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Tornado Bus Company - Schedules, Routes and Tickets Guide

Tornado Bus Company is one of the well-renowned bus services operating in southern American states and northern Mexican states. The company has a fairly large fleet of buses providing non-stop bus transportation to passengers in a number of states in the USA including Texas, Florida, Arkansas, IllinoisNorth Carolina and  in MatamorosReynosa and several destinations in Mexico as well.


With its frequent bus schedules Tornado Bus services are quite flexible and can fit anyone’s traveling needs. The Tornado buses are operated by a professional staff that caters to the needs of its passengers in a friendly and welcoming manner. This is why it has been successful in service since its launch in 1993.

Popular Tornado Bus Company bus routes:

Tornado Bus Company

To buy Tornado Bus tickets simply search on Wanderu where you will be able to find all the schedules of Tornado Bus Company and compare Tornado Bus services to other high-quality bus and train options. You can select your desired dates of travel and compare the prices of Tornado Bus tickets by date and time. The already flexible Tornado Bus schedules also have special promotions that are offered from time to time, allowing you to book a trip with Tornado Bus Company at even lower fares.


The wide range of Tornado Bus routes will caters to many popular travel destinations, with its network spread across US states of Texas, Illinois, Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee and several others including service across the border and into Mexico.


Popular Tornado Bus Routes:

Whether you want to go around the state or take a long trip right across the border, you can rely on Tornado Bus Company for great transportation services at reasonable prices. Some of the popular Tornado Bus routes have been listed below:


Houston to Dallas

Brownsville to Nashville

Waco to Houston

Houston to Raleigh

Atlanta to Chicago

Homestead to San Antonio

Houston to Monterrey


Amenities on Tornado Bus:

All the buses in operation on Tornado Bus routes are new and offer modern amenities to keep passengers happy during their travels. The buses have clean and comfortable seats that allow passengers to have a pleasant journey, whether for a short trip within the state or a long trip from the USA to Mexico. The company has a very generous luggage allowance which means you can pack comfortably for a long trip. The biggest selling point, however, is definitely the cheap rates Tornado Bus Company offers for popular routes.


WiFi Service on the Tornado Bus Service:

On all Tornado Bus schedules within the United States, the company provides free WiFi service to all its passengers. This allows passengers to be connected on the go, whether they have to send emails, use social media or enjoy other online entertainment.


Seat Selection on Tornado Bus:

Like any good bus service, passengers are allowed to select a seat of their preference on all Tornado Bus routes. This can be particularly useful for passengers traveling in groups, allowing them to be seated next to their friends or family during the trip.


Tornado Bus Luggage Policy:

Each passenger is allowed to take two checked bags with them on the bus, weighing a maximum of 50 pounds in total. If you want to bring additional luggage with you then the company charges extra luggage fee of $10. The baggage must be tagged with complete contact and identification information of the passenger on each checked baggage item as per the government regulations. Transportation of prohibited items is also not allowed on the bus and detailed information about the list of prohibited items can be found on the Tornado Bus Company website.


Children traveling on Tornado Bus:

The company has a very strict policy on children traveling on any of the Tornado Bus routes. To be able to travel alone, a child must be 16 years of age. For any child falling below that age, limit, it is mandatory that an adult aged 17 or above accompany them.


In addition, the company also offers discounted rates for younger children. For any child that is between 3 and 9 years of age, the company offers a reduced rate along with an adult who is traveling on a full fare Tornado Bus ticket. For children under the age of two who are with an adult and not occupying a seat, there is no charge at all, meaning they can travel for free.


Personal Identification Required:

Each passenger is required to have their government issued personal identification present with them at all time while traveling aboard Tornado Bus. Appropriate immigration passage is also required for traveling across the border. If a passenger is detained by the authorities and denied entry into thecountry, the bus service is not responsible for the occurrence of such an event and does not entertain any requests for refunds.


Accessibility on Tornado Bus:

The staff of Tornado Bus Company are professional and work hard to keep its customers satisfied. The company ensures the accessibility and satisfaction disabled passengers in accordance with government regulations. To find full details regarding the services available for disabled individuals and regulations, the company can be contacted at 1 (469) 227 2652.


Charter Service offered by Tornado Bus Company:

The Tornado Bus Company has a fully functioning charter service that can be used for trips and other traveling purposes that involves a large group of people. The charter service is customized to fulfill the requirements of the chartering party and interested parties can contact the company on their toll number where they can discuss their requirements in detail with the company representatives.


Tornado Bus Refund Policy:

Tornado Bus Company does not issue refund for any tickets purchased online. For tickets purchased in person the passengers are bound to change their traveling plans or cancel their tickets at least two hours before the departure time of the reserved trip. All tickets are non-refundable less than two hours from departure of the reserved bus schedule.


About Tornado Bus Company:

Tornado Bus Company is a well-known bus services operating in the southern states of the USA. With its origin going back to the 1993, the company has established itself as a leading bus carrier operating bus routes between several states and even across the border into Mexico. With its affordable ticket fares, high-quality customer service, and enjoyable onboard amenities, the company is the bus transport of choice for thousands of travelers every day.

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Popular cities served by Tornado Bus Company

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  • Houston

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