Turimex Bus: Covering the central USA and Mexico

Turimex BusTurimex has recently upgraded its fleet of buses to bring its customers comfortable and reliable buses that travel all over the mid-south of the United States and northern Mexico. This proud Mexico-based company has brought quality service to customers since 1993, becoming one of the most experienced bus companies around. Popular routes serviced by Turimex include Chicago to Austin, Houston to San Antonio, Dallas to Austin, and Chicago to DallasContinue reading

15 Awesome Things to Do in Vancouver: Summer 2015


Head north of the U.S. border by bus from Seattle to Vancouver this summer to visit one of the busiest and largest ports in Canada! This beautiful city has thousands of sites and activities to offer. We sure do love traveling around the US and seeing what the fifty states have to offer, but we still love traveling to our neighboring countries! If you’re feeling the same way, check out this list of awesome things to do in Vancouver that we have created for you here at Wanderu!

things to do in Vancouver: summer 2015 - Vancouver skyline

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Montreal Visit: 11 Amazing Things To Do

At Wanderu, we love to adventure into the city that we call home, but we also love to explore other cities and check out cool events that they are known for and also not so well-known for. Here are some must-see sites to check out during your Montreal visit. Though we are primarily a search-engine company for bus and train travel within the US, we have partnered with bus companies that travel to Montreal. Montreal visit: Mont Royal

So while you are in Montreal, visit these great attractions!

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12 Most Exciting Things to Do in Atlanta

Stressed out from work and looking to catch some beautiful sun-rays as well as that southern charm and hospitality? Let the Big Peach relieve some of your troubles, with a relaxing trip to the the Empire City of the South!

There are so many things to do in Atlanta and we know a wanderer like yourself will try to hit all the major spots. To take away a bit more of the stress that may come with planning a trip, Wanderu has made a list of things to see in Atlanta – and eat, of course!

Things to See in Atlanta: Skyline

Things to see in Atlanta, Georgia:

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