How to Fall in Love with Atlanta


Atlanta, Georgia isn’t a destination most travelers’ radars, typically overshadowed by Southern gems like Charleston, Nashville and New Orleans. But it’s an ideal stopover on your way south to Florida or really heading any direction. There are more attractions than you might initially realize, and most are within walking distance of one another.

I was born and raised in the Atlanta area and while I didn’t think it was cool growing up, I’ve come to appreciate it as an adult. I love the mix of old and new, specifically historic buildings near street art and murals. And the food is great as well. It’s not just about Southern food anymore (although there’s plenty of it), as you can find all forms of international cuisine here. 

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I Fell in Love with San Francisco on a Bike


San Francisco, a city notorious for its steep hills and foggy weather, might not seem at first glance like the sort of city cyclists would love, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when I first moved to the city two years ago, biking was the reason I fell head over heels for San Francisco.

I didn’t fall in love with San Francisco immediately. My heart was still in Seattle, and though I liked the city, it was a slow burn kind of romance.

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A Love Letter to Minneapolis


It’s February, and the month is full of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day. But love isn’t just limited to affection for people – as any traveler knows, you can fall in love with places, too!

Sometimes, just like with people, it’s love at first sight, and other times it takes a while to notice what was in front of you all along.

To celebrate discovering new destinations that make your heart skip a beat, Wanderu has invited several travel bloggers to share love letters to the places that have captured their hearts.

Up first, find out why Emily fell head over heels for Minneapolis!

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