Greyhound and Peter Pan bus routes

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InGreyhound_Prevost_X3-45_(2009_scheme) Northeast United States, Greyhound and Peter Pan combine their efforts on many major routes like Boston to NYC or NYC to Worcester to bring you more schedules every day and added travel flexibility.PeterPanJ

Greyhound and Peter Pan collaborating in such a fashion means that when you purchase a ticket for one of these pooled routes, you will get either a Greyhound or a Peter Pan bus and are not guaranteed a particular one. Both bus carriers are equipped with WiFi, outlets, bathrooms and many other standard features.

You can buy any of these pooled routes right on and also see many other options for the route you are traveling.


Here are some of the most popular routes that Greyhound and Peter Pan share:

Baltimore to New York City Philadelphia to New York City
Boston to Hartford Providence to New York City
Boston to New York City Springfield, MA to Hartford
Boston to Philadelphia Springfield, MA to New York City
Boston to Providence Washington DC to Baltimore
Hartford to New York City Washington DC to New York City