Keep the Festival Season Going!

I know what you’re thinking: festival season is over. You’ve already put away your flowered headband and your ripped high-waisted shorts and your colorful beaded bracelets. You’ve already retired your camping gear for the only kind of camping you do and you figured it would stay tucked away in the basement until next summer.

But I’m here to tell you that you may need to reconsider; perhaps that tent of yours could see the light of day a few more times! There are amazing festivals all over the country throughout the year–even in the slow months. Some take advantage of warm Southern climates, but there are also those that embrace the cold. So take a much-needed break from that studying or working, unpack your gear, and take a weekend trip to experience these one-of-a-kind music festivals. Continue reading

3 Things you must know when purchasing Trailways tickets!

When you purchase Trailways tickets, you purchase a safe, hassle-free, and comfortable ride to your destination. It’s easy! But is here to brush you up on a few extra things you should know before your trip.

Read on to learn how to get the absolutely best price, what to expect from your trip, other useful tips and tricks as well as a little Trailways history!

Trailways is an organization made up of 80 plus bus carriers working together to get you where you need to go with your Trailways tickets! Trailways of NY, Adirondack TrailwaysArrow Trailways of Texas, and Burlington Trailways, are all part of this organization and could be serving your Trailways tickets.

Trailways tickets

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11 Coolest places to stay in the USA: tipis, tree houses, fairy tale gems!

If you think the most exciting hotel you can find is one that includes an indoor swimming pool, think again! is a marketplace that allows people to rent their homes, buses, tipis, boats or whatever, to people like you! Below, I’ve compiled a list of the coolest postings in the US that are available to you. So for your next vacation, make your hotel half the adventure!

Portland, OR

Portland, ORIt’s like something out of a fairy tale. Hidden within a secret garden, this MudHut overlooks the St. Johns bridge. It is wood-heated and candle lit; it is a perfect way to spend a quiet fews days away from the busy, modern world.

Check out more fairy tale pictures right on AIRBNB.

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11 Coolest places to stay in the USA Part 2

New York, NY

New York, NY

Spend sometime in Greenwich Village — one of the most unique neighborhoods in New York City. Owned by a Jazz musician, this stylish apartment is equipped with a Grand Piano so you can spend some time exploring your musical side while you’re there and enjoy living like a local in an unfamiliar city!

Check out this unique apartment on AIRBNB and easily get to NYC from Boston or from DC.

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Bus ticket prices: inside scoop!

Whether you are a young business professional, a student, or a world traveler traversing the globe in search of great adventure, no one wants to overpay when booking bus and train transportation between two cities. Below, I answer a few questions about bus ticket prices to ensure that you are spending less on travel and more on enjoying yourself at your final destination!

***After reading all about bus ticket prices, give a try to find those $1 tickets!***

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