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Travel Like a Rock Star: LimoLiner Now on Wanderu

Every day, less and less people are willing to deal with the hassle of driving, finding parking, or spending tons of money and time figuring out car insurance. With the bus industry growing stronger, the choice to go car-less has proven both efficient and comfortable.

Not owning a vehicle hasn’t cured wanderlust, but the opposite. Millennials, for example, are going places all the time – traveling effortlessly between cities, and even going to different countries, by bus. In fact, the growing popularity of bus travel has sparked a new trend making bus adventures even more enjoyable and stylish. We’re talking about luxury bus travel!

Luxury bus travel is the ultimate traveling experience. With amenities such as meals and drinks on board, comfy seats, satellite TV and high-speed internet, first-class bus service is exactly what we have been dreaming of. After all, who doesn’t want to be pampered like a celebrity while busing down to the Big Apple for a fun weekend?

At Wanderu, we love to see you enjoy your trips to the last drop, that’s why we are happy to announce our partnership with luxury motor coach travel provider LimoLiner!

Travel in Style with LimoLiner

LimoLiner has revolutionized the way we travel by offering a premium travel experience like no other with daily service between Boston and New York City. This luxury motor coach travel company started in 2003 and has grown to become a local favorite for the high-end amenities they offer.

Being a small business (the fleet includes seven vehicles and 20 employees), they are a first-class motor coach service and can give each traveler that personalized attention we all crave so much, including food, drinks, hot towels, blankets, whenever you want!

First-Class Amenities

If you choose to venture out of the city in one of the seven exclusive LimoLiner coaches, be ready do some serious chilling and resting on board. Remember, this is not your regular bus trip.

Onboard Attendants

Proving that they are not exclusive just to airlines, LimoLiner has personal onboard attendants available on every coach to ensure that your trip is comfortable and up to par with the company’s high standards. Whether you’d like assistance with the entertainment system, need a drink, or want to check the status of your trip, the attendant is happy to assist you. They will also pamper you with personal hot towels and a pillow and a blanket per your request.

Wine & Dine

Forget about the obligatory Dunkin’ run prior to departure because here you’ll be well fed and taken care of. An attendant on board will bring you a warm meal (or a cold one, if that’s what you prefer), along with your choice of a soft drink. If you’re vegetarian, fret not, because LimoLiner has got you covered as well. Additional snacks and beverages are distributed throughout the journey and there’s even complimentary wine on evening trips – you know you want it!

Entertainment Galore

Every LimoLiner bus is equipped with an onboard entertainment suite, featuring live satellite TV from DirectTV and satellite radio, as well as DVD movies and free high-speed wireless internet. For those of you who prefer to work during their trip or enjoy their own entertainment, there are power outlets at every seat to keep the energy juices flowing to your electronic devices.

All the Legroom You Need

You are able to move freely or nap in peace on the super comfy reclining leather seats – blankets and pillows included, yes please! More importantly, with only a maximum of 28 passenger per luxury bus, LimoLiner really offers that extra legroom your knees desperately need.

Luggage Security

If you are not exactly a light packer, LimoLiner will be great for your luggage as well, since they allow passengers to bring two bags of up to 50 lbs each plus a small carry-on bag at no additional cost. More importantly, your bags will be treated with the utmost care and personally handed to you when you reach your destination, avoiding losses and other unwanted outcomes. 

Restroom of Your Dreams

Are you ready for the best part? Every LimoLiner coach sports a sparkling clean restroom with fresh flowers placed in there on a daily basis. Yes, even your bathroom visits get the luxury treatment!

Book Your Trip Now!

It is really easy to book tickets to travel by bus from Boston to New York and from New York to Boston and Framingham with LimoLiner. You simply need to go to, search for your desired route and travel date and, once you get to the results page, use the search filter to see only the LimoLiner options.

LimoLiner’s luxury bus travel options are also available through the FREE Wanderu app, giving you the opportunity to book that luxury trip at any time and at any place you like.

More Luxury Bus Options

If this whole luxury bus travel thing sounds to you like Christmas came early, you will be excited to learn that Wanderu features several other options for first-class bus travel, so you can explore other routes.

Florida-based company Red Coach USA has service between the biggest cities in the Sunshine State like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa and their first-class amenities include Wi-Fi, reclinable seats and extra legroom, among other things.

Vamoose Gold, the business-class coach service of New York-based carrier Vamoose, offers service between NYC and Arlington, VA & Bethesda, MD. Among the amenities featured on the Vamoose Gold bus, you can find extra wide reclining plush seats, complimentary bottled water, extra legroom, as well as free Wi-Fi and power outlets at every seat.

Lux Bus America offers daily service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and features an attendant on board, free snacks and drinks, pillows and blankets, comfortable seats, Wi-Fi and movies.

Treat Yo Self!

Wait no more and up your travel game by booking a luxury bus trip from Boston to New York or from NYC to Boston with LimoLiner on or through the Wanderu app. If there’s a right way to arrive in the Big Apple this spring, it is to arrive in style and it truly doesn’t get any classier than with LimoLiner!


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