New Amenities on Buses: WiFi, Power Outlets, Extra Legroom and Even Luxury Buses

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While some people think that traveling from one place to another is the most uncomfortable part of a vacation, there are plenty of reasons to believe otherwise. New and comfy buses packed with amenities keep becoming a more accessible alternative for ground travelers.
In the past, people thought that bus travel meant long hours, sitting in small seats in crowded old buses with no form of entertainment to pass the time and no outlets for you to charge your own electronic devices, making the trip seem like a never-ending agony.

Well, for those of you that have not been on a bus recently, here’s an update on how much bus travel has changed in the past few years

bus with wifi plugs
Amenities on Regular Buses

Things have improved significantly in the bus industry and the services are constantly getting better. Most buses these days have WiFi, power outlets and nice reclinable seats.

Bus companies such as Megabus, Greyhound and BoltBus offer many amenities that meet the necessities of the customers and don’t hurt the traveler’s wallet in the process. Bus services and amenities are much better and the companies are still maintaining fairly low fares.

Luxury Buses

For travelers who are looking to have an even more special treatment during their trips, there are many companies that now offer luxury bus service. Luxury bus travel is the ultimate traveling experience. With amenities such as meals and drinks on board, comfy seats, satellite TV and high-speed internet, first-class bus service is revolutionizing the travel industry. Limoliner, based in Massachusetts, Florida-based Red Coach USA, NYC’s Vamoose Gold and California’s Lux Bus America are some of most popular luxury bus companies that offer premium service in the United States. If you want to learn more about luxury bus options, check this article on our blog.

luxury bus  florida

Red Coach Serving Florida with First Class service

Improvements in Bus Travel

Greyhound is one of several bus companies that have invested recently to assure that their clients get the options they seek on a bus trip. The new buses now offer new features to the customers that guarantee that all aspects of your trip are taken care of: from free access to high-speed wireless internet, power outlets for your laptop or smartphone, and extra leg room per seat to three-point adjustable safety seat belts and even a new generation of significantly greener and fuel-efficient diesel engines. All of these new amenities are offered for the same price.

But Greyhound is only one of the many companies changing the face of bus travel. Other companies that have also made an effort to make improvements on their fleet of buses are Megabus, Boltbus, Vamoose and Red Coach.

You can find all the best bus companies and search them by destination and even filter them by their features on Wanderu. You can book your tickets in minutes and take exactly the trip that you want with the comfort that you deserve.

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    I’m wanting to go from Gainsville, Florida to Corbin Ky. I’m having trouble finding the round trip schedule for first class. What are the prices as well ?

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