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All the Places You Can Visit from Mesa for Less Than $20

Cheap bus and train travel from Mesa.

We looked through all travel deals available on Wanderu to find destinations you can reach from Mesa for under $20 and there are only three cities that meet the criteria.

If you’re looking for a cheap bus ticket for a quick getaway, you get to choose among places only in Arizona. Those include Phoenix that is just a 20-minute bus ride away, as well as Tucson and Flagstaff. Unfortunately, there are no $1 deals available from Mesa.

However, you can find other places to visit from Mesa based on your budget with our Explore search tool!


Route $1 Deals? Cheapest Avg. Price
Mesa to Flagstaff $18.00
Mesa to Phoenix $13.00
Mesa to Tucson $13.56

What is Cheapest Average Price?

The cheapest average price is the average amount of all of the cheapest bus or train prices available on Wanderu for a certain route over a 30-day period.

Bus and train carriers utilize what is known as dynamic pricing to determine ticket prices. That means that when a specific trip goes on sale (usually within four to six weeks prior to the trip date), tickets for that particular bus or train start at a certain low price and then get more expensive the more tickets are sold for that trip.

The cheapest average price may vary according to availability and carrier changes.

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