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Wanderu’s Favorite Summer Travel Blogs 2016

Craving some travel inspiration? Look no further!

Are you itching to go on a trip around the country (or the world)? Look no further than these Wanderu-bookmarked bloggers, whose travels might motivate you to finally book that trip of a lifetime! While these bloggers all focus on exploring incredible destinations, their individual interests vary from luxury trips to family vacations to solo travel around the globe. You’ll find the best tips for your next voyage, no matter where you’re going or who is coming along with you!

Instead of relying on the same old travel guides, check out the insider tips that Wanderu’s handpicked blogs provide. You’ll feel like you’re reading along with an old friend – a friend who knows all of the expert advice for cities on every continent! They’ll have you laughing as they navigate some ridiculous travel situations, and feeling like a local as they show you the best under-the-radar places in cities you’ve dreamed of visiting.

These wanderers will inspire you to embark on your travel dreams whether they’re in the next state or in another country! Let Wanderu’s favorite bloggers lead the way as you explore the next place on your travel bucket list. Traveling shouldn’t mean doing everything by the book. It’s time for exploring… and maybe even getting a little lost. Read along with these adventuresome bloggers in Wanderu’s Favorite Summer Travel Blogs of 2016, and discover parts of the world that will truly amaze you!

Around the World “L”

Around the World “L” is a fabulous resource for people traveling solo or with children, demonstrating that no matter what your circumstances, exploring the world is always a great decision.
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C’est Christine

By managing to travel while maintaining a full-time job, paying rent and keeping a relationship, Christine shows that a travel lifestyle is attainable for all.
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The Constant Rambler

The Constant Rambler boasts breathtaking photo stories, countless travel tips, including how best to travel with dogs, and many valuable travel guides to different areas across North America.
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The Cultureur

Filled with information about the finest hotels, restaurants, and cultural elements, The Cultureur shares everything that delights and inspires blogger Nyssa during her travels across the United States and around the world.
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d travels ’round

Prepare to be inspired by Diana’s exciting travel tales of life with the elephants in Thailand and time spent living in Madrid. Now back to the U.S. and living in Vegas, she’s still traveling, both domestically and abroad.
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The Everywhereist

The driving force behind The Everywhereist, Geraldine, is witty and brutally honest in her posts, and is also not afraid of saying “that’s right, she went there” with her jokes, but also her trips!
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Finding the Universe

From Yosemite and London to Sri Lanka and Cambria, wherever you are going, Finding the Universe’s Laurence and Jessica are here to help with all things planning for your best trip yet!
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hej doll

Featuring posts that will entice you to check out breathtaking spots in California and Alaska, as well as international destinations like Denmark, Iceland, and Mexico, hej doll is a fantastic resource for aspiring travelers who want to look and feel good.
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Hike, Bike, Travel

Leigh McAdams followed her love to travel after giving up her career as a geologist, dietitian and small business owner. While pursuing her wanderlust, she developed a new love along the way: photography.
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Indiana Jo

Having covered fifty countries in four years, Indiana Jo has become an expert at having the adventure on a budget. This travel and adventure blog will inspire and inform you about the best things to do (and not do), foods to eat, and sites to see!
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The Midwestival

Traveling in the Midwest is not only doable and family-friendly, but can also be extremely exciting. Along with 23 contributing writers, The Midwestival’s Annie D’Souza has chronicled travels throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, and more!
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Mike’s Road Trip

Take a trip into Mike Shubic’s world of adventure through his travel blog, Mike’s Road Trip. Don’t let the name fool you, though! With a number of stories of trips within the U.S., Mike is here to give you the nitty gritty for your travels outside of the country as well!
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The Professional Hobo

From years of financial planning and now many wonderful years of traveling, The Professional Hobo’s Nora Dunn has the tools and experiences to travel in a financially sustainable way that she wants to share with you today.
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Seattle’s Travels

Check out travel blogger Seattle’s unique blog that is full of trips all around the globe and thrilling activities that she has indulged into, such as camel riding, bungee jumping, and zip-lining, just to name a few.
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Staffo Dobrev

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