Greyhound Route Map – Greyhound Line Bus Routes

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Greyhound Route Map circa 1935. Shows the widespread of the national Greyhound Lines routes even in those days.

greyhound bus route


***For Greyhound Chicago Stations, please explore this guide***

Below is the current and latest Greyhound Route map which is very useful when planning complicated national trips requiring more than one leg. Of course with the Wanderu bus search, finding a trip between any two points no matter how complicated is simple. You tell us where and when and Wanderu instantly routes through hundred of routes and schedules. It’s still very cool to see all the big cities and small towns that Greyhound covers and this is not including Greyhound Express. Makes you want to get out and do a road trip.

greyhound route map bus


Greyhound route map  – in pdf to study and plan your next adventure.

14 thoughts on “Greyhound Route Map – Greyhound Line Bus Routes

  1. Lev M

    Good question!

    Unfortunately, many popular cross country travel service providers, such as Boltbus, Megabus and Amtrak, do not currently serve Jackson Hole, WY or the surrounding region. The coach provider Greyhound does provide a service between these locations. It is a fairly lengthy journey at 2,375 miles (approximately 34 hours of continuous driving if travelling by car). For this trip with Greyhound, depart at 7:35PM on September 11th. The journey has fifty-two stops and six transfers, and takes three days, eleven hours and fifty-five minutes. Your estimated arrival time for the journey is 5:30AM on Sunday, September 15th. The shortest return journey departs at 7:30AM on September 21st. The return journey has forty-two stops and six transfers and takes an estimated three days, six hours and twenty minutes. The total cost of the round-trip ticket will be $430.40 as a “Web Only Fare”. To purchase the ticket, visit and enter Melbourne, FL into the “Leaving From” box and Jackson, WY in the “Going To” box.

    All the best during your journey!

  2. W Lac

    I need to arrive at Jackson Hole Wyoming on Sept 15 from Melbourne FL and Leave Jackson Hole WY on Sept 21 back to Melbourne. Is there a close point to Jackson Hole and what is the cost. Thanks

  3. John Hervey

    Hey Jeremy,

    Greyhound will drop you off at 1901 Atlantic Avenue. From there, its a 12 minute walk to the Super 8. You can check out directions .

    Hope you have a good trip!

  4. jeremy

    im going to atlantic city from easton pa and im trying to find out where im getting drop of at. im leaving sunday july 28 at 850 am on the gli 7955. going on vaction and i dont drive got a room at the super8 on tennessee ave need to know how close ill be to there

  5. John Hervey

    He Anne-Karine,

    We’ve received quite a few requests from brave cross country travelers, looking for good stops in the US. In response, we’ll be debuting a new article series that highlights worthwhile destinations in transportation hubs across the country.The first article is coming soon, so please check back to get some ideas for your (awesome sounding) trip!

  6. Anne-Karine Fjetland

    I am a Norwegian and plan to travel coast-to-coast USA by bus later this summer.
    The first distance would be from New York to Washington DC on August 21.
    I will leave Washington DC on Friday August 23, and would be grateful for suggestions as to interesting stops, hotels etc.
    I would like to end up in San Fransisco no later than September 6, 2013.
    Regards Anne-Karine Fjetland, Frederik Stangsgt. 44, N-0264 Oslo, Norway

  7. Leisa lee

    I will be in hamburg Michigan and need the closest greyhound bus station to get on a bus to go to Newark New Jersey.
    Thank you

  8. Anita Ghazal

    I was wondering I need to be iin Tempe, Az and I live in NYC How long would it take from NYC to Phoenix, Tempe Az. I have never traveled by bus. How does it work Do they have rest stops for food, example breakfast, dinner,
    lunch and also rest stops I have to be in Tempe for business and would like to take my family along.
    I think it would be a nice experience to see a lot of the country.

    Please advise about meals and rest stops
    Also is it a straight run or do we have to change many buses

    Thank You

  9. Polina R Post author

    Hi Pat,

    Contact us via email and we will be able to help you find the best trip.



  10. Pat Flahart

    I want to travel on Monday, June 3, 2013 from Appleton, WI to destination Grayslake, IL. leaving in the morning. I would like the closest city or location where I can be met by family and travel by car to Grayslake, IL. Also, I would like the fare.

  11. Ulysses S

    Hey Ruth
    If you are looking to travel between Crystal River to Jacksonville, you best bet would be with Greyhound. The company offers tickets as low as $46.00 dollars for your trip if you purchase it only. For more detail check

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