Megabus Promo Code & Coupons – Snag $1 Bus Tickets

Whether you’re traveling from Boston to New York or from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you’ll want to snag a great deal on Megabus tickets. If you’ve traveled with Megabus before, or if you have friends who have traveled with Megabus, then you’ve probably heard about the elusive Megabus promo code.

Where does one find one? Are they worth searching for? Do they even exist? Well, there is good news – Megabus promo codes are real! You can find affordable bus tickets if you just do a little bit of digging, we’ll tell you how below.

Best Megabus Deals Recently Found on Wanderu

Route Lowest Price
Best Travel
Boston – New York $1 Tuesday See more
Washington, DC – New York $1 Sunday See more
Toronto – New York $1 Sunday See more
Washington, DC – Philadelphia $1 Tuesday See more
Philadelphia – New York $1 Saturday See more
Buffalo – New York $17 Tuesday See more
Pittsburgh – New York $29 Saturday See more
Baltimore – New York $1 Thursday See more
Syracuse – New York $1 Tuesday See more
Miami – Orlando $1 Saturday See more
Atlanta – Washington, DC $17 Monday See more
Las Vegas – Los Angeles $2 Saturday See more
San Francisco – Los Angeles $1 Tuesday See more
Miami – Tampa $2 Saturday See more
Boston – Washington, DC $14 Saturday See more
Toronto – Washington, DC $25 Wednesday See more
San Jose – Los Angeles $1 Wednesday See more
Rochester – New York $1 Wednesday See more
Burbank – San Francisco $6 Wednesday See more
Washington, DC – Charlotte $5 Wednesday See more

*Lowest price for a one-way Megabus trip on this route found on Wanderu within the last 30 days.
**Best day to travel to score cheap Megabus tickets.

Types & Benefits of MegaBus Promo Codes

When you search for the phrases, Megabus promo code and Megabus coupon, chances are you’re on the hunt for a great deal for your weekend bus ticket. When traveling with Megabus, you’ll find different types of promo codes — from $1 tickets to others from partner websites. Here are some of the top benefits that you’ll receive when redeeming a MegaBus promo code:

  1. Low price or free tickets
  2. Overnight stays at your favorite hotels
  3. Premium discounts and deals

Many of these Megabus promo codes are only made available after making a purchase from one of Megabus’ partners. You don’t have to purchase an item in person to get access to a Megabus promo code. In fact, many of these are made available after online purchases. Ultimately, they’ll help you reduce the cost of your travel and get you to your destination in a way that is fast and affordable.

Megabus Promo Code: Best Way to Find $1 Tickets

Everyone who books their tickets online with Megabus or Wanderu is searching for the $1 ticket. Some have lived the dream of the cheap trip, while others scour Wanderu and Megabus for hours hoping to find the famous dollar ticket!

But few people know how to reserve the elusive $1 ticket. Here are some strategies to find a Megabus deal on Wanderu:

  1. Book 2-4 weeks in advance, or earlier.
  2. Keep flexible arrival and departure dates.
  3. Book regional travel.

For the best way to discover the cheapest fares from your hometown, including $1 and $5 bus tickets, check out Explore by Wanderu, our explorer search tool that allows you to find the best bus and train deals based on your location and budget.

How to Use MegaBus Coupons

Once you’ve received your Megabus promo code, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s easy to use online! All you need to do is go to and find the Megabus trip you’d like to book and then, once you get to the checkout form, click on the “Add Redemption Code” button where you will be able to enter your code.

Why does Megabus offer these $1 tickets?

You might be thinking to yourself, well how can Megabus afford to offer these unbelievably inexpensive prices? $1 deals are a great way for MegaBus to encourage passengers to travel to their favorite destinations and try out their coach buses. It gives passengers the opportunity to try out their services and existing passengers an incentive to keep their eyes peeled for a Megabus promo code.

Are Megabus promo codes applicable to all routes?

Since the price of a route varies based on the date you book and popularity, finding a Megabus promo code for certain routes can be challenging. Booking a day ahead of time on a Friday night bus during a peak travel weekend isn’t going to be cheap — and it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a Megabus promo code.

When is the best time to find a Megabus deal?

Megabus deals are easiest to find when few tickets have been booked on the bus. To take advantage of this, book as well in advance as possible. Let’s say you’re not sure what weekend in December you’re going to travel on, but you want to plan ahead. If it’s May, why not take the plunge and buy tickets for two weekends?

By booking far out, you make sure that tickets are at their cheapest price. By the time your plans are set in stone, the tickets could be super expensive and possibly unavailable. Combined with buying in advance, booking off peak times is the other key to the $1 Megabus tickets.

If you’re able to travel at a less popular time, then you’ll have the opportunity to snag a Megabus promo code. Less traveled routes are going to fill up slowly, so the $1 Megabus tickets stay up for grabs longer. On the other hand, for popular routes — you can never book too early.

Remember that no unique Megabus coupon is required to snag a $1 deal. Megabus $1 tickets are offered on everyday routes and times.

Other Types of Megabus Promo Codes

One of the most popular times that Megabus offers a promo code to riders is when they open new routes around the country. If you’re a longtime Megabus user, then you might remember back in 2013 when Megabus offered 10,000 customers $1 tickets to celebrate launching their service in Texas.

Recently, Megabus expanded their promo code offers to include a low price seat each Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday in 28 major cities.

How to Find Other Cheap Bus Tickets on Wanderu

One of the great things about Wanderu is that travelers are able to find the cheapest tickets not just for Megabus but also for many other popular carriers like Greyhound and BoltBus.

Whether or not you’re able to find the elusive Megabus promo code on Wanderu, you’ll be able to take a trip for an affordable price. Cheap tickets to New York and other cities are abundant right now if purchased early enough. Now is the perfect time to plan a fun weekend.