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How to Visit Every Premier League Stadium in England for Under £250

Panoramic photo from the stands in Emirates Stadium.

Wherever your footballing loyalties lie, the sense of excitement that comes with a new Premier League season is undeniable. 

And now that each club is settling in, we have a much better idea of what to watch for this time around: Will Manchester City be able to three-peat? Will Liverpool lift a Premier League trophy? Will this writer’s beloved Everton ever rise above the middle of the table? 

Maybe you’re merely hoping your club avoids the drop, or perhaps you’re eyeing some serious hardware by season’s end. No matter the case, there’s always a glimmer of hope that this will finally be your year. 

Fans of every football club can appreciate the cultural history and mammoth size of a Premier League stadium. Whether that ground is well into its second century (like Sheffield’s Bramall Lane) or still in its inaugural season (looking at you, Tottenham), there’s something marvelous about these giant cathedrals of soccer. (That one’s for our American readers.) 

Seeing a stadium on TV is one thing, but experiencing it in person is another matter entirely. At and on our mobile app, you can already compare the fastest and cheapest travel options to your destination — by bus, train or plane — all in the same search. And now we’ve developed a full city-to-city itinerary to all 20 Premier League football stadiums for less than £250. 

Catch a live game if you can snag tickets, or take a tour of the storied grounds. Either way, the experience will be amazing! Weave your way through the U.K. like Mo Salah through a helpless defense, stopping in cities like Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham, and see every Premier League stadium England has to offer.

Route $ £
London to Norwich $21.21 £16.56 €19.00
Norwich to Leicester $35.22 £27.50 €31.55
Leicester to Sheffield $13.34 £10.42 €11.95
Sheffield to Manchester $14.77 £11.53 €13.23
Manchester to Newcastle Upon Tyne $27.54 £21.51 €24.67
Newcastle Upon Tyne to Burnley $20.35 £15.89 €18.23
Burnley to Liverpool $15.93 £12.44 €14.27
Liverpool to Wolverhampton $22.74 £17.76 €20.37
Wolverhampton to Birmingham $5.94 £4.64 €5.32
Birmingham to Bournemouth $36.10 £28.19 €32.34
Bournemouth to Southampton $12.96 £10.12 €11.61
Southampton to Brighton $27.18 £21.23 €24.35
Brighton to Watford $38.46 £30.04 €34.45
Watford to London $11.22 £8.76 €10.05
Total Cost: $302.96 £236.12 €271.41
  • Bus & train prices are based on the average cost of a one-way ticket for the respective route available on Wanderu over a 30-day period. 

That’s 14 cities, 20 total stadiums, in one giant loop. And if your eyes are bulging at that dirt-cheap total, we have good news: Because these prices are just averages, there’s a chance you could score an even better deal. (Or, if football isn’t your speed, we also have a trip to five major U.K. cities for less than £60.) 

Sure, you could hop around Britain through the air. Or you could drive yourself, shelling out for parking and petrol along the way. But, assuming you don’t have Man City–level backers for this trip, saving some money by traveling via coach and train is a no-brainer. Here’s how the trip breaks down, location by location.

1. London

Your trip around England will start (and end, but no spoilers) in the city upon the Thames. Rich with footballing history, London is home to five Premier League teams. And luckily for you, all five of the following teams play in stadiums accessible by transit bus or the Tube.

Arsenal F.C. — Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal F.C.

While they haven’t lifted a Premier League trophy since Arsene Wenger’s famed Invincibles did so in 2004, the Gunners always finish near the top of the table (4th place counts as close, right?). 

Their home, Emirates Stadium, opened in 2006 and is one of the largest arenas in England with a seating capacity of 60,260. And, fun fact: Unlike many other European clubs, Arsenal was able to build their new stadium without going into debt!

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Take a moment to inspect the “Spirit of Highbury” monument, which stands outside the stadium’s south end. It depicts every Arsenal player who ever played at Highbury, the Gunners’ home stadium from 1913 to 2006.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Hornsey Rd, London N7 7AJ, United Kingdom



Chelsea F.C. — Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC.

Once known as “The Pensioners,” this Fulham–based club has seen a lot of success in the past two decades, finishing top of the table five times in 15 years. In 2005, the team set the record for points in a Premier League season with 95, a record which has since been broken by Manchester City. 

The Blues play their games at Stamford Bridge, which was constructed in 1877 and is among the oldest grounds in the league. While haters may say the club has no history, Chelsea’s home turf certainly does. 

STADIUM ADDRESS: Fulham Rd, Fulham, London SW6 1HS, United Kingdom

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Stamford Bridge served as the London XI’s home stadium in the inaugural Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in the 1950s. The team played to a 2-2 draw against Barcelona at home in the first leg of the finals, before losing the second leg 6-0 in Barcelona.


Tottenham Hotspur F.C. — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Photo taken during a Tottenham F.C. game.

“To dare is to do,” reads the English translation of this club’s Latin motto. And in the 100+ years since the Spurs founding, the Lilywhites of North London have dared a great deal. Despite making a run to the UEFA Champions League finals last season, however, it has been almost 60 years since Tottenham has won a top division domestic title. That said, with Harry Kane leading the line, supporters are optimistic their time is nigh. 

The Spurs play their home games at the shiny new Tottenham Hotspur StadiumOpened in early 2019, it has the capacity to seat over 60,000 people. If the hopes of fans are met, the ground better have space for some trophies, too.

STADIUM ADDRESS: 782 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0BX, United Kingdom

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Hotspur Stadium has your typical food and drink options, but what makes it truly special is the Beavertown Tottenham Microbrewery. The world’s first microbrewery inside of a football stadium makes Tottenham a destination for fans and craft-beer aficionados alike. (Are you all about craft beer? Then check out our ranking of the best beer cities in the U.S.)



Crystal Palace F.C. — Selhurst Park

Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC.

Named for the gigantic glass structure that housed London’s 1851 World Expo, Crystal Palace has spent a great deal of time in English Football’s top division since their founding in the early 1900s. They’ve also endured some seasons in the lower leagues. 

Currently enjoying a successful run in English football’s top tier, the Eagles play their home games in Croydon at Selhurst Park. Designed by famed stadium architect Archibald Leitch, Selhurst Park opened in 1924 and could originally hold 25,000 people. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The Holmesdale Moments mural, on display in the Red & Blue Bar, chronicles fan-favorite games from the 21 years since Crystal Palace opened their newest and largest seating area. With images of iconic events like Dwight Gayle’s 2014 goal against Liverpool and Julian Speroni’s testimonial match, it’s a can’t-miss for fans of Palace and football more broadly. 



West Ham United F.C. — Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium, home of West Ham United FC.

Known (perhaps unfairly) for some of their more “spirited” fans, this East London club’s past is a story of peaks and valleys — but they’ve never stayed outside the top division for long. Currently, the Hammers are enjoying a lengthy spell in the Premier League, reaching multiple FA Cup finals and competing in the Europa League numerous times as a result.

West Ham recently moved from the Boleyn Ground to London’s Olympic Stadium, constructed in 2012 for — you guessed it — the London 2012 Summer Olympics. The stadium holds 60,000, and has hosted various sports events from cricket games to rugby and baseball matches. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The roof of the stadium, forming a ring around its upper level, is the longest cantilevered roof in the world. For non-architecture buffs: Think of mounting a flag pole on the side of a building, facing out. Now take that same principle and apply it to an entire stadium roof. 45,000 square meters, 6,000 tonnes, and it’s all supported by one ring of steel.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20 2ST, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

London to Norwich $21.21 £12.68 €19.00

2. Norwich

Norwich City F.C. — Carrow Road

Carrow Road stadium, home of Norwich City FC.
(Credit: Oliver Mallich / Flickr)

Comedian and former Norwich City F.C. board member Stephen Fry once said, “You either get Norfolk, with its wild roughness and uncultivated oddities, or you don’t. It’s not all soft and lovely. It doesn’t ask to be loved.” The green- and gold-clad Canaries of Norwich City play their football the same way. Despite their ups and downs, dedicated supporters have stayed by their side. 

The Canaries fly across the pitch at Carrow Road, called the “eighth wonder of the world” by locals in 1935, when it was constructed in just 82 days. At that time, it was the largest construction project in the area since the building of Norwich Castle in the 11th century. If you’d also like to visit the latter, check out this full guide for your visit to Norwich.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Inside of Carrow Road football ground lies the only in-stadium hotel in England. Holiday Inn signed an 150-year lease back in 2007 in return for a 30% stake in the hotel.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Carrow Rd, Norwich NR1 1JE, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Norwich to Leicester $35.22 £12.68 €31.55

3. Leicester

Leicester City F.C. — King Power Stadium

Sun Power Stadium, home of Leicester FC.
(Credit: Peter Woodentop / Flickr)

The East Midlands is where you’ll find the den of the Foxes, the biggest underdog champions to ever grace the Premier League. 

Before the 2015-16 season, bookmakers offered 5,000 to 1 odds on LCFC to top the league. And at the end of that season, they paid out a 5,000 to 1 bet. This meteoric rise, the fastest third-division-to-Premier-League ascent ever, took place at King Power Stadium. This 32,000 seater opened in 2002 as the Walkers Stadium, and was given its current name in 2011. The ground has also hosted international rugby competitions in its 17 years of existence. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: In the concourse at King Power is a mural commemorating Leicester’s 2016 championship-winning team. The painting features key figures from the team, such as manager Claudio Ranieri, Jamie Vardy and Wes Morgan. When you pull off the biggest long-shot title win ever, a mural on the wall seems like fair compensation. 

STADIUM ADDRESS: Filbert Way, Leicester LE2 7FL, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Leicester to Sheffield $13.34 £10.42 €11.98

4. Sheffield

Sheffield United F.C. — Bramall Lane

Bramall Lane, home of Sheffield United.
(Credit: Richard Barrett-Small / Flickr)

Continuing on, we arrive in South Yorkshire to visit the home of Sheffield United. Nicknamed “The Blades” because of the city’s history of steel production, Sheffield won the original Football League (precursor to the Premier League) back in 1898. 

The oldest stadium in the world to still be hosting association football matches, Bramall Lane opened its gates in April 1855. Originally a cricket ground, the stadium held its first Sheffield FC match in 1862. During the 1940 Sheffield Blitz in the Second World War, German bombs damaged some of the stands — but thankfully, most of Bramall was left intact. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The Kop Stand, facing Shoreham Street, hosts the most rambunctious Sheffield fans every match day. Known for their “Bramall Roar,” the Kop will be the largest single-terrace stand in England once its proposed expansion is complete.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Bramall Ln, Sheffield S2 4SU, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Sheffield to Manchester $14.77 £11.53 €13.26

5. Manchester

England’s second city, Manchester is home to two of Britain’s most popular squads – Manchester United and Manchester City.

Manchester United F.C. — Old Trafford

Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United FC.

The Red Devils have won more trophies than any club in English football, with a record 20 Premier League titles, 12 FA Cups, five league cups and 21 FA community shields. In 1998-99, they became the first English team to win a continental European treble (league championship, domestic cup and UEFA Champions League). 

While Old Trafford has seen fewer trophies since the retirement of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, the Reds are always at the center of football discussion. And as long as they’re playing at the 74,000 seat “Theater of Dreams,” those memories are never far from fans’ minds. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: In all honesty, Old Trafford is special because of one word: history. No pitch in England has seen the amount of monumental matches Old Trafford has, and it’s unlikely that any will surpass it in the near future.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Sir Matt Busby Way, Stretford, Manchester M16 0RA, United Kingdom



Manchester City F.C. — Etihad Stadium

Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City FC.

From the old-world glory of Man U, we move on to the new money of Manchester’s blue side. Currently attempting to three-peat as Premier League champions — a feat only accomplished by crosstown rival United (twice) — the Sky Blues have become a fixture at the top of the Premier League table since a 2008 ownership change. 

City plays their home games at the Etihad Stadium, a 55,000 seater reminiscent of a Roman gladiatorial arena. In 2012, after scoring two goals in stoppage time on the season’s final day, the Blues clinched their first league title in over 50 years. Given the team’s talent, we’re sure the Etihad has many more momentous matches in store for the near future.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: In addition to being a great place to watch a match, the Etihad is one of the largest concert venues in England. The Red Hot Chili Peppers (supported by James Brown, ever heard of him?) played the first concert at the Etihad in 2004, while more recent acts to headline include the Spice Girls, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, and Metallica.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Manchester to Newcastle Upon Tyne $27.54 £21.51 €24.73

6. Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle United F.C. - St. James’ Park

(Credit: Ik's World Trip / Flickr)

After a picturesque ride through Northern England, we arrive at the nest of the Magpies: Newcastle Upon Tyne. Club greats like Allan Shearer and Sir Bobby Robson still roost in the minds of supporters, who are ever-hopeful that today’s starting squad will ascend to that legendary status. 

From its location on the banks of the River Tyne, a game at St. James’ Park provides a classic English footballing experience: From the blustery climate, to the rabid fan support that the “Toon Army” enjoy from their fans. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: St. James’ Park served as the backdrop for 2005’s “Goal!”, a film about a fictitious footballer with a rough upbringing who is offered a chance to trial for — you guessed it — Newcastle United.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Barrack Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Newcastle Upon Tyne to Burnley $20.35 £15.89 €18.27

7. Burnley

Burnley F.C. — Turf Moor

Turm Moor stadium, home of Burnley FC.
(Credit: Dom Fellowes / Flickr)

The Burnley Clarets haven’t added much hardware to their trophy case of late, but their 2016 Premier League promotion ensured that the club’s finances stay secure. Regardless, fans can rest easy as long as they’re ahead of the neighboring Blackburn Rovers. (They’re currently up 48-20-45 all time in rivalry matches.) 

Burnley home fixtures are played at Turf Moor, one of the oldest stadiums in the Premier League. Construction of Turf Moor started in 1833 on what was originally a cricket ground, and 50 years later Burnley’s football club moved in. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Since moving into Turf Moor in 1883, Burnley has spent the second-most time at the same ground of any football team in England. Only fellow Lancashire club Preston North End can boast a longer association with a single stadium.

STADIUM ADDRESS: 52-56 Harry Potts Way, Burnley BB10 4BX, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Burnley to Liverpool $15.93 £12.44 €14.30

8. Liverpool

England’s working-class hub and the home of the Beatles, Liverpool hosts two highly successful squads.

Everton F.C. — Goodison Park

Goodison Park, home of Everton United.
(Credit: Kathrin Mezger / Flickr)

We’ll start our tour of the Merseyside with the Blues, simply because this author is an Everton fan. (Please, hold your sympathy.) The Toffees were founded in 1878, and have played in the top tier of English football for a record 116 seasons, most recently winning the FA Cup in 1995. 

This and the trophies won before it are on display at Goodison Park, a 39,000-seat ground constructed in 1892. While there are plans to construct a new home for Everton, the stadium won’t be complete until 2023-24, giving Blues fans a few more years in beloved Goodison. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Goodison Park was the first football stadium to be visited by a sitting monarch, when King George V and Queen Mary made the trip to the Merseyside in 1913. The ground again hosted royalty in 1938, when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth presented the colors of British army regiments in front of 80,000 spectators.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Goodison Rd, Liverpool L4 4EL, United Kingdom



Liverpool F.C. — Anfield

Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool FC.

Moving across town, the Reds play in Anfield. Built in 1884, the ground has capacity for 54,000 fans, and has been the setting for some of football’s biggest matches. 

From their first association game in 1893 to the 2019 victory over Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, Anfield has served as the raucous background for all of them. With Liverpool having won the UEFA Champions League trophy just last year, it remains an electric atmosphere for just about any game. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: While Anfield was built in 1884, Liverpool wasn’t founded until 1892. For those first eight years, it was actually home to Everton. The Blues moved out because of a rent dispute, making room for the Reds to slip in.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Anfield Rd, Liverpool L4 0TH, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Liverpool to Wolverhampton $22.74 £17.76 €20.42

9. Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. — Molineux Stadium

Molineaux Stadium, home of the Wolverhampton Wanderers.
(Credit: Ungry Young Man / Flickr)

Molineux Stadium houses the Orange Wolves, a 32,000-seat ground opened in 1889. Once a perennial top-tier contender, Wolverhampton has been up and down since the 80s. 

That is, until 2018, when Wolves supporters saw their team promoted back into the big show. The following year, they qualified for the UEFA Europa League, giving fans plenty of reason to wonder: Is this a sign of bigger things to come?

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Molineux Stadium was among the first in England to install floodlights, allowing it to host some of the earliest European club competitions (and televised games) in English football.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Waterloo Rd, Wolverhampton WV1 4QR, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Wolverhampton to Birmingham $5.94 £4.64 €5.33

10. Birmingham

Aston Villa F.C. — Villa Park

Into Peaky Blinder territory we go! And while the Villains have lacked Tommy Shelby’s tactical brilliance of late, the club still has a great deal of history to their name (and a devoted fan base to boot). 

The Claret and Blue play at Villa Park: 42,000 seats, opened in 1897. (Note how many of these stadiums were built pre-1900.) Divided into four stands, Villa Park’s most rambunctious supporters congregate in the Holte End (i.e., where you may or may not want to sit, depending on your loyalties). 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Villa Park has hosted a laundry list of international football competitions, and was the first stadium to do so in three separate centuries (1800s, 1900s, 2000s).

STADIUM ADDRESS: Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Birmingham to Bournemouth $36.10 £28.19 €32.42

11. Bournemouth

A.F.C. Bournemouth — Vitality Stadium at Dean Court

(Credit: Dom Fellowes / Flickr)

The Cherries have spent most of their history bouncing between English football’s third and fourth divisions. However, they’re currently in the midst of the greatest run in club history. An unprecedented stretch brought the Red and Black to the Premier League after earning three promotions in six seasons. 

Bournemouth matches take place at the Vitality Stadium at Dean Court: the smallest arena in the Premier League. Vitality pulls much of its … vitality … from its supporters. And with their home club playing its best football ever, those supporters have plenty to cheer about. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: If you’re dying for a hometown, local-club feel that has become increasingly elusive in the Premier League, you’ll find it in Dean Court’s more intimate atmosphere.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Bournemouth BH7 7AF, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Bournemouth to Southampton $12.96 £10.12 €11.64

12. Southampton

Southampton F.C. — St. Mary’s Stadium

Founded as a church club, The Saints fell out of the PL in the mid-2000s, but returned to the top flight in 2011 and have remained there since. 

St. Mary’s Stadium, named for the church that gave way to Southampton F.C., opened in 2001 in the midst of a lengthy Premier League run. And while relegation followed shortly after, fans continued to fill the stadium’s 32,000 seats until The Saints fought their way back. 

STADIUM ADDRESS: Britannia Rd, Southampton SO14 5FP, United Kingdom

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: According to local legend, supporters of Southampton rival Portsmouth F.C. buried a Portsmouth shirt in the foundation of St. Mary’s Stadium during its construction. The Saints began their time in the stadium on a losing streak, prompting a “pagan witch” to perform a ceremony to lift the curse. 



Next Stop:

Southampton to Brighton $27.18 £21.23 €24.41

13. Brighton

Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. — Falmer Stadium

Falmer Stadium, home of Brighton & Hove Albion FC.
(Credit: Gareth Williams / Flickr)

Since their last national trophy in 1910, Brighton has seen three stadiums, two Premier League promotions (the second of which came at the end of the 2018-2019 season), and one brief encounter with non-league football. (The Seagulls were at risk of falling out of League 2 in 1977, securing a win on the season’s final day to save them from dropping.) 

In 1995, Brighton’s board sold their stadium — the Goldstone Ground — without a replacement lined up. This left the club without a true home ground, a condition that did not change until 2011 when Falmer Stadium (aka The Amex) opened. After reaching the Premier League this year, Brighton fans are hoping a new pitch equals a new run of success from their beloved Seagulls. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: In a move that’s sure to become more commonplace, Falmer is abandoning all cash payments starting in 2020 in order to speed up transactions. The move to cashless is perhaps unsurprising, given the stadium’s sponsorship deal with American Express.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Village Way, Brighton BN1 9BL, United Kingdom



Next Stop:

Brighton to Watford $38.46 £30.04 €34.54

14. Watford

Watford F.C. — Vicarage Road

(Credit: The Stadium Guide / Flickr)

Last season’s FA Cup finalists, the Wasps are on the up and up, currently enjoying their longest spell in the Premier League since the late 1980s. 

Supporters hope that last season’s run is less of a fluke and more of a harbinger of things to come. The club’s home, Vicarage Road, is one of the smaller grounds in the Premier League, seating just over 22,000. The small crowd size, however, does not keep Watford fans from bringing the noise, especially when they’re playing local rival Luton Town. 

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The ground’s eastern stand, opened in 2014, was originally supposed to be called the Watford FC Community Stand. However, after more consideration, the club decided to name it the Sir Elton John Stand. That is, Watford FC Chairman Elton John (not the “Tiny Dancer” crooner), although The Rocket Man did attend the stand’s opening ceremony.

STADIUM ADDRESS: Vicarage Rd, Watford WD18 0ER, United Kingdom



How we did it

For any sports fan, football or otherwise, taking in a Premier League game is a true bucket-list experience. From the giants like Liverpool and Man United to the smaller clubs like Sheffield and Bournemouth, every Premier League stadium offers its own unique, exhilarating experience.

And thanks to this itinerary, you can visit all 20 of them for one super-cheap price. (Seriously, you’d have to take this trip more than 386
thousand times to pay as much as Manchester United paid for Paul Pogba).

An important thing to remember here is that the ticket prices listed are averages based on available tickets for each route on Wanderu within a 30-day period. In other words, there’s a good chance you can take this trip for even less!

The best way to find out
how much less is to go to, or open the Wanderu app, for the best way to book bus and train travel across the UK. To ensure that this trip wasn’t just a bunch of random numbers, Wanderu’s algorithm used actual bookable trips to compile this data. 

And if your interests in the UK are less sporting? Try our guide to the best cities in the UK for catching rare Pokémon on Pokémon Go. Using Wanderu’s unique multi-carrier data on bus, train and plane travel, we parse through trip prices, durations and scheduling information to find unique itineraries across Europe and North America.

You are welcome to use the information on this page, crediting Wanderu. If you do so, please link back to this page, so that football fanatics around the globe can check out all the available trips and find out how we came up with the itinerary.


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