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Greyhound Express gets you to your destination faster! Greyhound Express serves cities including New York, Washington, DC, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, El Paso, and Los Angeles, and you can get where you’re going with few or no stops along the way.

Greyhound Express also features reclining leather seats, power outlets and Wi-Fi, to make your trip as comfortable as it is quick!

Popular Greyhound Express Schedules

greyhound express schedule

Greyhound Express Celebrates One Year Achievements

Greyhound Express is one of the many new features Greyhound has been rolling out.

8 thoughts on “Greyhound Express Bus Schedules to Boston & Washington DC

    1. Karina Barriga Albring

      Hello Linda, thanks for visiting Wanderu. Unfortunately, we do not have that route in our system at the moment.

  1. taha

    hey there, i am planning to travel from houston to louisville in the end of january 2016, what will the cheapest way to go in the shortest time. any suggestions are welcome

    1. Kate Sedrowski


      Thank you for reaching out and for choosing Wanderu! The best way to find and book your ticket from Houston to Louisville is to use our search at There, you can enter the dates you are looking to travel on in January and, after you hit the Search button, you will see all available trips and can find which one is the cheapest with the shortest travel time.

      Let me know if you have any more questions, and happy travels!

  2. saeed

    I am planning to have a travel bus from Washington DC to Altalnta,Gorgia. I need the schedule and the boarding place. since it is my first visit to the US, I wonder if I could get some help from u

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