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Does a Peter Pan Bus Discount Code Really Exist?

Scouring the internet for a Peter Pan bus discount code and coming up empty-handed? It has happened to all of us – no matter how much you search, you never seem to find anything. Well, that’s simply because a Peter Pan bus discount code really doesn’t exist – well, sorta. In other words, even if you were to find something that seemed like a discount code, chances are, it’s not real.

In fact, a Peter Pan bus discount code field does not even exist in the checkout process! Unbeknownst to many, Peter Pan provides discounted rates on a select few of its fares in lieu of any discount code hidden in the depths of the internet. However, there’s a catch; you have to purchase it in-person at either one of their terminals, customer service booths, or kiosks throughout the United States. No online purchases! Well, if that’s the case, how much of a discount are you receiving compared to buying the tickets online?

The Peter Pan bus discount code substitute!

Let’s break it down: a simple bus fare from Boston to New York with Peter Pan on a Thursday has an average cost of anywhere between $15 to even $60 dollars when purchased online. That’s a decent amount, but when you search on we can help the best prices for bus fares in one central and convenient location. Just like this:

Woah!  $15? That’s actually not a bad price to pay for a trip that’s over 4 hours! Who needs a Peter Pan bus discount code when you can get a ticket for only $15 bucks!

AND you can also search and compare all the other bus options from Boston to New York like BoltBusMegabus, and GoBus.

So how does buying it online compare to taking advantage of Peter Pan’s discounted rates? Well, for starters, not every bus route and passenger are eligible for these discounted rates. Certain restrictions apply. Only children, seniors, military members, and first responders are able to take advantage of these Peter Pan bus discount code substitutes! Let’s take a look:

Child Discount

  • Child discounts are available for purchase for customers two to eleven (2-11) years of age at terminals and agencies. Child fares receive a 20% discount off the full adult fare on Peter Pan schedules.
  • Child discounted tickets must be purchased together with a full fare adult/senior ticket. For every one full fare ticket, two child fare tickets can be purchased.
  • The child and adult/senior must travel on the same route, day and time.
  • Children under two (2) years of age do not require a ticket to travel but must be secured in the adults/guardians lap for the duration of the trip for safety purposes.
  • If traveling with two, or more, infants or children under the age of two (2), the second (third, etc.) infant/child passenger will require a child fare ticket but must be secured in the adults/guardians lap for the duration of the trip for safety purposes.

Military & First Responder Discount

  • Active duty and retired military personnel and first responders can receive a 15% discount off the full adult fare on Peter Pan schedules.
  • The Military discount applies to active and retired members of the United States Armed Forces (which include the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy; members of the National Guard, and reservists). A valid military picture ID card must be presented upon request.
  • The First Responder discount applies to active police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. A valid responder picture ID card must be presented upon request.

Senior Discount

  • Customers aged sixty-two (62) years and older can receive a 15% discount off full adult fares on Peter Pan schedules. Valid photo ID is required.

Sounds like a great opportunity, but the key word to take away from this is walk-up fare. The Peter Pan bus discount code replacement isn’t necessarily that big of a fare saver when the walk-up fare is generally the most expensive.

How to save the most? Just purchase it online, that’s how! Save yourself the time, hassle, and risk of having seats sell out at the last minute. Book on from the convenience of your home and get the best prices available – that’s the Wanderu way!

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