Bus with WiFi, Plugs, Extra Legroom and Even First Class Buses – New Generation of Travel

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Traveling from one place to another is normally the most uncomfortable part of a vacation. People think that bus travel means long hours, seating in small seats, in crowded old buses with no form of entertainment to pass the time and no outlets for you to charge your own electronic entertainment devices; making the trip a never-ending agony. Well for those that have not been on a bus recently they will be surprised how things have changed and are constantly getting better. Finding a bus with wifi, plugs and nice seats is pretty common these days. There are now many better options that meets the necessities of the customers and doesn’t harm the environment or the traveler’s wallet in the process. Well take a look at the the newest buses out there. Just recently Greyhound has made it’s largest purchase of new buses, 220 brand new, fully outfitted buses will be hitting the roads.

bus with wifi plugs

Greyhound is one of several bus companies that have invested recently to assure that their clients get the options they seek on a bus trip. The new buses now offer new features to the customer that guarantee that all aspects of your trip are taking care of; from free access to high-speed wireless internet, plugs for your laptop or smartphone, extra leg room per seat, three-point adjustable safety seat belts, and even a new generation to of significantly greener and fuel-efficient diesel engines. All of these new amenities are offered for the same great price.

But Greyhound is only one of the many companies changing the face of bus travel. Other companies that have also made an effort to make improvements on their fleet of buses are: Megabus, Boltbus, Vamoose and Red Coach. Speaking of Red Coach, did you know that bus travel could be more comfortable than first class flying?

luxury bus  florida

Red Coach Serving Florida with First Class service

You can find all the best bus companies and search them by destinations and even by their features where else but on Wanderu Bus Search and have the trip that you want with the comfort that you deserve for a price you can afford.

One thought on “Bus with WiFi, Plugs, Extra Legroom and Even First Class Buses – New Generation of Travel

  1. Marla Atkins

    I’m wanting to go from Gainsville, Florida to Corbin Ky. I’m having trouble finding the round trip schedule for first class. What are the prices as well ?


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