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A lot of people associate riding the bus with public transportation that transports you around the city or between cities. If you live in Boston, New York, or Los Angeles, then chances are that you associate bus travel with long lines and cramped quarters. Traveling by coach bus between cities is a very different experience, especially if you book your tickets on with a luxury bus line.

Bus travel isn’t a thing of the past—you can save money, travel quickly to your destination, and enjoy better amenities and customer service than some airlines and trains. For your next inter-city travel, instead of taking a plane or train, why not consider a luxury bus?! With service in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, these luxury buses will help you get to almost anywhere you’re going.

Vamoose Gold

For commuters and travelers  looking for luxury bus services from New York City to Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. area, traveling with Vamoose Gold is the best option. This premier, business-class coach service departs from Arlington, VA, or Bethesda, MD, and arrives into New York City. Return service leaves New York in the afternoon.

With more legroom, complimentary Wi-Fi, a bottle of water and a flexible ticket-change policy, this bus line is perfect if you’re looking for luxury bus travel from Washington D.C. to New York City.

BestBus Prime

Photo of a BestBus Prime vehicle, considered a luxury travel bus.

For luxury trips along the eastern seaboard, BestBus Prime is one of the, er … prime options.

With service from New York City to Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Virginia. BestBus Prime is equipped with wide leather seats and extra legroom, ensuring your trip will be as comfortable as can be. And while reclining in that extra-comfy seat, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, free digital streaming, and electrical outlets adjacent to every seat.

Red Coach First Class

Interior photo of a Red Coach First Class bus.

Have you ever wanted to travel in luxury, while avoiding expensive flights? Red Coach First Class is a luxury bus line with service across Florida and adjacent states that provides transportation so comfortable, and customer service so great, that it exceeds traveling by air.

Traditional motor coaches seat 58 people, which can quickly feel crowded. When traveling on Red Coach First Class, you’ll enjoy spacious seating with only 26 other guests, which equals a lot more room for every passenger.

Two checked bags and a carry-on are included for no extra fees, and all passengers have access to power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi.

While traveling to Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale, and many other destinations, you can recline in imported leather seats while watching the trees go by. For instance, if you’re traveling from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, hop on Red Coach First Class for a comfortable and luxurious bus ride.

Washington Deluxe LUX

Interior of a Washington Deluxe Lux bus.

To make your decision even harder when choosing between luxury transportation options, may we present Washington Deluxe LUX.  

Trips run from New York City to D.C. on roomy buses equipped with Wi-Fi and electrical outlets. Enjoy access to their digital streaming on your own device, free of charge, if you’re in the mood for a movie or some TV.

Washington Deluxe LUX coaches drop passengers off at subway-accessible locations in both New York and D.C., truly making  your journey as convenient as possible.

M&M Shuttle

For travelers looking to arrive into or depart from the Windy City, don’t sleep on this Chicagoland luxury service. (Well actually, sleeping on an M&M Shuttle sounds quite nice, but you get what we mean.)

M&M’s vehicles offer a more private, personalized feel. Amenities inside include fiber-optic mood lighting, full-service bars, free bottles of water and TVs. There’s also an attendant on hand to assist you with anything else you may need.


If a trip across Georgia is on your radar, look no further than Savannah16 Motor Coach Lines.

With service between Savannah and Atlanta, Savannah16 offers travelers premium comfort across the Peach State. Savannah16 vehicles come equipped with free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and supple leather seats ideal for a snooze. As if that wasn’t enough, snacks and soft drinks are complimentary on all Savannah16 trips. (Remember when that used to be true on airplanes?)

Tufesa Ejecutivo

Photo of a Tufesa Ejecutivo luxury bus.

With service across all of Mexico and the AmericanSouthwest (California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada), Tufesa Ejecutivo is one of the top names in luxury bus travel.

All Ejecutivo buses have a digital movie system, free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and — perhaps most importantly given their coverage area — air conditioning. Passengers who want to upgrade their trip further can purchase higher-level tickets to unlock features like snack service, individual video screens and further reclining seats.


Photo of a LuxBus.

If you’re traveling between Northern and Southern California or headed out for a weekend in Las Vegas, you should definitely consider riding with LuxBus. This luxury bus company has state-of-the-art modern coaches with upgraded seating, seatback audio and free feature films. LuxBus also offers luxury bus service to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Los Angeles.

Complimentary beverages and light snacks are provided for service from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and onboard attendants will make sure that your trip is safe and comfortable.

Sometimes bus travel has a certain stigma, but these luxury services go to show that traveling by bus can be as sexy as any other form of transportation. And for the premium quality, it’s cheaper, too. For your next journey, book a luxury bus on Wanderu.

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