Badger Bus Launch

We are excited to announce today the launch of our newest partner! All the way from the Midwest, sporting only the most comfortable buses, and now available to book on, we welcome to the Wanderu Family Badger Bus!

Badger Bus ScheduleBadger Bus schedules their buses to run 5-10 times daily and will conveniently get you from Madison to Milwaukee for under $20, from Minneapolis to Madison, or from Milwaukee to Minneapolis.




Badger Bus tickets can be purchased directly from Universities around the Midwest including University of Madison, Milwaukee, whitewater, La Cross, Eau Claire, Stout, and University of Minnesota. Continue reading

Badger Bus Schedule Guide

Badger BusBadger Bus Schedule is a midwest bus company that services the Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI areas. The Badger Bus Schedule boasts trips from Madison to Milwaukee everyday of the year. To supplement this core service, Badger Bus schedules also include multiple “college connection” services on the weekend. The “college connection” sends buses to many of the big universities in the area, including University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minneapolis etc.

***Badger Bus is live on Buy your tickets today!***

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Badger Bus Tickets Guide

Badger Bus TicketsBadger Bus tickets are live on Wanderu. See useful tips and tricks and plan your next trip today!

***Also see Badger Bus Schedule info***

Purchasing Badger Bus tickets online is the most economical and convenient option, allowing travels to save at least 10%. If you do choose to buy online, it is recommended to purchase the Badger Bus tickets at least an hour before departure and to arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before departure to guarantee a seat. While not required, it is always a good idea to search on and compare Badger Bus tickets against all the other buses running this route.

***For example, Greyhound has daily schedules between Madison and Milwaukee.*** Continue reading

Boston Marathon 2015

boston marathon sneakers

On Monday April 20 the 119th Boston Marathon will be run. This 26.2 mile course starting in Hopkinton, MA and ending in Copley Square will be an event close to many peoples hearts. Less than a week after the two-year anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and with the world’s eyes currently on the trial of the now infamous Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 30K+ people will run in the 2015 Boston Marathon.  Continue reading

Does a Peter Pan bus discount code really exist?

Scouring the internet for a Peter Pan bus discount code and come out empty handed? It’s happened to all of us – no matter how much you search, you never find anything. Well, that’s simply because a Peter Pan bus discount code really don’t exist – well, sorta. In other words, even if you were to find something that seemed like a discount code; chances are, it’s not real.

Peter Pan bus discount code

In fact, a Peter Pan bus discount code field does not even exist in the checkout process to begin with! Unbeknownst to many, Peter Pan provides discounted rates on a select few of its fares in lieu of any discount code hidden in the bowels of the internet. There’s a catch - you have to purchase it in-person at either one of their terminals, customer service booths, or kiosks throughout the United States. No online purchases! Well, if that’s the case – how much of a discount are you receiving compared to buying the tickets online? Continue reading