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4h 50m
$24.00 Greyhound
Vancouver, BC, CA
Seattle, WA, US
4h 25m
$22.50 Greyhound
Vancouver, BC, CA
Seattle, WA, US
$23.00 BoltBus
Vancouver, BC, CA
Seattle, WA, US
$20.00 BoltBus
Vancouver, BC, CA
Seattle, WA, US

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Wanderu is your cheap travel solution for booking Vancouver to Seattle bus tickets. With Wanderu you can compare all the bus schedules to Seattle by price, travel time, and other unique sorting capabilities. Book now, and you can get from Vancouver to Seattle in no time at all on bus lines that include BoltBus, Greyhound Bus Lines, Amtrak Train. Depart Vancouver from Pacific Central Station - 1150 Station St and arrive in Seattle at Victoria Clipper Ferry - 2701 Alaskan Way, 5th Ave S and S King St, Greyhound Station - 503 S Royal Brougham Way. Wanderu aggregates trips from the most trusted and popular bus and train carriers in the country to bring you hundreds of options at the click of a mouse.

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When reserving your trip with Wanderu, you'll find low prices on buses across the world! If you need to get to your destination in a hurry, then we have plenty of options. Reserve your seat on a train from Vancouver to Seattle and bypass traffic on the way to your next destination.

BoltBus serves major cities in the northeastern and northwestern US. It has new buses, outlets and extra legroom. What about $1 tickets? Yup! Those too! See the BoltBus Coupon guide.

Greyhound Bus Lines is the largest bus carrier in the US. Spanning all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast, they cover over 1000 cities all over the United States.

Amtrak is USA's premier train carrier. Serving both the coasts as well as taking travelers from east to west and back, amtrak is both a convenient and comfortable way to travel.