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Seattle’s Travels – Wanderu’s Favorite Summer Travel Blogs 2016

Seattle exploring Petra, Jordan. (

This is a blog about the girl, not the city! This is Seattle’s Travels! Check out her unique blog that is full of trips all around the globe and thrilling activities that she has done, such as camel riding, bungee jumping, and ziplining – just to name a few. Seattle’s Travels is a “place to share those adventures and inspire others to do the same.”

Seattle recently provided readers with inspiration for a summer trip to the Kootenay Rockies in British Columbia. In 8 Amazing Summer Adventures to Take in the Kootenays, Seattle shares all of the adrenaline-inducing opportunities this destination has to offer. She even went stand-up paddle boarding down the “infamously raging” British Columbia River!

Seattle’s enthralling adventures and friendly posts make for a blog that travel-lovers are sure to enjoy!

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Danielle Heller

Danielle Heller

Hailing from Colorado, Danielle loves the mountains and traveling anywhere that she can explore the outdoors. Danielle will be graduating from Boston University's College of Communication in December with a Masters in Advertising.

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