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5 Reasons Why Traveling by Bus Relieves Stress

Anyone who has ever had a driver’s license understands the struggle of driving stress.

Unless you have only operated a car out in the beautiful boonies (very, very upstate New York or across the never-ending cornfields in Iowa), you know that driving in traffic is no joke, and that being stuck between trucks, buses, aggressive commuters and clueless pedestrians for hours (or at least what seems like hours) can be one of the most common causes for brain aneurysms (okay, okay, maybe not quite that, even though it feels like it!). Anyways, you know by now that something as conventional as driving can cause chronic stress-related illnesses that affect your health, both physically and emotionally.

Stress linked to driving in a city (or even on the highway leaving a hub) can cause serious health conditions like high blood pressure, tiredness, back pain, neck pain, anxiety and an uncontrollable desire to scream, break things and curse at other drivers (a.k.a Massholes if you’re in New England).

Nobody wants that.

We are constantly reading about the negative effects of stress in our daily lives, but we sometimes forget there are very simple ways to calm down and pursue happier, more relaxed days. (Chill, bro!)

Here are five reasons why traveling by bus can prevent and relieve your stress:

1. The beauty of effortless transportation

Driving a car (especially if you are a crazy maniac in love with manual stick shifts rather than automatic) can involve a serious physical effort if you are stuck in traffic. Just leaving Manhattan for a weekend getaway could make your legs sore because of so much braking and clutching.

But on a bus, you are getting places without actually operating a vehicle (or doing anything!) so if there is traffic, the journey is slower and more peaceful, and you simply have more me-time to relax, sit back and enjoy that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen the whole week.

2. Get your work out of the way, on the way there!

Even if you are not actually driving the car but acting as copilot, it is pretty much impossible to do anything productive while on the road. The lack of space, the overwhelming view of a motorized battle combined, and the annoying sound of high-pitched horns won’t end in a well-written history report, but in a sharp headache.

On the other hand, while on a bus you can easily pull out your laptop, charge the battery with the onboard outlets, and get down to business, tackling all your work on the way to your destination. With the free wifi, you can even take little Netflix breaks, and NO ONE will know! 😉

3. Say goodbye to a sore back

Since buses are at least six times bigger than your friend’s Ford Fiesta, bumps on the road, potholes, and nasty curves are a whole lot easier to handle. You will be able to sleep, snuggle, and even drink coffee at any time without fear of being severely burnt. Plus, the seats are reclinable and super comfy!

4. Bury your nose in a book and escape into another world

Have you ever heard your mom or your grandma say they can’t read in the car because it makes them dizzy? It’s actually a thing – and it’s not age-related. The movement in a car usually makes it harder for the eyes to focus on a line of text, and since you are forcing your vision to read the words, it can make your head hurt in record time. Just like reading with low light, it is terrible for your eyes and should be avoided.

Reading on a bus, on the other hand, can be much more satisfying and relaxing and won’t cause dizziness because the vehicle is more stable (see point 3 above!) Plus, buses have personal overhead lights so you can enjoy your literary adventure day or night.

5. Have deep, meaningful conversations about love and life – with a panoramic view!

Very few things relax us more than spending some quality time catching up with our peeps, especially if the chat involves a cozy seat and an Instragram-worthy view out the window. And quality catch up sessions involve eye-contact, somehow-exaggerated hand gestures and giggling (small details that make life worth it!). If your travel buddy is maneuvering the car up a steep hill or being tailgated by a crazy commuter, opening up about your emotional life or arguing about the latest football scandal is not as fun – instead, it can be life-threatening!

So, when heading on your next road trip adventure, give your car a rest by booking your tickets with Wanderu! Hop on a bus for a relaxing ride and leave the stress at home. It’s the way to go!

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