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Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2014 (Part 2)

With the year coming to an end, we have asked our readers, users, and travelers to nominate their favorite blogs which they continued to follow throughout the last year. After going through hundreds of submissions and speaking to each nominee to find out more about their inspirations and unique offerings, we put together (in no particular order) a final list of the best travel blogs! See also, Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2013.

Without further ado, please scroll on for Wanderu’s Best Travel Blogs of 2014 part 2. 

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Brendan Van Son started Brendan’s Adventures blog as a travel writing portfolio for his clients, but it has now evolved into a place to showcase his life as a travel photographer and has “teaching undertones.” Not only does he want to inspire people to travel, but he wants to show them how they can do it.



Erin and Simon are digital nomads and vegetarians who run Never Ending Voyage: “We share tips and advice to help first-time travelers or aspiring digital nomads to get a foot out the door,” they say. This includes things like, how to pack carry-ons, how to find apartments around the world, and how to make travel more cost-efficient.



Dave and Veronica created GypsyNester as an alternative to all of the self-help sites about becoming an empty nester that they found online. After they no longer had the responsibility of children, they hit the road. They say, “We try to introduce experiences that our readers may not be familiar with by seeking out off-the-beaten-path destinations, or quirky details about better-known places. Our aim is to relay information about our finds in an informative, yet entertaining way.”



Amateur Traveler tries to answer the question ‘where should I go next?’” Through blog, photography, video and audio podcasts, they encourage interest in destinations that one may never have before considered. Amateur Traveler is also used to teach English as a foreign language in Canadian and Australian school systems as well as at Oxford University and two other colleges.



Following the motto, “Cover the Earth Before it Covers You,” Raymond started Man On the Lam. Throughout his blog, he proves to readers that there are plenty of interesting, quirky, and inexpensive activities out there–both around the globe and just around the corner!



Hike Bike and Travel provides how-to information and plenty of links and resources to help readers with their adventures. Leigh McAdam says, “It doesn’t have to be an epic adventure; plenty of easy suggestions are offered.”



Finding the Universe uses photography to inspire people to travel in any sense of the word: “I don’t care what budget a person travels with, or how often they travel. I just like to know I’ve helped make them a choice to visit somewhere wonderful.” In addition to photography, Norah Laurence also provides plenty of tips and advice for travel far and wide.



By providing tips and guides for various travel destinations, as well as road trip guides, The Constant Rambler strives to inspire its readers to “break out of their ‘everyday’ lives and use travel as a form of life enrichment.” Lauren and Kenin also travel with their dog, Zoe, which means they make sure all of their destinations pet friendly.



“I write about crazy travel, fun adventures and sexy photos from around the world,” says Alex, the creator of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler. She provides ideas, experiences, and tips to help her readers avoid the mistakes that she makes. She also gives advice on where to go and what to do when you’re there.



“I focus on off the beaten path travel, which to me means finding the things that not everyone sees and that your typical tourist doesn’t know about,” says Kristin Addis, creator of Be My Travel Muse. She leads the way for her readers to help them get started on these adventures and always strives to do things the “local” way.



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We sincerely hope that after exploring some of these amazing blogs and checking out, you are inspired to travel more in 2015!


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