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Wanderu is the best way to find cheap travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Compare bus and train tickets in order to a convenient time and low price for your next trip. When booking your bus tickets with Wanderu, use the sorting features to find your favorite bus carriers and the quickest bus from LA to Vegas.

Find a bus departing from and arriving at the Greyhound Station, or Megabus and Lux Bus stops in both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. From no booking fees to the lowest, you’ll love reserving your LA to Vegas bus tickets with Wanderu!

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Los Angeles to Las Vegas: Greyound, Megabubus, and Lux Bus

On Wanderu, you’ll find three departing stations for your bus travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. If you’re traveling on a budget, then the most affordable bus to take from LA to Vegas is Greyhound. All Greyhound buses depart from the Los Angeles Greyhound Station at 1716 East 7th Street and arrive in Las Vegas at 200 Main Street.

For a slightly less expensive and more comfortable bus, consider taking Megabus. The Los Angeles Megabus bus stop is actually located at Union Station in downtown LA. The stop is accessible from multiple different forms of public transportation, including the Metro, Red, Purple, Gold and Silver lines. The arrival location is perfect if you don’t want to travel far to a hotel or casino. The bus drops you off at the South Strip Bus Terminal in Las Vegas.

If you’re traveling to Las Vegas, then you might as well travel in style! The most comfortable LA to Vegas bus is with Lux Bus — a luxury bus travel company providing high quality service and extra space during your trip. All Lux Bus trips from Los Angeles to Las Vegas depart from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel near West Hollywood.

Regardless of which bus you choose to take from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, below you’ll find our favorite things to do while visiting the city!

15 Fun & Affordable Things to Do in Las Vegas

Play Pinball Until You Pass Out

Founder Tim Arnold of The Pinball Hall brought nearly 1,000 pinball machines with him when he moved from Michigan to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club has curated his pinball machines into a space just down the road from The Strip. Keeping his original vision alive, the Pinball Hall is not just a place where you can see vintage pinball machines, but also a place where you can play them!

Dig Through the Dirt with Massive Tractors

For children who enjoy playing with toy tractors and adults who miss their days of playing in the dirt, Dig This gives almost everyone the opportunity to drive a climate-controlled bulldozer or excavator. You can build huge mounts of dirt, push tires around, dig trenches, and play bucket basketball while riding in these tractors. An in-cab orientation will help you get familiar with the machinery, as well as a set of warm-up activities.

Light Up the Night at the Neon Museum

History buffs should treat themselves to the Neon Museum, which features restored Las Vegas signs that capture Sin City’s bright past. Nine iconic Las Vegas signs are displayed as public art and can be viewed as a self-guided tour twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you’re looking for something interesting to do late at night, then head on over to the Neon Museum where you’ll see signs from the Lucky Cuss Motel, Bow & Arrow Motel, and the legendary Hacienda horse rider.

Experience the Taste of Hawaii

Las Vegas might be the last place you would expect a Hawaiian restaurant, but Makai Pacific Island Grill has everything from ono to poke. It’s the place where you can get a dish that makes you feel like your back home in Hawaii or taking a vacation to the island for the first time. They have everything from pulehu steak, kalua pig, garlic edamame, and mochiko chicken.

Chow Down on Arepas

These delicious corn-stuffed Venezuelan-style arepas from Viva Las Arepas are the perfect option for lunch or dinner. From wood fired beef to vegetarian arepas stuffed with black beans and avocado, you’ll love the rich flavors from this restaurant. Pair your arepas with fried yucca root or tostones to make the ultimate meal. Choose from frescolita, malta polar, or soursop if you’d like a drink to go with your dish too.

Celebrate the Fusion

Sometimes mashing two cultures together can create tasty dishes, which is what you’ll find at KoMex. This Korean and Mexican fusion pairs together classic bulgogi with nachos, tacos, burritos, and so much more. From pork belly musubi to tortas, you’ll definitely find something on the menu that’s intriguing. Started by a family that was foermerly in the Mexican meat market for 20 years, this restaurant is a natural evolution of the diverse cultures found in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Lounge in the Front, Dance in the Back

There are a lot of nightclubs in Las Vegas, so finding one that is authentic and matches your dancing style can take a little work. If you’re ready to push past the top hits club music, then check out The Griffin. This bar not only has delicious drinks and a dark, lounge vibe, but in the back you’ll also find a pretty lively EDM dance scene. You don’t have to dance to enjoy this bar though, as there are plenty of flavorful drinks and craft beers to go around.

Dance to Your Favorite DJs

If you’re looking to see some big names in the EDM world, then XS Las Vegas is your place to go. With affordable tickets and an impressive list of DJs, from David Guetta to Diplo, this club has some of the best dance music Vegas has to offer. The impressive stage is surrounded by a large dance floor and comfortable lounge chairs where you can relax when you need a break from dancing.

Listen to Hip Hop

Not all of Las Vegas has been taken over by the EDM scene; in fact, there are a few gems left that incorporate the best of hip-hop. The Bank Nightclub at The Bellagio is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for the latest in hip-hop. This club mixes the best of chart-topping DJs and live performances to create one of the most unique club experiences in Las Vegas. It’s special focus on hospitality sets this nightclub apart from all the rest.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Not all unexpected things to do in Las Vegas are outside of the Strip; in fact, there are plenty of enjoyable sights to see downtown. Most people know that the Bellagio Hotel is famous for its lobby installation of Chihuly glass; however, less people know about the decadence of the conservatory and botanical gardens. Each season, designers and horticulturalists collaborate to create 14,000-square-feet of indoor floral decorations. Regardless of what season you visit, you’ll find native and exotic plants and trees on display. If you need somewhere quiet to sit, then breath in the fresh air and take in the sights of the botanical garden.

Life is Beautiful Festival

For festival lovers, don’t rule out the possibility of participating the Las Vegas festival scene. The Life is Beautiful Festival is a combination of music, art, food, and more. The festival is typically held late September and is the perfect opportunity to see your favorite artists, including past performers like Hozier and Rebelution. If you are traveling to the festival in order to experience art or ideas, then you’ll be happy to know that past speakers include Bill Nye and Kat Graham. Traveling to Las Vegas during this time is a nice way to meet likeminded people during your travels.

Check Out the Local Film Scene

From Saturday midnight showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show to $1 tickets on Tuesday, Tropicana Cinemas is an independent theater in Las Vegas that you’ll want to visit on your trip. You can see both new movies and others that were previously in the movie theater, so it’s perfect for seeing your favorite old movies. It’s one of the most affordable movie theaters in Las Vegas and nice to visit if you’re traveling on a budget.

Jump into the Sky

There are lots places where you can go if you’re looking for something fun to do, but Sky Zone is great if you’re traveling with a group or your family. You can book cheap tickets to Sky Zone and bounce around on their indoor trampoline park all night. From basketball nets to angled trampoline walls, you can bounce around no matter your age.

Las Vegas Foodie Fest

Scheduling your travel plans around interesting festivals is a great way to see another side of a city. The Great American Foodie Fest happens in Las Vegas every year. If you’re a lover of American classics, then you’ll enjoy this food festival. You’ll get a feel of the local restaurant scene and have an opportunity to try out everything from sushi burritos to Ethiopian food. If you find it difficult to decide which restaurant to go to while you’re visiting Las Vegas, then why not sample a dish from each one while you’re at the Las Vegas Foodie Fest.

First Friday Las Vegas

If you’re passionate about seeing local art wherever you travel, then you shouldn’t miss First Friday while you’re in Las Vegas. Aside from artists, you’ll also find plenty of local food trucks and vendors. You’ll find First Friday events taking place in three main areas of the city, 18B Arts District, Fremont Entertainment District, and the Smith Center. All three of these locations provide everything from coffee shops, new restaurants and bars, as well as music and entertainment.

How to Get Around in Las Vegas

Traveling by bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is a great way to save money on your Vegas vacation. Before arriving on The Strip, it’s best to know how you’ll get around the city. At Wanderu, we know that booking your tickets from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is just the first step to your vacation. Below, you’ll find more information about how to get around town once you arrive in Las Vegas, so you can make the most of your trip!

Fortunately, once you arrive in Las Vegas, you’ll find plenty of transportation options. The city is convenient to explore on foot, so if you plan to stay around Las Vegas Boulevard, then you won’t need to rely on public transportation. Many of the hotels are located near one another, making it easy to see many of the most well known attractions, including the Fountains of Bellagio.

Greyhound Las Vegas: The Greyhound Las Vegas bus stop is conveniently located across the street from the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel, which is located a few blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard. If you’re staying on or near The Strip, then you can simply walk to your destination or take a local taxi.

BoltBus: When traveling to Las Vegas with BoltBus, you can choose from three different drop-off locations, which are all conveniently located within walking distance of the main attractions.

Megabus Las Vegas: If you’re traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with Megabus, then you’ll get dropped off at the McCarran International Airport, where you can take a group shuttle to many of the downtown hotels and resorts.

Tufesa International: Another popular bus line that travels between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is Tufesa International, which drops passengers off fairly close to downtown. Once you arrive at the Tufesa International Terminal, walk out onto South M.L.K Boulevard, where you can take local transportation to your final destination.

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