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6 Tips for Booking Cheap Train Travel Online

1. Traveling across the United States and Canada by train is the best way to see North America. On Wanderu, you can book train tickets from major carriers like Amtrak, Acela and VIA Rail. We bring together the best routes, schedules, and prices so you can easily compare train tickets to your favorite destinations. Book tickets to and from major train stations and find the most convenient travel itinerary for your next vacation. If you’re looking for cheap train tickets, you’ll find our favorite tips and tricks for finding the best train deals when booking on Wanderu!

2. Reserve a Seat Early - The most affordable train tickets are available earlier rather than later. By booking your train tickets early, you’ll avoid high prices and increase the likelihood that you’ll be able to reserve a seat with your preferred train company. Whether you’re traveling with Amtrak or VIA Rail, the best price train tickets are available at least 2 weeks before your departure date.

3. Travel During Less Busy Times - The busiest times for train travel are during Friday evening and Sunday afternoon, when the majority of travelers are headed out on a weekend getaway. It’s also very busy during weekday mornings, while most commuters are traveling to work. Leave mid-morning or early afternoon on Thursday, Friday, or Sunday to avoid high train ticket fares. By traveling during off-peak hours, you’ll not only reduce the cost of travel, but you’ll also enjoy your travel experience with more room to stretch out. With Amtrak and VIA Rail, you’ll quickly get to your destination and bypass the weekend traffic.

4. Book Tickets to Nearby Train Stations - Some cities have multiple train stations for arrivals and departures. Snag a deal to your next destination by using flexible departure and arrival locations. With multiple Amtrak and VIA Rail stops, you’ll easily find nearby stations for you to choose from. If you’re arriving at a different train station than you originally anticipated, make sure that public transportation or a taxi is available nearby!

5. Book from Different Companies - Whether you’re traveling to the next state for the weekend or looking to travel across the country, choosing from different companies is a great way to reduce the cost of train travel. Select a trip itinerary that includes a mix of both bus and train or choose from two different trains, especially if you’re traveling to Canada. This will help you reduce the overall cost of your trip, so you can spend more on enjoying yourself on vacation.

6. Follow Along for Special Deals - If you’re interested in regular updates about low fares and deals on tickets from train companies like Amtrak and VIA Rail, then follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. We send out regular updates that include cheap train tickets to hundreds of destinations!

At Wanderu, we’re dedicated to helping you book cheap train tickets so you can travel to your favorite destinations. Whether you’re booking in advance or planning to leave mid-week, you’ll find affordable train tickets. And by following these tips, you’ll find the lowest price on train tickets!