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Here Are the States & Countries With the Most Oscar Wins for Acting

Photo of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles at sunset.
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If you live in the Los Angeles area and have noticed a sudden shortage of self tanner and Crest Whitestrips, it’s not because Jeff Goldblum is stocking his fallout shelter. 

The 91st Academy Awards take place at 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 24, and stars of every shape, size and tooth luminosity are preparing to walk the red carpet. Maybe you’re considering a trip to Los Angeles yourself, just to be in their orbit. (After all, L.A. is our #2 party hub in the U.S.)

As the event draws near, suspense continues to build: Could “Black Panther” be the first superhero movie to walk away with a Best Picture in its pocket? Will Lady Gaga once again have the opportunity to let us know that there can be 100 people in a room and only Bradley Cooper will believe in you?

While those questions and more won’t be answered until the ceremony itself, we here at Wanderu decided to ease our pre-Oscars anxiety by putting together some Academy Awards trivia of our own. Specifically, we we wanted to know: What states birthed the most Oscar–winning actors and actresses?

Digging into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences database, we looked at the birthplace of every winner in the four primary acting categories since the debut Academy Awards in 1929:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress

Take a look at the results in the maps below.

States With Most Oscar Wins for Acting

State# of Oscars
New York48
New Jersey9
Puerto Rico4
Washington, D.C.3
North Carolina1
South Carolina1

No surprise snubs here: New York and California hold a disproportionate amount of trophies, with more than 25 percent of the total winners born in those two states. Illinois and Massachusetts are each strongly represented, with Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas rounding out the top 10.

Worth noting: Only 34 of the 50 nifty United States can claim an acting Oscar–winner, meaning that even Washington state with its lone representative, Tacoma–born Bing Crosby, can still declare bragging rights over adjacent Oregon and Idaho.

Though not technically states, we also included Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico in this ranking. With three and four winners respectively, they still surpass the likes of Arizona, Arkansas and others.

European Countries With Most Oscar Wins for Acting

Country# of Oscars

Full List of Winners By Country

Actor NameBirth CityWinning YearCategory
England (41)   
George ArlissLondon1929-30Best Actor
Charles LaughtonScarborough1932-33Best Actor
Victor McLaglenKent1935Best Actor
Robert DonatManchester1939Best Actor
Donald CrispLondon1941Best Supp. Actor
Greer GarsonEssex1942Best Actress
Ronald ColmanSurrey1947Best Actor
Edmund GwennLondon1947Best Supp. Actor
Laurence OlivierSurrey1948Best Actor
Alec GuinnessLondon1957Best Actor
Wendy HillerCheshire1958Best Supp. Actress
David NivenLondon1958Best Actor
Elizabeth TaylorLondon1960
& 1966
Best Actress
Peter UstinovLondon1960
& 1964
Best Supp. Actor
Margaret RutherfordLondon1963Best Supp. Actress
Julie AndrewsSurrey1964Best Actress
Rex HarrisonLancashire1964Best Actor
Paul ScofieldWest Sussex1966Best Actor
Maggie SmithEssex1969
& 1978
Best Actress
& Best Supp. Actress
Glenda JacksonCheshire1970
& 1973
Best Actress
John MillsNorfolk1970Best Supp. Actor
Peter FinchLondon1976Best Actor
Vanessa RedgraveLondon1977Best Supp. Actress
John GielgudLondon1981Best Supp. Actor
Ben KingsleyYorkshire1982Best Actor
Peggy AshcroftSurrey1984Best Supp. Actress
Michael CaineLondon1986
& 1999
Best Supp. Actor
Daniel Day-LewisLondon1989,
& 2012
Best Actor
Jessica TandyLondon1989Best Actress
Jeremy IronsIsle of Wight1990Best Actor
Emma ThompsonLondon1992Best Actress
Judi DenchYork1998Best Supp. Actress
Jim BroadbentLincolnshire2001Best Supp. Actor
Rachel WeiszLondon2005Best Supp. Actress
Helen MirrenLondon2006Best Actress
Tilda SwintonLondon2007Best Supp. Actress
Kate WinsletBerkshire2008Best Actress
Colin FirthHampshire2010Best Actor
Eddie RedmayneLondon2014Best Actor
Mark RylanceKent2015Best Supp. Actor
Gary OldmanLondon2017Best Actor
Daniel KaluuyaLondon2020Best Supp. Actor
Austria (3)   
Joseph SchildkrautVienna1937Best Supp. Actor
Maximillian SchellVienna1961Best Actor
Christoph WaltzVienna2009
& 2012
Best Supp. Actor
Wales (5)   
Ray MillandNeath1945Best Actor
Hugh GriffithAnglesey1959Best Supp. Actor
Anthony HopkinsWest Glamorgan1991Best Actor
Catherine Zeta-JonesSwansea2002Best Supp. Actress
France (4)   
Claudette ColbertSeine1934Best Actress
Juliette BinocheParis1996Best Supp. Actress
Marion CotillardParis2007Best Actress
Jean DujardinHauts-de-Seine2011Best Actor
Italy (3)   
Anna MagnaniRome1955Best Actress
Sophia LorenRome1961Best Actress
Roberto BenigniTuscany1998Best Actor
Russia (3)   
George SandersSt. Petersburg1950Best Supp. Actor
Yul BrynnerVladivostok1956Best Actor
Lila KedrovaSt. Petersburg1964Best Supp. Actress
Germany (2)   
Luise RainierDüsseldorf1936
& 1937
Best Actress
Simone SignoretHesse1959Best Actress
Ireland (2)   
Barry FitzgeraldDublin1944Best Supp. Actor
Brenda FlickerDublin1989Best Supp. Actress
Spain (2)   
Javier BardemLas Palmas2007Best Supp. Actor
Penélope CruzMadrid2008Best Supp. Actress
Sweden (2)   
Ingrid BergmanStockholm1974Best Supp. Actress
Alicia VikanderGothenburg2015Best Supp. Actress
Belgium (1)   
Audrey HepburnBrussels1953Best Actress
Greece (1)   
Katina PaxinouAthens1943Best Supp. Actress
Hungary (1)*   
Paul LukasBudapest1943Best Actor
Romania (1)   
John HousemanBucharest1973Best Supp. Actor
Scotland (1)   
Sean ConneryEdinburgh1987Best Supp. Actor
Switzerland (1)   
Emil JanningsRoschach1927-28Best Actor
Ukraine (1)*   
Paul MuniLemberg1936Best Actor

*At the time of the respective ceremony, Budapest and Lemberg were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

While a whopping 200 Academy Award–winning actors and actresses were born in the U.S., a significant portion came from Europe—with the majority from England. That includes Daniel Day-Lewis, the only person to earn the Best Actor trophy three times. (Channel your inner DDL and explore England by bus or train, ideally in full Lincoln garb.)

Not everything depicted on the map is quite as it seems, either. Although Paul Lukas was born in Budapest, the current capital of Hungary, at the time it was actually a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which dissolved at the end of World War I. The same is true for Paul Muni—his birth town of Lemberg is in modern day Ukraine (and known more commonly as Lviv), but was also part of the former Austria-Hungary.

It’s also a bit misleading to allot Israel an Oscar winner: Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, but primarily grew up in the U.S. The situation is similar for Lupita Nyong’o—though born in Mexico City, her parents returned to their native Kenya when she was less than a year old. The Oscars map is rife with such instances: Sidney Poitier is from The Bahamas, but was born in Miami while his parents were there on vacation; Vivien Leigh’s father was a British officer in India when she was born, yet she left for a London-based boarding school at age 6; and the list goes on.

This map is zoomed-in on Europe, but 10 additional countries from across the planet have spawned Academy Award–winning actors and actresses. See our complete list below.

Country# of Oscars
New Zealand1
South Africa1
South Korea1

Full List of Winners By Country

Actor NameBirth CityWinning YearCategory
Canada (7)   
Mary PickfordToronto1928-29Best Actress
Norma ShearerMontreal1929-30Best Actress
Marie DresslerCobourg1930-31Best Actress
Harold RussellNorth Sydney1846Best Supp. Actor
Walter HustonToronto1948Best Supp. Actor
Anna PaquinWinnipeg1993Best Supp. Actress
Christopher PlummerToronto2011Best Supp. Actor
Japan (3)   
Joan FontaineTokyo1941Best Actress
Olivia de HavillandTokyo1946 & 1949Best Actress
Miyoshi UmekiOtaru1957Best Supp. Actress
Australia (2)   
Geoffrey RushQueensland1996Best Actor
Heath LedgerPerth2008Best Supp. Actor
India (2)   
Vivien LeighDarjeeling1939 & 1951Best Actress
Julie ChristieChabua1965Best Actress
Mexico (2)   
Anthony QuinnChihuahua1952 & 1956Best Supp. Actor
Lupita Nyong’oMexico City2013Best Supp. Actress
Cambodia (1)   
Haing S. NgorSamrong Young1984Best Supp. Actor
Israel (1)   
Natalie PortmanJerusalem2010Best Actress
New Zealand (1)   
Russell CroweWellington2000Best Actor
South Africa (1)   
Charlize TheronTransvaal2003Best Actress
South Korea (1)   
Youn Yuh-jung 2020Best Supp. Actress

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States With Most Oscar Wins for Acting by Category

All right, Mr. DeMille, we’re ready for a close-up.

In the subsequent tables, we break down the numbers by each individual category for a slightly more nuanced look.

States With Most Best Actor Winners

Actor NameBirth CityWinning Year
NEW YORK (13)  
James CagneyNew York City1942
Humphrey BogartNew York City1951
Burt LancasterNew York City1960
Lee MarvinNew York City1965
Rod SteigerWesthampton1967
Art CarneyNew York City1974
Richard DreyfussNew York City1977
Jon VoightYonkers1978
Robert De NiroNew York City1980
Al PacinoNew York City1992
Denzel WashingtonMount Vernon2001
Adrien BrodyNew York City2002
Philip Seymour HoffmanNew York City2005
Gregory PeckSan Diego1962
Cliff RobertsonSan Diego1968
Gene HackmanSan Bernadino1971
Dustin HoffmanLos Angeles1979 & 1988
Robert DuvallSan Diego1983
Tom HanksConcord1993 & 1994
Nicolas CageLong Beach1995
Sean PennSanta Monica2003 & 2008
Jeff BridgesLos Angeles2009
Leonardo DiCaprioLos Angeles2019
Lionel BarrymorePhiladelphia1930-31
James StewartIndiana1940
Broderick CrawfordPhiladelphia1949
F. Murray AbrahamPittsburgh1984
Jack NicholsonNeptune City1975 & 1997
Michael DouglasNew Brunswick1987
Kevin SpaceySouth Orange1999
OHIO (3)  
Warner BaxterColumbus1928-29
Clark GableCadiz1934
Paul NewmanShaker Heights1986
TEXAS (3)  
Jamie FoxxTerrell2004
Forest WhitakerLongview2006
Matthew McConaugheyUvalde2013
Fredric MarchRacine1931-32 & 1946
Spencer TracyMilwaukee1937 & 1938
William HoldenO’Fallon1953
Charlton HestonWilmette1959
Jack LemmonNewton1973
Casey AffleckFalmouth2016
Marlon BrandoOmaha1954 & 1972
Henry FondaGrand Island1981
José FerrerSan Juan1950
Joaquin PhoenixSan Juan2019
Ernest BorgnineHamden1955
Sidney PortierMiami1963
IOWA (1)  
John WayneWinterset1969
Wallace BeeryKansas City1931-32
Gary CooperHelena1941 & 1952
George C. ScottWise1970
Bing CrosbyTacoma1944

Men who won the Best Actor Oscar are, again, disproportionately concentrated in New York and California. But the most compelling finding in this table is the elevation of Pennsylvania.

Although ranked seventh in our overall list, with four Best Actor winners born there (Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart, Broderick Crawford and F. Murray Abraham), it cements a position in the top three for this category.

Pocket this interesting fact for later: The only two actors to win Best Actor trophies in consecutive years are Milwaukee’s own Spencer Tracy (in 1937 and 1938) and native Californian Tom Hanks (in 1993 and 1994).

States With Most Best Actress Winners

Actress NameBirth CityWinning Year
Liza MinnelliLos Angeles1972
Diane KeatonLos Angeles1977
Sally FieldPasadena1979 & 1984
CherEl Centro1987
Jodie FosterLos Angeles1988 & 1991
Helen HuntCulver City1997
Gwyneth PaltrowLos Angeles1998
Brie LarsonSacramento2015
NEW YORK (7)  
Judy HollidayNew York City1950
Shirley BoothNew York City1952
Susan HaywardNew York City1958
Anne BancroftNew York City1962
Barbra StreisandNew York City1968
Jane FondaNew York City1971 & 1978
Susan SurandonNew York City1995
Joanne WoodwardThomasville1957
Holly HunterConyers1993
Julia RobertsSmyrna2000
Ginger RogersIndependence1940
Jane WymanSaint Joseph1948
Geraldine PageKirksville1985
Shirley MacLaineRichmond1983
Sandra BullockArlington2009
Marlee MatlinMorton Grove1986
Frances McDormandGibson City1996 & 2017
Patricia NealPackard1963
Jennifer LawrenceLouisville2012
Janet GaynorPhiladelphia1927-28
Grace KellyPhiladelphia1954
TEXAS (2)  
Joan CrawfordSan Antonio1945
Sissy SpacekQuitman1980
Louise FletcherBirmingham1975
Emma StoneScottsdale2016
Katharine HepburnHartford1932-33, 1967, 1968 & 1981
Faye DunawayBascom1976
HAWAII (1)  
Nicole KidmanHonolulu2002
Reese WitherspoonNew Orleans2005
Bette DavisLowell1935 & 1938
Ellen BurstynDetroit1974
Jessica LangeCloquet1994
Julianne MooreFort Bragg2014
Hilary SwankLincoln1999 & 2004
Meryl StreepSummit1982 & 2011
OHIO (1)  
Halle BerryCleveland2001
Jennifer JonesTulsa1943
Kathy BatesMemphis1990
UTAH (1)  
Loretta YoungSalt Lake City1947

The Best Actress category sees slightly more parity. This is the only category for which California (at eight) hoists more trophies than New York (at seven). States like Georgia and Missouri fall in step close behind at three a piece.

This is also the award for which #OscarsSoWhite is perhaps most apt. Since that debut ceremony in 1929, only one person of color has won the Academy Award for Best Actress: Cleveland-born Halle Berry for her role in 2001’s Monster’s Ball. WTF, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Sorry, but we’re still bitter Angela Bassett didn’t win for What’s Love Got to Do With It?  

And there’s no way we can skip ahead to the next section without taking a moment to bow before Katharine Hepburn. (We’re not worthy!) The Connecticut-native has the most wins of anyone, actor or actress, all time across the major acting categories with four Best Actress Oscars in three different decades.   

States With Most Best Supporting Actor Winners

Actor NameBirth CityWinning Year
NEW YORK (14)  
James DunnNew York City1945
Edmond O’BrienNew York City1954
Red ButtonsNew York City1957
Martin BalsamNew York City1965
Walter MatthauNew York City1966
George KennedyNew York City1967
Robert De NiroNew York City1974
George BurnsNew York City1975
Christopher WalkenNew York City1978
Louis Gossett Jr.New York City1982
Denzel WashingtonMount Vernon1989
Martin LandauNew York City1994
Cuba Gooding Jr.New York City1996
Alan ArkinNew York City2006
California (5)  
Timothy HuttonMalibu1980
Gene HackmanSan Bernadino1992
Tim RobbinsWest Covina2003
Mahershala AliOakland2016
Sam RockwellDaly City2017
New Jersey (5)  
Thomas MitchellElizabeth1939
Frank SinatraHoboken1953
Jack NicholsonNeptune City1983
Joe PesciNewark1990
Kevin SpaceySouth Orange1995
Illinois (4)  
Karl MaldenChicago1951
Burl IvesHunt City1958
Jason RobardsChicago1976 & 1977
Robin WilliamsChicago1997
Ohio (3)  
Dean JaggerLima1949
George ChakirisNorwood1961
Joel GrayCleveland1972
Massachusetts (3)  
Jack LemmonNewton1955
Jack AlbertsonMalden1968
Walter BrennanLynn1936, 1937 & 1940
Georgia (2)  
Charles CoburnMacon1943
Melvyn DouglasMilwaukee1963 & 1979
Missouri (2)  
Kevin KlineSt. Louis1988
Chris CooperKansas City2002
Connecticut (1)  
Ed BegleyHartford1962
Kentucky (1)  
George ClooneyLexington2005
Louisiana (1)  
Jared LetoBossier City2013
Michigan (1)  
J.K. SimmonsGrosse Pointe2014
Minnesota (1)  
Gig YoungSt. Cloud1969
Nebraska (1)  
James CoburnLaurel1998
Oklahoma (1)  
Brad PittShawnee2019
Pennsylvania (1)  
Jack PalanceHazelton1991
Puerto Rico (1)  
Benicio Del ToroSan German2000
Tennessee (1)  
Morgan FreemanMemphis2004
Texas (1)  
Tommy Lee JonesSan Saba1993
Wisconsin (1)  
Don AmecheKenosha1985

Frankly, my dear, this is where things get interesting.

New York has a specific knack for breeding awesome character actors. It has almost three times as many Supporting Actor winners as California, which is tied at five with New Jersey.

Heavy hitters born in Jersey include Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci and Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Is it a coinkydink that Pesci won for the gangster film Goodfellas, or that Sinatra supposedly secured his award-winning role in From Here to Eternity through his mob connections, and that both hail from The Garden State?

Hey, we’re not drawing lines between New Jersey and organized crime. (The Sopranos already did that for us 20 year ago.) Just something to chew on.    

 States With Most Best Supporting Actress Winners

Actress NameBirth CityWinning Year
New York (16)  
Alice BradyNew York City1937
Teresa WrightNew York City1942
Anne RevereNew York City1945
Celeste HolmNew York City1947
Claire TrevorNew York City1948
Patty DukeNew York City1962
Lee GrantNew York City1975
Beatrice StraightOld Westbury1976
Maureen StapletonTroy1981
Whoopi GoldbergNew York City1990
Mercedes RuehlNew York City1991
Marisa TomeiNew York City1992
Mia SorvinoNew York City1995
Jennifer ConnellyCairo2001
Melissa LeoNew York City2010
Anne HathawayNew York City2012
California (7)  
Fay BainterLos Angeles1938
Gloria GrahameLos Angeles1938
Jo Van FleetOakland1955
Tatum O’NealLos Angeles1973
Anjelica HustonSanta Monica1985
Angelina JolieLos Angeles1999
Marcia Gay HardenSan Diego2000
Laura DernLos Angeles2019
Massachusetts (6)  
Josephine HullNewtonville1950
Estelle ParsonsLynn1967
Ruth GordonQuincy1968
Olympia DukakisLowell1987
Geena DavisWareham1988
Allison JanneyBoston2017
Illinois (5)  
Mary AstorQuincy1941
Mercedes McCambridgeJoliet1949
Dorothy MaloneChicago1956
Jennifer HudsonKirksville1985
Patricia ArquetteChicago2014
New Jersey (3)  
Eva Marie SaintNewark1954
Meryl StreepSummit1979
Linda HuntMorristown1983
Missouri (3)  
Jane DarwellPalmyra1940
Shelley WintersSt. Louis1959 & 1965
Dianne WiestKansas City1986 & 1994
IOWA (2)  
Donna ReedDenison1953
Cloris LeachmanDes Moines1971
Gale SondergaardLitchfield1936
Jessica LangeCloquet1982
Pennsylvania (2)  
Ethel BarrymorePhiladelphia1944
Shirley JonesCharleroi1962
Alabama (1)  
Octavia SpencerMontgomery2011
Arkansas (1)  
Mary SteenburgenNewport1980
Georgia (1)  
Kim BasingerAthens1997
Indiana (1)  
Anne BaxterMichigan City1946
Kansas (1)  
Hattie McDanielWichita1939
Maryland (1)  
Michigan (1)  
Kim HunterDetroit1951
North Carolina (1)  
Julianne MooreFort Bragg2014
Nebraska (1)  
Sandy DennisHastings1966
Ohio (1)  
Eileen HeckartColumbus1972
Puerto Rico (1)  
Rita MorenoHumacao1961
South Carolina (1)  
Viola DavisSt. Matthews2016
Texas (1)  
Renée ZellwegerKaty2003

Now for the final award of the evening. Imagine a highly decorated actress slow-walking to the podium with an envelope in hand. She reads a few lines from the prompter, the crowd politely chuckles, and she opens the envelope. And the winner is…

La La Land! 

Just kidding. If you put your money on New York once again, then you’re spot on: The Empire State wins out once more with 16 New York–born Best Supporting Actress winners.

Of interest here is also the high number from Massachusetts (in third place), making it the only state besides New York and California to produce more than five Oscar winners for a single acting category. (Mass-born winners include Boston’s own Allison Janney, last year’s winner for her turn in I, Tonya.)

This list also includes Gone With the Wind actress Hattie McDaniel, who in 1939 was the first African-American to win an Oscar, and the first and only winner born in Kansas. Fun Fact: A Wichita native, McDaniel famously coined the phrase, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore,” during her acceptance speech, later to be quoted in The Wizard of Oz.

Our fact-checkers insist that last part is a lie, but it’s on the internet now so it must be true. 🤷‍♂️

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And with that, the orchestra has begun to play us off. Best of luck on your Oscars ballot, and let’s see how this whole “no host” thing goes!


  • From the Official Academy Awards Database, we pulled the names of every winner in the categories Best Actor in a Lead Role, Best Actress in a Lead Role, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress since the debut Oscars in 1929.
  • From the Internet Movie Database, we pulled the birth cities, states and countries of all the winners.
  • In calculating states, cities and countries with the most winners, we were careful not to count repeat winners twice.
  • For the specific category breakdown sections, if an actor or actress won in multiple categories (for instance, Meryl Streep has Oscars for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress), they were included in the totals for each.

You are welcome to use the information and graphics on this page, crediting Wanderu. If you do so, please link back to this page, so that travelers around the world can see all the data and find out how we came up with the ranking

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