cities had the most pet hospitals in relation to their total population.
  • For the number of dog trails, we pulled the total number of “Dog Trail” locations on Yelp within each city. With that number, we calculated the total per capita to determine which cities had the most dog trails in relation to their total population.
  • For the number of dog parks, we pulled the total number of “Pet Hospital” locations on Yelp within each city. With that number, we calculated the total per capita to determine which cities had the most dog parks in relation to their total population.
  • For the most dog-loving cities, we calculated the total number of photos and videos posted to Instagram with the “#Dogsof” tag for each city (e.g. #DogsofBoston, #DogsofMiami). With that number, we calculated the total per capita to determine which cities used the hashtag the most in relation to their total population.
      • Note that for cities with popular abbreviations, we used the hashtag with the city abbreviation (this includes #DogsofSF, #DogsofLA, #DogsofNYC, #DogsofOKC, #DogsofPhilly, and #DogsofDC)
  • For the availability of pet-friendly Amtrak service, we referenced Amtrak’s pet policy to see which trains do not allow pets. We then searched our own Wanderu data for available train trips to each city to confirm which cities do have at least 1 Amtrak route serviced by a pet-friendly line.
      • Each of the 33 cities with pet-friendly Amtrak service received the number of points as if they tied for #1 in that category, and each city without pet-friendly Amtrak service received the number of points as if they tied for #34 in that category.
  • Finally, we normalized each category, combining the numbers into an overall score for each of the 45 cities, and ranked them by their scores.

You are welcome to use the information on this page, crediting Wanderu. If you do so, please link back to this page, so that wanderers around the world can see all the data and find out how we came up with the rankings.

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