A Luxury Travel Blog | Summer Bookmarks Awards

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Featured in dozens of travel blogs and interviewed by many other bloggers, Dr. Paul Johnson has created a blog that is truly like no other! His own love of traveling has led to his blog, A Luxury Travel Blog, that “focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just a few.” Even though Dr. Johnson provides information on how to travel luxuriously, he still has experienced, and loved, some of his less luxurious travels, such as going to Greenland and camping in sub-zero conditions. However, being with the beautiful wildlife, scenery and people was a true luxury in his opinion.

As his blog has grown in popularity to being one of the best blogs in the world, he now serves around a quarter of a million of people per month in their journey to travel and experience the world’s most beautiful and fun geography, food, and sites to visit. Be one of the many people to follow Dr. Johnson on Facebook and Twitter (and, of course, his blog) as he highlights luxurious hotels and inns, the finest places to dine, and some of the best activities to do in various cities.