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13 Fun Things To Do in Portland This Summer

That view is incredible, right? Now that you love the city of Portland, take a visit to celebrate the beautiful days of summer and the city’s dry season. Let Wanderu help you plan your days and evenings with these fun things to do in Portland! That way you can enjoy as much as the city has to offer.

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Best things to do in Portland:

1. Want to experience Portland’s fun and alternative culture? Then we have just the place for you! Check out Voodoo Doughnuts for delicious and very surprising treats. The names of the donuts range from funny to outrageous but the unique flavor combinations are even better.

2. Enjoy great music and concerts along with the magic and beauty of the animals at the Portland Zoo. That lion family looks pretty cute, don’t you think?

Fun things in Portland: Portland Zoo

3. Eat out at different delicious restaurants, including Huber’s, which is one of the oldest restaurants in Portland!

4. If you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant for a meal, then we have other great food choices for you that are definitely on the list of fun things in Portland! Thought of as one of the best places in the world for street food, Portland is renowned for its long list of places to eat on wheels, and even more well-known for the tasty food with its own Portland touch. Check out these food carts to see exactly what we are talking about!

5. Spend a rainy afternoon at the world’s largest independent chain of bookstores, Powell’s Bookstore. Lose yourself in one of the million books to choose from and in the massive bookstore where maps are a must-have!

***While you are on the West Coast enjoying these fun things in Portland, make sure to check out fun things to do in Vancouver, as well as Seattle!***

6. Spend a day at Forest Park, which is one of the largest natural areas within the city limits of a major metropolitan region! With thousands of acres and hundreds of different types of animals and plant species, this park is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. The Macleay stone building (pictured below) is a must-see with its preserved architecture.

Fun things in Portland: Macleay stone building

7. Attend a free outdoor production at Shakespeare in the Park. Not only will you have fun watching the works of Shakespeare, it’s also a unique and wonderful way to get to know the city and the people living there!

8. On vacation, it’s common to pack so much into one day so that you can do and see everything in that city. While it’s great to see everything Portland has to offer, you also want to use a vacation to relax and finally breathe! Spend a day of tranquility and beauty in the city’s Japanese Garden. With a great view of Mount Hood and gorgeous, authentic, Japanese landscaping, we just know that you will enjoy this haven!

9. Don’t leave Portland without going to the Portland Farmers Market, featuring delicious and seasonal produce from many different vendors across Oregon and Washington.

10. Take a stroll along the beautiful Crescent Beach. It looks breathtaking even on a gray day!

Fun things in Portland: Crescent Beach

More fun things to do in Portland:

11. If you miss out on an event with beer, don’t fear! With more brewpubs per capita than any other U.S. city, there are many great places to have a drink. Many people will say that one of the most fun things you can do in Portland is drinking while bicycling with friends and family around the city on brewcycles. Sounds pretty awesome!

12. Learn more about why Portland is called Beervana by taking a tour of the Mississippi/Williams brewery tour. The craft beer is superb and the vibe is fun!

13. To end your fun trip around Portland (and if you need an alternative to all the beer you already had), drink wonderful local wine from one of the many beautiful wineries in the Willamette Valley. Relax, enjoy your evenings, and be in the moment!

Fun things in Portland: Vineyards

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