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About Amtrak

Founded in 1971, Amtrak is by far the most popular train company in the United States. Connecting 732 cities by rail with over 16,000 routes, Amtrak trains make an average of 23,571 trips per day and 329,992 trips per month. Given its expansive coverage, Amtrak's prices vary greatly; tickets start from as low as $1.00 for local train trips to as high as $741.50 for certain cross-country treks.


Amtrak train coverage

Daily Trips23,571

Amtrak train amenities

Air conditioningAir conditioning
Extra legroomExtra legroom
Loyalty rewardsLoyalty rewards
Power outletPower outlet

Amtrak reviews from Wanderu customers

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Amtrak reviews from Wanderu customers
September 8, 2020Visiting family
I was able to accomplish some of the things came for
My personal accomdatons
September 1, 2020Vacation
Not anything I can think of.
August 23, 2020Solo travel
Very spacious, great scenery and clean.
The meals were not good everyone should have the option for dining and cash should be accepted. If the attempt was to reduce the hostess from handling the money due to COVID 19 it failed as the hostess swiped our debit cards to pay. If it was the coin shortage most pe...More
Bring a pillow and blanket have an active debit/credit card and wear a comfortable mask.
August 22, 2020Solo travel
Convenient and well priced.
Too many stops for nonexistent riders.
Check the ticket sales as there we’re only three passengers on this trip; perfect!
August 21, 2020Regular commuter
Clean smooth ride. Expect for a small issue smell of gas on my trip to Springfield. Otherwise perfect.
So far so good.
Wear your mask and hand sanitizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you travel on an Amtrak train?

As the most popular train service in the United States, Amtrak has trains running across every major region in the United States, including trains connecting American cities and Canadian cities. In fact, you could get from coast to coast, or even around the entire U.S. by Amtrak train. Amtrak has an especially strong presence on both the West Coast and the East Coast, with trains from LA to Seattle and Miami to New York. It also connects the Midwest to both coasts, with train stations in major cities like Chicago.

What is Amtrak's schedule?

Because Amtrak operates in so many different regions, the schedule varies widely depending on the route. Amtrak is actually divided into over 40 regional services, each with its own timetables. These regional services include the following popular routes:

What is Amtrak's luggage policy?

Amtrak's luggage policy is fairly generous. Each passenger can bring two personal carry-on items, two carry-on bags, and two checked bags for free. Passengers may also check an additional two bags, for a fee of $20 each.

  • Personal Items — Passengers are allowed two personal items of no more than 25 pounds each, not to exceed the following dimensions: 14 x 11 x 7 inches.
  • Carry-On Items — Passengers are allowed two carry on items of no more than 50 pounds each, to be stowed on designated racks or in the compartment above the seat. These bags should not exceed the following dimensions: 28 x 22 x 14 inches.
  • Checked Bags — Passengers are allowed up to four checked bags. The first two are free of charge, and the second two cost $20 each. Bags are not to exceed 50 pounds and 75 linear inches (length + width + height).

Here are some additional requirements to keep in mind:

  • Your luggage should be checked at least 45 minutes before the train departs
  • ID tags are required for all luggage
  • All luggage must be in containers that are suitable for transport (storage tubs and plastic bags are not allowed)

What are the types of trains?

As the primary rail service in the United States, Amtrak has a few different train types:


With the ability to go up to 150 miles per hour, the Acela is the highest-speed train in the U.S. (In Europe, Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn ICE trains go up to 186 mph.)

The Acela operates routes between Boston, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., and provides a more premium experience than Amtrak’s other offerings, with conference tables, improved WiFi and fewer stops for a faster trip.

Regional Trains

Regional trains are dispersed on routes throughout the country, such as the Northeast Regional.

These trains go up to 125 mph and tend to have more stops, some of which are in smaller towns. Regional trains are typically more affordable than the Acela.

Long-Distance Trains

On long-distance trains, you can choose sleeping accommodations as an “add-on.” These train cars can either be one-level (known as a Viewliner) or two-level (known as a Superliner), and come in various layouts—some of which include private bathrooms and showers. The biggest size of room is a Bedroom Suite, which fits four adults, has two in-room toilets and two in-room showers.

Can you choose your seat on Amtrak?

Whether you have an assigned seat or are free to sit anywhere can depend on your type of ticket. There are four levels of seating options on Amtrak trains: Unreserved Coach, Reserved Coach, Business Class and First Class.

  1. Unreserved Coach — These tickets are only available on some short-distance routes, in which tickets may be sold in excess of the train’s seating capacity. That means you can sit anywhere you want, but are not guaranteed a seat. If the train is full, you may have to stand.

  2. Reserved Coach — On a Reserved Coach train, the number of tickets sold matches the capacity of the train. That means you are guaranteed a place to sit, and can take any open seat on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  3. Business Class — These tickets reserve you a space in a dedicated “Business Class” train car, with features that include extra legroom and free non-alcoholic drinks. In Business Class, you are free to sit in any open seat on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  4. First Class — First Class tickets are only available on the Acela train, which runs between Boston, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. This is the only type of Amtrak ticket for which you are assigned a dedicated seat. You are free to change your seat at any time after your reservation is complete.

Are there discounts on Amtrak tickets?

Amtrak offers various discounts and promotions that allow passengers to save money on train travel. Below are some of the deals you can expect.

  • Infants — Amtrak allows infants under 24 months to ride for free, as long as they are carried on the lap of a paying adult. To use a safety carrier or car seat, you will be required to purchase an additional ticket. Additional kids under 2 years old are permitted with each adult traveler at a 50% discount.
  • Children — For every adult ticket purchased, customers are entitled to a 50% discount on one ticket for a child between ages 2 and 12. Note: The children’s discount does not apply to Business Class or First Class fares, sleeping accommodations, or for weekday Acela trains.
  • Seniors — Amtrak offers passengers age 65 or older a 10% discount on most full-price fares. When booking, simply choose “Senior” from the Discounts drop-down menu on the Amtrak site. The senior discount does not apply to Business Class or First Class fares, sleeping accommodations or on the Acela. Valid proof of age is required onboard the train.
  • Active Military — Amtrak offers active-duty U.S. military personnel and their families a 10% discount on eligible rail fare. For military children ages 2 to 12, that 10% can be added on top of the 50% children’s discount. When booking, simply choose “Military” from the Discounts drop-down menu on the Amtrak site. The military discount does not apply to Business Class or First Class fares, sleeping accommodations, or for weekday Acela trains. Valid military ID is required onboard the train.
  • Disability — Amtrak offers a 10% discount for adult passengers with disabilities, or a 50% discount on the Downeaster route from Boston to Portland, Maine. Children with a disability are eligible for an additional 10% off on top of their 50% children’s discount. Companions of passengers with a disability may also receive a 10% discount. When booking, simply choose “Disability” from the Discounts drop-down menu on the Amtrak site. Written documentation of the disability must be presented at boarding, and can include any of the following:
  • Transit system ID card for persons with a disability
  • Membership card from a disability organization
  • Letter from a physician
  • Medicare card, if under 65
  • Veteran's Administration ID with “Service Connected”
  • Disabled/Accessible parking placard issued by a state Department of Motor Vehicle (photocopy is acceptable).
  • National Association of Railroad Passengers Members — NARP members are eligible for 10% off fares on most Amtrak trains.
  • Government — Depending on the route, federal government employees are eligible for certain discounts and other benefits.
  • Group Travel — Groups of 20 or more passengers may be eligible for a discount on rail fare.

Can you buy a train ticket at the station?

You can buy a train ticket at most large train stations, which are staffed with Amtrak ticket agents. If a ticket agent is not available, many stations provide a Quik-Trak Kiosk from which you can purchase a ticket directly.

If your nearest station is not big enough to sell tickets in-person, you can purchase online at or via an online booking platform like Wanderu. Alternatively, Amtrak allows you to buy tickets over the phone 24 hours a day by calling 1-800-USA-RAIL.

Do you need an ID to get on the train?

Yes, Amtrak requires you to present an ID to an agent to be allowed to board the train. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements. Alternative IDs, such as a college ID, won’t work.

Are there bathrooms on Amtrak trains?

Yes, there are bathrooms on Amtrak trains. The bathrooms are pretty basic and include a toilet, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Most bathrooms don’t have running water. As you will be using a bathroom on a moving vehicle, please use caution and hold on to a rail at all times.

Are meals or beverages available?

Many Amtrak trains have diner cars with meal service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Prices and selections vary between different routes; menus are updated regularly. Additionally, most trains will have various snacks and beverages available for purchase. Most passenger cars also have free water from a water dispenser.

Do you need to print your Amtrak ticket?

Amtrak does not require a printed ticket for boarding. Upon purchase, eTickets will be delivered as a PDF attached to your confirmation email. Simply pull up the eTicket on your mobile device and present a valid ID to the conductor when prompted. For more details, see our guide on how to read an Amtrak ticket.

Can you change or cancel your train ticket?

The change and cancellation policy for an Amtrak ticket varies based on the type of fare. To pursue a refund, call 1-800-USA-RAIL or begin the process online at Below, find each type of fare and the policy associated with it.

Saver Fares

Saver Fares are the cheapest type of ticket, deeply discounted from the regular rate. These fares generally require you to buy in advance.

Refunds: Saver Fares are eligible for a full refund within the first 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours the tickets are nonrefundable, but you may receive an eVoucher for 75% of the original amount.

Change Fee: None.

Value Fares

Value Fares are tickets bought at the regular, undiscounted price.

Refunds: Value Fares are eligible for a full refund up to eight days out from departure. If canceled within eight days of departure, you will be charged a 25% cancellation fee on either cash back or an eVoucher.

Change Fee: None.

Business Fares

Business Fares are for business-class seats located in a dedicated section of the train.

Refunds: Business fares are eligible for a full refund or eVoucher up until the time of departure.

Change Fee: None.

Acela First Class

Acela First Class fares cover the premium, first-class cabin of Acela trains.

Refunds: Acela First Class fares are eligible for a full refund or eVoucher up until the time of departure.

Change Fee: None.

Sleeper Accommodations

Sleeper rooms and roomettes are available to book for most long-distance routes.

Refunds: Sleeper Accommodations are eligible for a full refund within the first 24 hours of purchase. If canceled up to 15 days out from departure, you will be charged a 25% cancellation fee on cash back. Within 15 days of departure, you are no longer eligible for a refund, but can receive an eVoucher for 75% of the original amount.

Change Fee: None.

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