Coolest places to stay in the USA: tipis, treehouses, fairy tale gems!

If you think the most exciting hotel you can find is one that includes an indoor swimming pool, think again! is a marketplace that allows people to rent their homes, buses, tipis, boats or whatever, to people like you! Below, I’ve compiled a list of the coolest postings in the US that are available to you. So for your next vacation, make your hotel half the adventure!

Portland, OR

Portland, ORIt’s like something out of a fairy tale. Hidden within a secret garden, this MudHut overlooks the St. Johns bridge. It is wood-heated and candle lit; it is a perfect way to spend a quiet fews days away from the busy, modern world.

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Bus ticket prices: inside scoop!

Whether you are a young business professional, a student, or a world traveler traversing the globe in search of great adventure, no one wants to overpay when booking bus and train transportation between two cities. Below, I answer a few questions about bus ticket prices to ensure that you are spending less on travel and more on enjoying yourself at your final destination!

***After reading all about bus ticket prices, give a try to find those $1 tickets!***

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Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Whether you enjoy a day of lounging inside, playing Wii Sports and practicing your musical talents, or you wish to experience and explore the Chicago area for all it is worth, Chicago Getaway Hostel is the place for you! Constructed in 1928, it is the second largest hostel in Chicago with 100 private rooms and total capacity of over 300 guests. The fun never stops at the Chicago Getaway Hostel and the amenities are very well thought through. Enjoy a free daily breakfast, free WiFi, and cable TV. Guests are also welcome to break out their musical talents on the grand piano Chicago Getaway Hostel Activitiesin the dining area, as well as, strum on the guitars in the music room, and much, much more. If you are anything like the typical millennial and don’t schedule out your vacation ahead of time like some of our parents used to do, there are hostel-run social events seven days per week to help you fill those evenings and make your vacation as exciting as it can be. These include pub crawls, pasta dinners, and board game nights, as well as outings to places that only the locals really know about! If you want that truly local experience, Chicago Getaway Hostel is a great place to call home for a few days or weeks!

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Awesome places to be on Halloween around the USA

Before I was old enough to do anything even remotely fun without my parent’s accompaniment and once the trick-or-treating phase of my life had passed (which probably took longer than it should have, but you can blame my sweet tooth), I found Halloween Day to be a rather tame ritual of sitting on the front porch of my mother’s hair salon and passing out candy to the sometimes cute, but also sometimes aggressive, passer-bys who still spent the whole month of October planning out their costume. The spark of excitement for the day was dwindling. However, to my surprise, it was reignited by adulthood (or something close to it).

Suddenly, I realized all the fun that could be had on Halloween if I just left my little town of 5,000 folks in New Hampshire and went somewhere where people of all ages plan their costumes for the whole month of  October.

HalloweenSo both you and I can get started on our new Halloween adventures, I’ve made a list of cool places to be on Halloween this year, and incase you are traveling to the attractions from other cities, Wanderu has you covered on the transportation (just search on and entertainment fronts!


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Halloween In Boston: Humour, Pumpkins, Living Dead!

Halloween in Boston!If you’re at all like me, at the first sight of changing leaves and the first gust of the cool autumn air, a few thoughts instantly cross your mind: pumpkin carving, apple picking, hot cider, hay rides, haunted houses, and of course, halloween! Fall is a wonderful time in New England, but like many wonderful things, it is short-lived. So as soon as I see those leaves, feel that gust, pull out my flannel and my scarf, I begin on one of the many fall activities before my favorite season slips by. If you’re in the Boston area, there a number of fun festivities planned in the spirit of the season. So get your friends together, pull together a costume from the junk in the back of your closet that you never wear, and experience Halloween in Boston before it’s too late!

For those of you attending colleges or working in NYC or DC, did you know that you can hop on a bus from NYC to Boston for as low as $1-5 and a bus from DC to Boston for as low as $5-10?

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