AMTRAK SALE: New York, Baltimore and Washington DC

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Baltimore, New York and Washington D.C are three appealing cities with plenty to do, see and experience. Normally, with Amtrak, a ticket from New York to D.C would cost approximately $80 and a ticket from Baltimore to New York would cost approximately $70. However Amtrak has decided to reward their customers by giving them a special gift. Green travelers can purchase special vouchers until July 26, 2012 for travel September 11 through October 4, 2012. Instead of the usual big tickets prices customers can travel from New York to D.C for only $40 and can travel from Baltimore to New York for $36.

Amtrak Sale

Amtrak’s 3 day sale

Check out the sale here.

In Baltimore visit the biggest collection of Matisse works in the world at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Alternatively, drop in on one of the live shows at the Haborplace Amphitheater for free performances from a variety of entertainers. If neither of those is your fancy, take the Mount Vernon Cultural Walk where you will see 24 different famous landmarks, restaurants and stores.

Washington D.C brings a similar but still different energy. Here the green traveler can tour the three houses of government — a real rush for all those politics aficionados. See an outdoor concert at the Wolftrap Farm Park or explore the Dupont Circle.

In New York City where everyone and thing always seems full of energy, there are always many activities. With a light jacket, you can still laze around Central Park in the fall. At that time it is sure to be gorgeous with the falling gold, yellows and oranges. It is rumored that you’ll find the best pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, located under the Brooklyn Bridge. While pulling on strings of mozzarella, you can sigh over one of the most scenic views of Manhattan.

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Using green travel options such as trains and buses greatly reduces your carbon footprint. When travelling between Baltimore and NYC, using the train will save you approximately 62 kg in CO2 emissions. When travelling between DC and NYC, using the train will save you approximately 75 kg in CO2 emissions.

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