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Find the best deals on train tickets from El Paso to Austin on Wanderu. Wanderu searches hundreds of bus and train companies to find you the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable bus and train tickets to Austin. El Paso to Austin schedules are served by Amtrak Train, Tornado Bus Company. Book your train tickets from El Paso to Austin in under a minute. We only list the safest and most reputable bus and train companies, so you are sure to have a perfect trip. Depart El Paso from 700 W San Francisco Ave, Tornado Bus Station, Greyhound Bus Station and arrive in Austin at Greyhound Station - 916 E Koenig Ln, 250 N Lamar Blvd, Megabus Austin Stop.

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When reserving your trip with Wanderu, you'll find low prices on trains across the US, Canada and Europe. If you want to see even more options, Wanderu can also help you browse deals for a bus from El Paso to Austin, ensuring that you're able to find the perfect schedule and price your trip.

Tornado Bus Company is a leading bus company that operates buses in Texas, Florida, Arkansas, IllinoisNorth Carolina and others in the US and as well as in MatamorosReynosa and several other Mexican states.

Amtrak is USA's premier train carrier. Serving both the coasts as well as taking travelers from east to west and back, amtrak is both a convenient and comfortable way to travel.