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How About a Spontaneous Columbus Day Adventure? Let’s Go!

Did you realize we have a three-day weekend during the spooky season, every single year?

Monday, October 14, is Columbus Day for 2019, and if you don’t yet have plans for this long weekend, it’s never too late to take a trip and make the most of it! Bus travel is the best because you can always make last-minute plans and still find great deals, even on a holiday weekend – and what could be a more appropriate holiday for exploring and discovery than Columbus Day weekend?

If you’re looking to capture that fresh Fall feeling, you can make a jaunt from Boston to Concord, New Hampshire for only about $35 roundtrip! And a quick ride from New York City to Saugerties upstate will bring you face to face with brilliant fall foliage for $60 total.

You could enjoy Midwestern charm – and cheese curds – in Milwaukee for only $14 roundtrip from Chicago. Or head from Indianapolis to Cincinnati (for the chili, of course!) for $15.

If you prefer something a little sunnier, you can party in Miami for about $40 from Orlando and back. And a roundtrip ticket is only $15 from Houston to Austin, where you can discover awesome live music.

Spend some time on the Sunset Strip with a roundtrip ride from San Diego to Los Angeles for under $40. Or go all out and visit Vegas from LA for around $40, too – just don’t spend all your savings at the slots!

From Seattle, you can get to Portland, OR for about $35, which means you can spend the weekend where they keep things weird. Or you could even get out of the country and visit beautiful Vancouver for roughly the same price!

So, take advantage of this long weekend honoring an explorer and do some exploring yourself!

Book your ticket to a spontaneous adventure on Wanderu and share your discoveries with us on Instagram & Twitter!

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Kate Sedrowski

Kate Sedrowski is on a mission to spread delight while inspiring and encouraging people to travel. Her favorite travel companion is her teddy bear, and her favorite souvenir is the scar from the broken nose she got in a snowball fight in Québec City.

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