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Meet Our New Student Ambassadors & Find Out What’s Cool on Campus!

It’s a new year, and we’re celebrating with new contributors to the Wanderu blog! Get to know our student ambassadors, who will be sharing their insider tips on awesome places to visit and fun things to do at campuses across the country. First up, meet Emily Hest, a coffee-loving senior at the University of Minnesota!
emily hest profile Name: Emily Hest Major: English Literature Year/Class: Officially a senior now…*insert crying emoji* School/City: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in the glorious city of Minneapolis. Hometown: Perley, Minnesota (it’s a speck-sized farming town just outside of Fargo, North Dakota…#woodchipper) Favorite place to hang out in your college town: Anywhere coffee is served…but more specifically, Bull Run Coffee Bar in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood. What other college town would you most like to visit: Washington, D.C.! I haven’t visited this beautiful city since a high school class trip, and I’m itching to go back as a college kid. Dream spring break destination: I have pale Norwegian skin, so I’d love to avoid the sun in the Pacific Northwest! I want to go on a coffee pilgrimage to Seattle and Portland. emily coffee Window seat or aisle seat: I wish I could say window seat, but my long legs much prefer the aisle! Planner or spontaneous traveler: I think I’m a hybrid of both. I like to know where I’m going to sleep at night, but am entirely in favor of leaving the day’s plan in the hands of fate. emily waterfall Social media handles: Right now, I’m in a monogamous relationship with Instagram, so you can find me there @emilyhest. Full disclosure: there are a lot of pictures of my dog.
caroline cao profile Name: Caroline M. Cao Major: Creative Writing and Media Production Year/Class: Class of 2015 School/City: University of Houston – Houston, TX Hometown: Boyton Beach, Florida Favorite place to hang out in your college town: The Menil Collection, Chocolate Bar, River Oaks Theater, Brasil Café, Black Hole, Café 101, and Calhoun Rooftop. What other college town would you most like to visit: Curious about Baylor and New York City’s colleges. Dream spring break destination: I struggle between prioritizing New York City or L.A. caroline fun crop Window seat or aisle seat: Window! Get to see the full view and scenery and write poems about it! Planner or spontaneous traveler: Should plan, but I wish to afford spontaneous traveling. (and that’s where Wanderu comes in handy with cheap bus tickets!)
Ashley PaskillName: Ashley Paskill Major: Journalism Year/Class: (Super) Senior School/City: Temple University – Philadelphia, PA Hometown: Hatfield, PA Favorite place to hang out in your college town:  Hard Rock Cafe What other college town would you most like to visit: Syracuse Dream spring break destination: New York City ashley fun crop Window seat or aisle seat: Window seat! I love looking out the window! Planner or spontaneous traveler: Planner! Social media handles: Find me on Twitter @ashley_paskill

Stay tuned to the Wanderu blog to read about all the coolest places on campus straight from our student ambassadors!

If you’re interested in being a student ambassador, send a message to kate.s(at)wanderu(dot)com.

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