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Bus & Train Carriers Cleaning Protocols

Due to the spread of coronavirus, our bus and train partners are taking extra measures to make sure their vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized.

We’re keeping tabs on the efforts our trusted partners are taking to keep their vehicles clean and properly sanitized. Below, you can find a list of the measures different carriers have announced they’re employing, and we will continue to update the list as more details come in.

Scroll down to find a specific carrier, or scan them all to see the action being taken across the industry.


To reduce risk, Amtrak has implemented the following measures: 

  • Enhancing cleaning protocols: Amtrak has increased the frequency of cleaning services on trains and at stations to multiple times a day, and in some cases, on an hourly basis. The carrier has increased the use of disinfectants to wipe down handrails, doorknobs, handles and surfaces.
  • Increasing disinfectant supplies: Amtrak has increased the quantity of sanitizers and disinfectant wipes available for customers and employees throughout trains and stations.
  • Reinforcing good hygiene practices: Amtrak is regularly sharing best practices with employees and customers on ways to protect against communicable diseases.

Badger Bus

Badger Bus drivers will wipe down high contact touch points after each trip and do a spray down of seats and contact areas with an EPA approved disinfectant following each route. Once per day, the bus will receive a full fogging with an EPA-approved disinfectant along with all touch points being thoroughly cleaned.

The carrier is also running every trip at limited capacity for proper social distancing opportunities between passengers.

Barons Bus

Barons Bus’ motor coaches are cleaned daily by their service team. The carrier has increased the frequency of sanitizing surfaces that people regularly come in contact with including the windows and window sills, hand rails for entering and exiting the vehicle, arm rests, driver steering wheel, dash area, head rest, restroom door handles, restroom handrails, overhead compartment handles, overhead handrails, and any other hard surface on the motor coach.

All hard surfaces are cleaned with an EPA approved Lysol disinfectant.

The carrier has installed hand sanitizing dispensers on every motor coach. Barons Bus drivers are encouraged to use the sanitizer every time they enter and exit the vehicle. Passengers are encouraged to use the sanitizers every time they enter and exit the vehicle.


In response to the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, BestBus has implemented the following precautionary steps to ensure the health and well-being of customers and employees:

  • All buses are being thoroughly cleaned/disinfected, daily.

  • All buses are equipped with alcohol-based sanitizer dispensers or wipes available for passengers’ use, as they see fit.

  • All drivers have been issued additional sanitizers and have been instructed of the importance of these precautions.


BoltBus has taken the following measures: 

Increased bus cleaning: The carrier has increased the amount of wipe-down cleaning of high touch areas, including seats, arm rests, handles, windows and seat belts, throughout the day with a CDC recommended disinfectant. This is in addition to standard deep bus cleaning and sanitization that occurs after each bus trip.

Increased terminal cleaning: The carrier is disinfecting common surfaces more frequently with the same CDC recommended disinfectant. Additionally, they have made hand sanitizer more widely available for customer use.

On board: BoltBus has approved hand sanitizer available in each restroom.

Because BoltBus has no middle seats, each customer traveling on BoltBus has an aisle or a window seat. No one is seated between two other customers, which gives everyone more personal space.

A quick boarding process limits the amount of time waiting in terminals or in boarding lines. Boarding begins at 20 minutes prior to departure.

Burlington Trailways

All buses will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each line run or charter. Cleaning consists of sweeping, picking up trash, emptying trash cans, restocking toilet paper if needed, and disinfecting. Disinfecting includes being sprayed with Lysol, Quad Stat 5 or other current disinfectants the company has determined appropriate. The focus areas are as follows:

  • Hand rail on the main entry door
  • Hand rail in the stairway entering the motor coach
  • Front dash of the motor coach
  • Over-head luggage lids and latches
  • Over-head luggage hand rails
  • Arm rest, seats, cup holders, and seat trays
  • Bathroom door handles and hand rails
  • Toilet seat, around the toilet, and toilet paper area
  • Steering wheel, parking brake, and gear pad
  • Dash board and control switches


C&J has enhanced cleaning frequency. Commonly used surfaces in stations such as door handles, counter tops, seating areas and kiosks are cleaned with EPA-registered disinfectants. All buses are also rigorously cleaned after each trip.

C&J buses are equipped with state-of-the-art air filtration systems that help reduce the spread of airborne pathogens.

The carrier has also installed signage in its terminals to help passengers maintain a six-foot physical distance between them and others. There are also clear plastic barriers at customer counters. All terminals have also been outfitted with sanitizing stations.

Coach USA

Coach USA has implemented the following measures: 

  • The carrier has been and will continue to wash and wipe down all buses on a daily basis. 
  • They are providing individual hand sanitizers to all employees.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be placed on all buses so that high traffic areas, hand rails and hard surfaces can be wiped down regularly.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be made available in common work areas in every depot and office so that all door knobs, and hard surfaces can be wiped down regularly.
  • While en route with passengers, all efforts will be made to allow as much fresh air as possible into the bus. 

Cold Shot

Cold Shot has implemented the following measures: 

  • The carrier is sanitizing every bus before every trip, which includes cleaning all touch points with disinfectant.
  • They have made hand sanitizers available at every stop and are actively promoting their use to every traveler.

Concord Coach Lines

Every CCL terminal undergoes frequent disinfection of high touch surfaces—like door handles, ticket counters, point-of-sale stations, seating, and bathrooms. Every day, every terminal is completely sanitized using an industrial sprayer and hospital-grade disinfectant. Plexiglass dividers have been installed for your protection, and hand sanitizer is readily available at the counters. The carrier has installed “customer-side credit card readers” to minimize touch points. 

When boarding the bus, drivers will take your ticket from behind a plexiglass kiosk. Once on board, you’ll see that some seats will be restricted as the carrier operates with reduced capacities.

Plexiglass dividers have been installed on every seatback for added safety and peace of mind. CCL has limited access to the first row of seats to ensure a safe and distraction-free environment for drivers. 

New upgraded air filters have been installed on every coach. Every bus undergoes enhanced disinfecting throughout each day. High touch surfaces are wiped down before and after every trip, and every bus is sprayed with an electrostatic fogger that can reach every inch of the interior.

Dartmouth Coach

Dartmouth Coach has employed the following procedures and precautions to disinfect their buses before, during and after each trip:

  • Hand sanitizer is available at all ticket counters and on every bus.
  • Every bus is spray-disinfected, every day.
  • All high touch surfaces on the bus and at all terminals are sanitized with disinfecting wipes on a no less than daily basis.
  • Tissues are made available to all customers. If you’re coughing or sneezing, please use a tissue!
  • For everyone’s safety, drivers may wear latex gloves while taking tickets and luggage.


Ebus has developed a new program with enhanced cleaning, strict protocols, and elevated procedures called Safely Clean so that all staff and passengers remain safe.

The carrier is regularly cleaning and sanitizing all high-touchpoint surfaces, restrooms, and have also introduced electrostatic sprayers to clean in between each trip. Electrostatic sprayers allow the appropriate sanitizers, mold preventatives, and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean.

Drivers will ensure the HVAC is set to use fresh air at the highest settings possible to reduce the amount of recycled air, and filters will be replaced regularly.

Express Arrow

Express Arrow published the following announcement on their website: 

In an effort to keep customers, visitors and employees safe from Coronavirus, we are taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of the disease. Please ask your nearest Express Arrow ticket agent for more information.

Fullington Trailways

Motor coaches are thoroughly cleaned at the end of their daily runs, as well as during the day as time permits/customer requirements allow.

All hard surfaces and high-touch areas (handrails, arm rests, overhead rails, etc.) are cleaned and sanitized daily with disinfectant cleaners. These products are effective at killing the coronavirus and influenza on surfaces, including handrails, restroom door handles, restroom interiors, and the floors of each coach- including restroom floors and windows.

After the coach is cleaned, the entire coach is sprayed with an ULV fogger (ultra low volume). This unit dispenses, a non-toxic sanitizing solution, which effectively kills influenza and coronavirus. The ULV fogger turns the sanitizing solution into tiny airborne droplets through the use of large volumes of air at low pressures allowing the product to get into areas inside the coach that would otherwise be difficult/impossible to reach.

In addition to the cleaning process, hand sanitizer is available in the restroom on every coach.


Every bus is thoroughly cleaned and high-touch areas are sanitized every day. Cleaning wipes and/or hand sanitizer are available on all buses.


Greyhound has enhanced the sanitation procedures on their buses and in privately owned terminals, as follows:

Social Distancing – Greyhound encourages social distancing when possible. While operating the bus and making announcements, drivers are separated from the passenger area by a plexi-glass shield.

Cleanliness & Sanitization – Greyhound has increased the amount of wipe-down cleaning of high touch areas on all buses, including seats, arm rests, handles, windows and seat belts, throughout the day with a CDC recommended disinfectant. The driver area, including steering wheel, control instruments, handles etc, is also sanitized with the same CDC recommended disinfectant. This is in addition to the carrier’s standard bus cleaning and sanitization that occurs after each bus trip. If advised by the CDC of an employee or a customer who has traveled on a Greyhound bus and is exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, that bus is removed from service and it goes through a complete decontamination process.

Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines published the following about their cleaning and sanitization processes:

Vehicle Cleaning – The carrier has implemented expanded cleaning and disinfecting processes. Jefferson Lines routinely uses EPA approved disinfectant in the lavatories as well as interior cleaner throughout the rest of the bus. In addition to an upgraded disinfectant, the carrier has expanded the use of the product throughout the bus and trained bus cleaners on items requiring special attention while cleaning. They have also asked drivers and depot employees to wipe down surfaces with a disinfectant at the end of each day during multi-day bus movements.

Sanitization Products When Traveling – Jefferson Lines has made hand sanitizer available at company-managed terminals and have asked third party agents to make it available as well. The carrier recommends to consider bringing your own hand or surface sanitizing items onboard, but they ask that you do not to use items that contain bleach, or have “plus bleach” on the label, as they risk damaging hard and soft surfaces of the vehicle.

Jefferson Lines is not providing face masks to customers, as the CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.


Landline has implemented the following precautions:

1. New cleaning procedures – All employees have been instructed to regularly wash hands and wear disposable latex gloves while loading and unloading baggage. Facilities, buses, equipment and frequently touched surfaces will undergo regular disinfection. Employees who are exhibiting any symptoms of illness have been asked to stay home.

2. Every passenger is guaranteed their own row – In following CDC recommendations, the carrier promotes responsible travel by assuring that every passenger has their personal space. Families and those with travel companions will be able to sit together once onboard their trip.

Maritime Bus

The carrier has increased disinfecting practices for motor coaches in addition to existing infection control practices such as hand sanitizer availability in stations and heavy-duty cleaning of motor coaches. They have implemented additional sanitization practices on their motor coaches that include a disinfecting wipe down of all public touch areas on motor coaches after every trip.

Ontario Northland

Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected after each completed trip. The carrier operates at limited capacity for better social distancing.


Buses are cleaned and disinfected between trips. Cleaning procedures include ozonation, spraying disinfectant mist and wiping down all surfaces with alcohol-based solution.

Peoria Charter

All Peoria Charter coaches are sanitized, including:

  • Entire driver’s area
  • Overhead compartment doors & handles
  • Seats
  • Restrooms and all other commonly touched areas, including overhead handrails, door handles, and railings going up the steps at the front of the busses.

The carrier is using EcoLab’s Peroxide Multi-surface Cleaner & Disinfectant. It kills the coronavirus in 5 minutes but starts killing other germs and bacteria within 45 seconds. This product is also on the EPA’s confirmed list of products to use specifically with COVID-19. This is a green, eco-friendly product that is non-toxic to humans and animals.

Peter Pan Bus Lines

Peter Pan Bus Lines has developed the following COVID-19 protocols for the safety of passengers and employees while traveling:

  • Passengers are required to wear a face mask at all times while boarding and traveling.
  • The carrier has implemented contact free boarding (the ability to look up your boarding pass by simply providing your name).
  • The first row of seats behind the driver will not be open for passengers.
  • While on the bus fresh air will be continuously circulating.
  • Employees have been issued PPE, including face masks and hand sanitizer, to follow the CDC recommendations.
  • Peter Pan has updated the daily bus cleaning and disinfecting process to include the use of CDC/EPA approved chemicals.
  • The carrier has invested in additional sanitizing & disinfecting equipment at all maintenance facilities.
  • All vehicles have been sealed with a state of the art product that kills all germs, bacteria & viruses on contact.

Red Arrow

Red Arrow has increased the amount of wipe-down cleaning of high-touch areas, including seats, arm rests, handles, windows and seat belts between trips.


RedCoach has implemented the following procedures:

  • The carrier is providing hand sanitizer to all customers and employees onboard all buses, as well as at the Orlando Terminal.
  • They are cleaning and disinfecting all buses regularly during the day, within services, and on a daily basis.
  • They are frequently cleaning and disinfecting the Orlando Terminal, and constantly refreshing the frequently touched surfaces with disinfecting wipes.

Sprinter Bus

Buses are cleaned and disinfected after each completed trip. Additional air purification modules have been installed.

Trailways (Adirondack, Pine Hill, New York)

To ensure the safety of employees and customers, the following protocols are currently in effect:

  • The carrier has enhanced all cleaning and disinfecting efforts, which include misting buses on a daily basis. Fogging is an anti-viral/anti-bacterial vapor misting program that disinfects large spaces by leaving a longer lasting residual clean. Disinfecting wipes are also used frequently to clean high-contact surfaces.
  • Passengers are asked to maintain social distancing with other passengers and employees at all times while at terminals, bus stops and while on board the motor coaches.
  • The first row of seats behind the driver on both sides of the aisle will not be available to passengers at this time.

VIA Rail

VIA Rail has implemented the following cleanliness and sanitization procedures:

  • The carrier has increased how often their trains and stations are cleaned.
  • VIA Rail is distributing antiviral products, such as hand sanitizer, at key points of contact.
  • Employees have been trained in additional preventive and reactive measures as recommended by Health Canada.
  • A dedicated committee is proactively meeting on a regular basis to monitor the level of risk associated with COVID-19 and ensure that appropriate procedures are implemented and communicated to employees and passengers.

Wanda Coach

Carrier has ramped up cleaning and disinfecting procedures on all buses.

That covers the extent of bus and train carriers who have announced specific cleanliness measures at this time. We will continue to update this page as details change and more information becomes available.

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