Your Guide to All Megabus Routes & Stops Across Florida (Including $1 Bus Tickets)

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Megabus travel in Florida.

It may not always have been the case, but Megabus has a very comprehensive city-to-city bus service in Florida these days. Getting around the Sunshine State is easy, cheap and, above all, comfortable when you choose this popular bus service.

There’s no need to get bored on the journey either. Most Megabus buses in Florida have free WiFi on board, allowing you to work, play, or browse to your heart’s content along the way.

We take a closer look at Megabus’ coverage in Florida, the rides you can enjoy, and the super low ticket prices you can snap up if you’re able to book early. And, in case you were wondering, Wanderu doesn’t charge you a cent for booking your trip through our platform, so go ahead and get your tickets right away.

If you’re looking to travel across Florida with Megabus, there are 10 cities that you can depart from. For your convenience, we’ve listed them all below, including all the Florida destinations you can reach from each departing point:

Buses from Daytona Beach, FL

Megabus routes from Daytona Beach:

 BusBus from Daytona Beach to Orlando
 BusBus from Daytona Beach to Jacksonville

Megabus stop in Daytona Beach:

The stop is located near the southeast corner of the Tangers Mall parking lot on Cornerstone Blvd. It is accessible by the walkway from parking lot area B2, adjacent to the Guess and Jimmy John’s signs.

Buses from Gainesville, FL

Megabus routes from Daytona Beach:

BusBus from Gainesville to Orlando
BusBus from Gainesville to Tallahassee

Megabus stop in Gainesville:

Rosa Parks Downtown Transfer Center
700 SE 3rd St, Gainesville, FL 32601

Buses from Hollywood, FL

Megabus routes from Hollywood:

BusBus from Hollywood to Lakeland
BusBus from Hollywood to Miami
BusBus from Hollywood to Orlando
BusBus from Hollywood to Seffner
BusBus from Hollywood to Tampa

Megabus stop in Hollywood:

Sheridan Street Rail Station
2900 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Buses from Jacksonville, FL

Megabus routes from Jacksonville:

BusBus from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach
BusBus from Jacksonville to Orlando

Megabus stop in Jacksonville:

JTA Parking Lot – Johnson St between W Forsyth St and Houston St
60 Johnson St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Keep in mind! On Football game days, the megabus stop in Jacksonville will be relocated to Stuart St., northbound, between Houston and W. Adams St. This stop is one block west, and one block north, from the primary Johnson St. lot stop.

Buses from Lakeland, FL

Megabus routes from Lakeland:

BusBus from Lakeland to Hollywood
BusBus from Lakeland to Miami
BusBus from Lakeland to Orlando
BusBus from Lakeland to Seffner
BusBus from Lakeland to Tampa

Megabus stop in Lakeland:

Gow B Fields Park and Ride Lot
3255 US 98 N and Pyramid Parkway

Buses from Miami, FL

Megabus routes from Miami:

BusBus from Miami to Hollywood
BusBus from Miami to Lakeland
BusBus from Miami to Orlando
BusBus from Miami to Seffner
BusBus from Miami to Tampa

Megabus stop on Miami:

Miami Intermodal Center
3801 NW 21st St, Miami, FL 33142

Buses from Orlando, FL

Megabus routes from Orlando:

BusBus from Orlando to Daytona Beach
BusBus from Orlando to Gainesville
BusBus from Orlando to Hollywood
BusBus from Orlando to Jacksonville
BusBus from Orlando to Lakeland
BusBus from Orlando to Miami
BusBus from Orlando to Seffner
BusBus from Orlando to Tallahassee
BusBus from Orlando to Tampa

Megabus stop in Orlando:

902 N Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32807

Buses from Seffner, FL

Megabus routes from Seffner:

BusBus from Seffner to Hollywood
BusBus from Seffner to Lakeland
BusBus from Seffner to Miami
BusBus from Seffner to Orlando
BusBus from Seffner to Tampa

Megabus stop in Seffner:

Tampa-Mango Park & Ride
Mango Rd & Clay Pit Rd, Seffner, FL 33584

Buses from Tallahassee, FL

Megabus routes from Tallahassee:

BusBus from Tallahassee to Gainesville
BusBus from Tallahassee to Orlando

Megabus stop in Tallahassee:

CK Steele Plaza – Tennessee St & Adams Street

The stop in Tallahassee is located at Gate 24 of the Star Transit Terminal in the CK Steele Plaza at the intersection of W Tennessee St and Adams Street.

Buses from Tampa, FL

Megabus routes from Tampa:

BusBus from Tampa to Hollywood
BusBus from Tampa to Lakeland
BusBus from Tampa to Miami
BusBus from Tampa to Orlando
BusBus from Tampa to Seffner

Megabus stop in Tampa:

Marion Transit Center
1211 N Marion St, Tampa, FL 33602

Get a Piece of the Action for Under $20

Now it’s time for some insider information that not just everybody knows. If you’re travelling in Florida on a budget, or already live there and fancy a change of scenery, there are a ton of destinations you can reach with Megabus for under $20 – you could even snap up tickets for just $1 on some of them!

We’ve compiled a list of places you can get to from Jacksonville even if you have $20 or less to spend on transportation. We’ve done the same for Wanderu users in the Miami area.

Not from either city? No problem! Finding the same information for your location is easy with Wanderu – and you don’t need to choose from just Megabus trips either. Get the app so that you can check out destinations on the go, compare fares between carriers, and book your place from the Wanderu platform without paying any more than you would if you got your tickets direct from the carrier.

But there’s more! Wanderu will help you to travel Europe by bus or train too. Now that’s an app worth having! As for Florida bus bookings and tickets, Megabus has you covered, but you can also compare RedCoach and Greyhound fares at a glance to get the most convenient departure and arrival times and be sure of the best prices.

Travel Safely

At Wanderu, we want to make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to plan a safe trip. Please visit our COVID-19 Travel Guide for the latest tips & advisories.

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