Explore by Wanderu: The Must-Have Tool for Every Traveler on a Budget

Wanderu’s new travel tool helps adventurers who don’t know where to go find exciting destinations to visit based on their current location and budget.

Imagine this: you have a few days off coming up and you’re craving a fun adventure. However, you have no clue where to go and don’t have too much money to go somewhere far. Lucky for you, we found a solution to your woes!

Introducing Explore by Wanderu – our brand new travel search tool that helps you find cool destinations to visit by bus or train based on your location and budget. Just go to Wanderu’s Explore page and you’ll be ready to book your next adventure within seconds!

  1.  Enter your location
  2.  Pick a date on which you’d like to travel (or choose ‘any date’ to find the best deals over the upcoming month)
  3.  Select your budget (or choose ‘any budget’ if you’re feeling like a baller)
  4.  Choose among the suggestions we curate for you & book your tickets.
  5.  GO!

Get Inspired to Travel!

The wanderlust bug can be a real pain if you don’t know where to go or where you can go. Explore by Wanderu can fix that! You’re able to choose from numerous destinations that are not too far from where you are to find the one (or more) that will inspire you to get out and, well, explore!

Be Spontaneous!

Don’t be held back by endless planning, scheduling and budgeting. Explore was designed for people who want to get away… now! Treat yourself to a day trip to a fun nearby city and turn a dull weekend into a memorable adventure peppered with lots of stories to tell and Instagrammed moments.

Spend Less… Like, a Lot less!

With Explore, you are able to find trips that fit your budget. More importantly, it can help you locate all those $1 and $5 ticket deals that you’ve heard about and seen advertised on the side of buses but never actually came across. Well, here’s your chance to leave that in the past and get some bragging rights for the fact that you snagged a trip to NYC for just a buck!

Explore by Wanderu can look up trips from your location taking place within 31 days, using information delivered from hundreds of bus and train travel providers. The tool is available to travelers throughout North America and, with Wanderu’s upcoming expansion to Europe, adventure seekers across the Old Continent will be able to use it to get some travel inspiration too!

Now go ahead and give Explore by Wanderu a try and make sure you bookmark it so that you never have a boring weekend again!

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Staffo Dobrev

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