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Greyhound Promo Codes & Discounts: How To Save Every Time

These days, everything seems to be getting pricier- travel included. But just because you’re tightening your budget doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Switching from planes to bus travel can save you hundreds of bucks per trip, but we want to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Here at Wanderu, we want to make it easy to save some cash. So, for fans of Greyhound, here are some tips and tricks to save you some money and the scoop on obtaining a Greyhound Promo Code.

Recent Greyhound deals on Wanderu:

Bus & train prices are based on the average cost of a one-way ticket for the respective route available on Wanderu over a 30-day period. 

Greyhound Promo Codes and $1 Tickets

So, let’s get the obvious question out of the way first: is it possible to get a Greyhound promo code? The short answer is yes.

There are Greyhound Promo Codes for bus travelers to take advantage of, but most of them have stipulations. For example, Greyhound offers cheap tickets between select cities such as Philadelphia and Atlantic City for only $15 with select codes. The best way to find these is to either snoop around the web or go to the official Greyhound website and go to the “Deals and Discounts” page, where they list all of the current promotions they have going on.

Make sure to check frequently to maximize your discount, and get the most up-to-date Greyhound Promo Code available.

Web-only Fares

A Greyhound promo code doesn’t always offer the cheapest deal available when scheduling a trip. Sometimes, the web-only fare is almost $8 cheaper than the fare applied with a Greyhound promo code. Why is this the case? Greyhound isn’t unique among bus carriers in wanting customers to order online, but they do incentivize travelers by offering pretty big discounts, especially if you book far enough in advance.

On Wanderu, we simply show the cheapest tickets available as our default search setting, so that will take care of itself when searching for Greyhound buses on our site. In other words, you don’t need a Greyhound coupon if you book through Wanderu because we always find the lowest available fares and promo codes don’t apply to them.

General Saving Tips

As with all bus carriers, the key to getting cheap bus tickets on Wanderu or Greyhound is to start searching far enough in advance where the particular bus still has most of the seats available.

If you’re unsure about a date but you know for certain you’re going to make the trip, perhaps buy bus tickets for two separate weekends instead of just one. Not only does this give you options to choose from when you get closer to your trip, but it also will most likely save you money compared to waiting until the last minute to book just one ticket.

Greyhound also offers rates for as low as $1 when you book online, so start thinking about your next trip early and you might just be the lucky one to catch a ride for a buck and not even need a Greyhound promo code!

Compare Greyhound deals to some of those offered by FlixBus and OurBus. Enjoy your travels!

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