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Your Ultimate Guide to Luxury Bus Travel

If you live in a city like Boston, New York, or Los Angeles, then chances are that you associate bus travel with long lines and cramped quarters. But traveling by bus between cities is a very different experience –  especially if you book your tickets on a fancy bus line.

In addition to obvious perks, like being environmentally friendly and having window views the whole ride, you’ll get free internet, snacks, drinks, and more depending on the carrier. Plus, luxury bus trips typically go straight from city-center to city-center, which saves the hassle of commuting from the airport. Save money, travel quickly to your destination, and enjoy better amenities, customer service, and legroom than you’d find on an airline.

Not sure where to start for your fancy bus trip? Turn to Wanderu! As the leading ground travel aggregator, we’ve got the inside scoop on the most lavish ways to travel – and we’re gonna dish. So buckle up, recline, and relax while we show off the best luxury buses on the market.

The Jet Coach

attendant.png Attendant restroom.png Bathroom legroom.png Extra Legroom outlet.png Outlets snack.png Snacks usb.png USB wifi.png WiFi / Instagram

HIGHLIGHTS: Motion-canceling seats, attendant on-board, 6 feet of legroom

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Washington DC

The Jet Coach has everything you could want from a luxury bus: lavish comfort at affordable prices. Their brand new, first-class buses are beyond fancy with gel foam seats, memory foam backs, and motion-canceling technology for the smoothest possible ride. It’s so comfortable you’re likely to fall asleep – which is no problem with the 6 ft of legroom for each chair. Just make sure you’re awake for the in-seat service to enjoy light food, drinks, complimentary beer and wine.

The Jet’s service runs year-round between Washington DC and New York City, from city center to city center, every day except Tuesday. Enjoy the luxury and personal space of a private jet with the affordability of a bus with the Jet.

Hampton Luxury Liner

restroom-1.png Bathroom legroom-1.png Legroom water.png Drinks movies.png Movie outlet-1.png Outlets newspaper.png Magazine snack-1.png Snacks usb-1.png USB wifi-1.png WiFi

@sagharbor / Instagram

HIGHLIGHTS: Convenient pick-up/drop-off locations, satellite TV, free water

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Montauk, Southampton

Hampton Luxury Liner offers specialized service from NYC to the Hamptons (which is no surprise given its name). This summer service, which runs Friday to Monday, has 16 seasonal routes between New York City and the Hamptons on Long Island.

The two main New York stops are in Midtown East and the Upper East Side, while the Hampton stops include several Southampton and Montauk, for a total of 4 cities across all routes. Choose your preferred departure and arrival, then sit back and relax with no transfers needed and fewer stops than competitors.

The interior of these luxury buses is designed for total comfort and relaxation, with leather reclining seats, extra legroom, restrooms, and power outlets at every seat. You can also stream direct-to-device videos with free Wi-Fi. 

Vamoose Gold

restroom.png Bathroom legroom.png Extra Legroom movies.png Movie outlet.png Outlets water.png Water wifi.png WiFi

HIGHLIGHTS: Reclining leather seats, free water, outlets at every seat, luggage assistance

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Arlington, Bethesda, Lorton

 For commuters and travelers looking for luxury bus services from New York City to Maryland, Virginia and the D.C. area, traveling with Vamoose Gold is the best option. Vamoose Gold is a premier, business-class coach service, above Vamoose’s typical buses. These coaches depart from Arlington, VA, or Bethesda, MD, and arrive into New York City. Return service leaves New York in the afternoon.

Luxury bus seats are known for their extreme comfort, and Vamoose Gold delivers. With more legroom, complimentary Wi-Fi, a bottle of water, and a flexible ticket-change policy, this fancy bus line is perfect if you’re looking for luxury bus travel from Washington DC to New York City.

BestBus Prime

restroom.png Bathroom legroom.png Legroom movies.png Movie outlet.png Outlets water.png Water usb.png USB wifi.png WiFi green.png Green

HIGHLIGHTS: Free movie streaming, outlets under every seat, wide seats with extra legroom

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Arlington, Bethesda, Lorton

For luxury trips along the eastern seaboard, BestBus Prime is one of the, er … prime options.

BestBus Prime offers luxury bus service to NYC, Washington, D.C., Delaware, and Virginia. With wide leather seats and extra legroom, your trip will be as comfortable as possible. And while reclining in that extra-comfy seat, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, free digital streaming, and electrical outlets adjacent to every seat. They also offer a standard service, BestBus, which forgoes a few amenities (like free water) for a cheaper price and more destinations to choose from.

Red Coach First Class

restroom.png Bathroom legroom.png Extra Legroom movies.png Movie outlet.png Outlets wifi.png WiFi
Interior photo of a Red Coach First Class bus.

HIGHLIGHTS: Plush leather seats, free movie streaming, flat-screen TVs

DESTINATIONS: Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee

Is there any better way to get from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami than reclining on imported leather seats? Red Coach First Class is a luxury bus line with the best service across Florida, like Orlando to Miami.

The difference between business and first class on Red Coach is that there are far more amenities catered to your comfort. For instance, traditional coaches seat 58 people, which can quickly feel crowded. When traveling on Red Coach First Class, you’ll enjoy spacious seating with only 26 other guests, which equals a lot more room for every passenger. Two checked bags and a carry-on are included for no extra fees, and all passengers have access to power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi.

After experiencing exceptional service and views framed by palm trees, you’ll never want to drive yourself again.

Washington Deluxe LUX

restroom.png Bathroom legroom.png Extra Legroom movies.png Movie outlet.png Outlets wifi.png WiFi
Interior of a Washington Deluxe Lux bus.

HIGHLIGHTS: Free movie streaming, oversized captains chair seating, complimentary water

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Washington DC

To make your decision even harder when choosing between luxury transportation options, may we present Washington Deluxe LUX.  

Trips run from New York City to D.C. on roomy buses equipped with Wi-Fi and electrical outlets. Enjoy access to their digital streaming on your own device, free of charge, if you’re in the mood for a movie or some TV.  Washington Deluxe LUX coaches drop passengers off at subway-accessible locations in both New York and D.C. to make your journey as convenient as possible.

Tufesa Ejecutivo

attendant-1.png Attendant restroom-1.png Bathroom legroom-1.png Legroom movies.png Movie outlet-1.png Outlets snack-1.png Snacks wifi-1.png WiFi
Photo of a Tufesa Ejecutivo luxury bus.

HIGHLIGHTS: Individual touchscreens, male and female restrooms, onboard refrigerator 

DESTINATIONS: Tucson, NogalesPhoenix

With service across cities in Mexico and the American Southwest (California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada), Tufesa Ejecutivo is one of the top names in luxury bus travel.

All Ejecutivo buses have a digital movie system, free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets and — perhaps most importantly given their coverage area — air conditioning. Passengers who want to upgrade their trip even further can purchase higher-level tickets to unlock features like snack service, individual video screens, and further reclining seats.

Tripper Bus Elite

restroom-1.png Bathroom legroom-1.png Extra Legroom movies.png Movie outlet-1.png Outlets wifi-1.png WiFi

@tripperbus / Instagram

HIGHLIGHTS: Loyalty reward program, complimentary WiFi, reclining leather seats

DESTINATIONS: New York City, Bethesda, Arlington

Tripper Bus Elite offers first-class style on their luxury buses to New York City, Washington DC, Arlington, and Bethesda.

With only 34 seats instead of the standard 56, you can enjoy extra wide leather seats with bonus legroom, free WiFi, and complimentary streaming of shows and movies directly to your device. Set up your laptop for work (or entertainment) on your personal tray table, or enjoy the New England views as you cruise to your destination.

Other Luxury Bus Carriers

Even though these luxury bus lines didn’t make the main list, they’re still worth checking out – especially if you’re looking for more options down south or on the west coast.

  • Vonlane: This Texas-based company has service between Dallas, Houston, and Austin, with onboard amenities like free WiFi, leather seats, and an attendant to serve complimentary snacks. There’s no better way to travel the Lone Star State!
  • Napaway: For those who prefer to sleep through their trips, Napaway is a perfect choice! With private suites and lie-flat beds, the buses are designed to let you snooze comfortably en route from Washington DC to Nashville.
  • Luxxpress: While this may be more of a luxury shuttle than a fancy bus, Luxxpress is still one of the best ways to travel from LA to Vegas by bus. Plus, they pick up and drop off at multiple points in each city, making it easier to find a convenient destination.

Sometimes bus travel has a certain stigma, but these luxury services go to show that traveling by bus can be as sexy as any other form of transportation. And for the premium quality, it’s cheaper, too! 

For your next trip, instead of taking a plane or train, use Wanderu or the Wanderu app to book a ticket on a luxury bus! With service in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, these luxury buses will help you get anywhere you’re going in style and comfort – without breaking the bank.

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