Best by Feature

Not all passengers have the same priorities. Some might prioritize arriving on-time at all costs, while others don’t mind a long trip, as long as there’s good Wi-Fi on board. Each of the features below is individually rated by passengers after their trip, so you can discover which companies rank highly in the categories most important to you.

Most Helpful Crew

They say Canadians are some of the world’s friendliest people, and the drivers and staff of The Canada Bus are no exception. If you want a warm greeting and helpful service to take your trip from ‘good’ to ‘amazing,’ count on The Canada Bus’ rock-star crew.

“Very good bus staff, cooperative and helpful.”

Krishan (Wanderu User)

“I was very impressed with the driver’s customer service.”

Larry (Wanderu User)

“The staff went above and beyond.”

Helen (Wanderu User)

“The driver was very professional, friendly, and helpful. Plus, he drove safely in bad weather.”

Naeun (Wanderu User)

5. Burlington Trailways, Fullington Trailways, Vamoose & VIA Rail

Tied for #5

“Staff helped with loading baggage and answering questions for passengers with patience.”

Amelia (Wanderu User)

“The bus drivers are always respectful and nice.”

Jessica (Wanderu User)

“The driver’s communication was very good.”

Robert (Wanderu User)

“All VIA Rail staff were exceptional, from checking in to the actual staff on the train.”

Tracy (Wanderu User)

Most Comfortable Seats

Your seat can make or break a long train or bus trip. Amtrak understood the assignment and equipped its trains with comfortable reclining seats with extra legroom (and power outlets to boot). Sitting two-by-two gives you extra space, and no one has to squeeze in a middle seat.

“Spacious and comfortable seats even in Coach.”

David (Wanderu User)

“I enjoyed the comfort and cleanliness of the bus.”

Kayla (Wanderu User)

“I felt very comfortable.”

Justin (Wanderu User)

“I was impressed by the space and seat quality.”

Christopher (Wanderu User)

“Very spacious seats.”

Madison (Wanderu User)

Best Value Service

Value service doesn’t just mean cheap – although it can. For this category, we asked Wanderu travelers how they would rate the overall value of the service for the amount of money they spent. The highest ratings went to The Canada Bus, whose Alberta service treats passengers right, and at the right price.

“It's worth every penny.”

Eldad (Wanderu User)

2. Concord Coach Lines & Southeastern Stages

Tied for #2

“Affordable and very friendly, on-time service!”

Gabriel (Wanderu User)

"It was worth it and extremely budget friendly."

Tristan (Wanderu User)

“It’s worth taking, the price is right.”

Rosemarie (Wanderu User)

“Great value and service! The whole trip was effortless.”

Christopher (Wanderu User)

5. Barons Bus & Go Buses

Tied for #5

“Will definitely book again.”

Laura (Wanderu User)

“Great price for the trip and it was very comfortable.”

Michael (Wanderu User)

Best On-Time Performance

1. Martz Trailways & Concord Coach Lines

Tied for #1

Every ground travel carrier strives to provide punctual service, and passengers’ ratings show which company was on-time the most often. The result: Martz Trailways tied for #1 Best On-Time Performance. Even though Martz Trailways operates from Pennsylvania to major travel hubs with some of the busiest traffic in the country, like New York and D.C., they provide reliably punctual service.

“The bus was very fast with on time arrival.”

Lilith (Wanderu User)

Concord Coach Lines serves New England routes that consistently follow schedules to depart and arrive right on time. Their punctuality earns them a tied #1 spot for Best On-Time Performance. When you have no time for delays, Concord Coach Lines can get you to your destination safely and speedily. That’s very good news, considering the carrier runs several routes to and from the busiest airport in the region.

“Arrived right on time.”

Ryan (Wanderu User)

“Spot-on timely arrival at destination.”

Josephine (Wanderu User)

3. Cold Shot Bus & Vamoose

Tied for #3

“Leaving and arriving on time to the destination was pretty good.”

Evangeline (Wanderu User)

“We arrived nearly an hour early.”

Kamiar (Wanderu User)

“On time. I did not have to think about accommodating for any time buffering, which is literally what travelers worry so much about.”

Saurabh (Wanderu User)

“Got me there safely and in a timely fashion.”

Ketira (Wanderu User)

Best Quality Vehicles / Train Cars

1. C&J Bus Lines & Concord Coach Lines

Tied for #1

The quality of a bus includes many factors: squeaky clean seats (that preferably do not squeak), reliable power outlets, comfortable climate, and an overall outstanding vehicle condition. C&J, a New England-based carrier, prioritizes the cleanliness and comfort of their buses, and their commitment landed them tied in the top spot.

“Every person had plenty of space to move and be comfortable. And it was extremely clean!”

Sam (Wanderu User)

Concord Coach Lines knows that “good enough” just doesn’t cut it, so they maintain their buses to the highest standard of cleanliness. The quality and condition of their vehicles impressed busloads of passengers and earned Concord Coach Lines a spot tied for #1 Best Quality Vehicles.

“The bus was bright, clean, and very welcoming.”

Adrienne (Wanderu User)

“The train seemed very nice and new."

Janice (Wanderu User)

“The bus felt extra clean.”

Jovelyn (Wanderu User)

“All accommodations met my needs. Super nice.”

Hossein (Wanderu User)

“The bus was very clean and comfortable.”

Patrick (Wanderu User)

Best Wi-Fi

It’s not the 2010s anymore, and Wi-Fi is now an expected amenity for any extended travel. The United States’ largest passenger rail system has entered the chat. Amtrak exceeds passengers’ Wi-Fi expectations, and the train carrier’s fast, reliable and easy-to-access internet connection earns it the gold medal as the provider with the best Wi-Fi.

“I had no trouble staying connected to the internet.”

Jeffrey (Wanderu User)

2. Burlington Trailways & Concord Coach Lines

Tied for #2

“I was glad to be able to use Wi-Fi during the trip.”

José (Wanderu User)

“The Wi-Fi actually worked well."

Devin (Wanderu User)

3. BestBus & Ontario Northland

Tied for #3

“Wi-Fi was easy to access.”

Una (Wanderu User)

“I appreciated the Wi-Fi and the plugs.”

Joanne (Wanderu User)

4. Barons Bus & Sprinter Bus

Tied for #4

“Nice features like reclinable seats, Wi-Fi, and power outlet.”

Carmen (Wanderu User)

“Having internet was so useful.”

Robert (Wanderu User)

“Bring a charger because there’s WiFi!”

Alexis (Wanderu User)

Best COVID-19 Safety Measures

During a tumultuous year, these ground travel providers stepped up and created safety measures and procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Sanitized buses, enforced face mask usage, social distancing in stations, and more contribute to safer travel in the age of COVID. Passengers felt the safest on The Canada Bus, awarding this Alberta-based newcomer the #1 spot in the Best COVID-19 Safety Measures category.

“The driver took covid requirements seriously.”

Mark (Wanderu User)

“I thought they did a good job monitoring covid protocols.”

Emanuel (Wanderu User)

“Instructional safety video at the start of the trip. And it was clean.”

Ayorinde (Wanderu User)

4. Burlington Trailways & VIA Rail

Tied for #4

“There were lots of safety procedures in place.”

Anna (Wanderu User)

“Staff was quick to remind people to pull up their masks.”

Sue (Wanderu User)

5. Concord Coach Lines & Vamoose

Tied for #5

“They asked passengers to wear a mask.”

Raymond (Wanderu User)

“​​It wasn’t crowded and I felt safe.”

Amir (Wanderu User)

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